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Chris Heron's Funeral is to be held on Thursday 26th May at 10.30 am

at the Surrey And Sussex Crematorium, Balcombe Road, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 3NQ

Please, no dark clothing. Chris loved colour, so colour it must be.

No flowers please, but donations to:

Pancreatic Cancer UK, 2nd Floor, Camelford House, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TW

or online to: www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk would be greatly appreciated


Photo kindly supplied by Colin Waddell

It is with great sadness and personal loss of a dear friend that I am writing this. Christine Heron passed away peacefully on Thursday 12th May 2016. I was very lucky to have been able to see her and pay my last respects the day before she died.

Chris and Bob established their small and successful kennel in 1965 with their first dog ShCh Wendover Caskey,  whom they campaigned to his title and from whom came their affix. Over the next 50 years and to this day their breeding steadily produced numerous show champions, in their hands and the hands of others. During that time they kept true to the type of Setter they loved. Chris served on the committee of the ISAE from 2004, when she took over from Bob after he had to stand down through ill health. She awarded CCs in Irish Setters and was due to fulfil her last judging appointment later this year. She was very much looking forward to it but sadly it was not to be.

I first met Chris in 1970 when, armed with the KC list of local breeders, I invaded her home with 3 car loads of friends and a Briard. She and Bob were then living at Barrycote before they moved to Smallfields. She made us all most welcome and fed us with tea and cake while her dogs and the Briard played in the garden. I came away with a booking for my first pet puppy. Unfortunately the bitch missed and I had to start again. We remained good friends even though our dogs took us in different directions. Chris, Bob and Fiona moved to Smallfields where they run a boarding kennel and I moved to Betchworth and became a close neighbour.

Finally in 2004, after all these years, I got my second crack at having a Caskeys puppy and brought home the wonderful Concept. Not only was he a prolific winner but he became a top sire in Irish and a top sire all breeds, a title he retained from 2011 to 2013. Chris was immensely proud of this special boy and we shared in all his successes and his trophies. In a long list of achievements this was to be her finest........and one that did not come to everyone.

As a person Chris was immensely gregarious. She loved people, she loved life and she was passionate about Irish Setters. She was kind and helpful to a fault and nothing was too much trouble. She would help and make time for everyone. She was honest and forthright in her opinions and totally dedicated to her family and her dogs. She was admired and respected by all who knew her and leaves a void in many hearts.

For me Chris was a very much loved and supportive friend with whom I shared mountains of tea and cake, evenings out partying, many hours chatting, deliberating, putting the world to rights,  numerous hours pouring over litters of puppies......and a great dog.  She refused to let anything get her down, she bounced back from every knock and set back.  She approached her illness in the same way. Even when it began to overtake her she would not give into it but looked forward and planned ahead. Her strength of character was amazing, her resilience incredible. I will miss her beautiful and ready smile and the way her face lit up every time. I feel very privileged to have known her and shared so many happy times with her.

I know everyone will join me in extending our sincere sympathy to Bob and Fiona. 

Eva Ciechonska



OPEN SHOW at Worplesdon 22nd May  2016


Celebrate our anniversary with us, sharing Pimms and cake courtesy of your committee.

There will be ruby anniversary rosettes,   Special Awards for Best In Show, Best Puppy and Best Veteran kindly donated by Jean Meekings

and two fun classes which will be held during the lunch break, open to everyone, at no charge.


Please come and join in the fun and to celebrate with SEISC


pdf of schedule on our forthcoming events page and also available online at www.onlineshowentry.com


(NB: entries may still be sent to the Show Secretary, if preferred, as stated on the cover of the schedule)

CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW  at Stoneleigh Park 17th July 2016

Celebrate our anniversary with us, sharing Pimms and cake courtesy of your committee.

There will be ruby anniversary rosettes, Special Awards for Best Dog, Best Bitch, Best Veteran and Best Puppy kindly donated by Jean Meekings

and there will be a Special Award for Best In Show kindly donated by Gill Kennedy-Sloane.


There will be a sealed bid auction for two items

with proceeds going to SEISC Health Fund. Please see below


Please come to celebrate with SEISC


pdf of schedule on our forthcoming events page and also available online at www.onlineshowentry.com


(NB: entries may still be sent to the Show Secretary, if preferred, as stated on the cover of the schedule)





Item I

A Special Edition Copy (No 5)

Of Irish Setter Show Champions in Great Britain 1947 - 1982

Plus all published Inserts to date

Minimum Bid £250



Item 2

China Plate

Country of Origin Series

Signed by Peter Diment

No Minimum Bid


Both items have kindly been donated by Mrs Kate O'Callaghan.

She is also donating all further Inserts (whilst she continues to be a member of the club) to the successful winner of Item 1.

Postal Bidding opens on March 1st 2016 and closes on Friday July 15th 2016

Bids can be sent by post to Miss Wendy King, Brookfield Cottage, 29 Cholderton, Salisbury, Wilts, SP4 0DL

or email: wendykingj@icloud.com to be received by Friday 15th July 2016


Please note The Item No, Bid Amount, Your Name, Address & Contact No on your correspondence


Sealed bids made also be made on the day at the Championship Show (17th July) up until 12 noon. These bids to be deposited in a sealed box on the Secretary's table. The highest postal or email bid for both items will be disclosed when the show opens, to enable higher bids to be placed on the day, if so desired. The winners will be announced during the lunch break.





Compulsory Microchipping Law with effect from April 2016

All dog owners have until April 2016 to microchip all dogs.

After 6 April 2016, in England and Wales, it will be compulsory law to microchip all dogs before they are 8 weeks old.

It will be illegal to sell a puppy which is not microchipped and part of a registered database.

The breeder must always be the first recorded keeper of the puppies.

All relative documents, including microchip details, must be passed to the purchaser.




This print now available for £10.00  & p&p

Cen be delivered free to any major show

Please contact me for details - Wendy King - wendykingj@icloud.com

In 1999 we commissioned the artist Amanda Baker to produce a Limited Edition print of the four Irish Setter Crufts Best in Show Winners, this was duly completed and at Crufts 2000 a presentation was made to the Owners and Breeders of the four Champions, a copy was also presented to the Kennel Club. We still have some prints available at a cost of £10.00. and can be purchased from:

Wendy King 01980-629207 Mob: 07834-515899  E-mail: wendykingj@icloud.com

Post: Wendy King, Brookfield Cottage, 29 Cholderton, Salisbury, Wilts., SP4 0DL

Below is a photograph of the Print.


Top     Sh Ch Astley's Portia of Rua

Left        Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid

Right    Sh Ch Starchelle Chicago Bear

Bottom    Sh Ch Danaway Debonair


South of England Irish Setter Club Championship Show

Kenel Club Building Stoneleigh


Judges Miss L J Coleman (Dogs) & Ms M Savage (Bitches)




























More results and photographs here


South of England Irish Setter Open Show

Yatton Keynell 

31st May 2015

Judge Mrs P Pike (Redclyst/Glenury)


Congratulations to all our competitors and committee

who helped make it such an enjoyable day


Polmennor Funtime owned by Miss J Peters



Thendara Jocasta owned by Mrs T Gardner



Teramour Going For Gold owned by Mr PA & Mrs JM Rodda



Glenara Never Can Tell owned by Mrs K Hall



Full results and more pictures available on our results page

Bloat Survey

A big thank you to everyone who has completed the survey.
Cathryn Mellersh has given the following information:
We have surveys for 1956 dogs from 1098 owners.
1703 dogs are currently alive and 251 are dead.
886 males and 1068 females.
This represents a response rate of roughly 15%.
The prevalence of bloat among the survey respondents is approximately 13% (this includes bloating without GDV i.e. resolved without surgery or death.
It is hopeful this amount of data should be sufficient to detect heritability.

******NEWS FLASH******


Irish Setter Tea Towel available for purchase through SEISC.

£4.00 each or 3 for £10.00 Please e-mail me Wendy King  wendykingj@icloud.com for further details or speak to any committee member.

  All profits to the Bloat Research.






Irish Setter Health Survey by ISCA & the ISCA Foundation

This survey is open to all Irish Setters not just those with American Breeding. Further details can be found at http://www.offa.org/surveys/survey_irishsetter.html

Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs

Statement on the control of the rcd4 mutation in Irish Setters


The Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs (JISBC) have drawn up the following guidelines for the control of the recently discovered rcd4 mutation which causes Late Onset Progressive Retinal Atrophy (LOPRA) in Irish Setters. Whilst it should be stressed that clinical signs of LOPRA usually appear after the age of 9 years, the JISBC still believe it to be a welfare issue, although it is noted that many dogs can cope with blindness.

Data from the Animal Health Trust so far suggest the prevalence of carriers of the rcd4 mutation (i.e. heterozygotes) in the breed is about 42% and therefore the proposed guidelines are considered appropriate at this time. The JISBC recognises the need to maintain genetic diversity within the breed and does not yet recommend a complete ban on breeding using carrier or affected dogs.

However, the principle of these guidelines is that no dogs should be produced that will develop PRA and become blind, and therefore all members of the JISBC agree that:

1.       All caring and responsible breeders will test their stock before planning a mating.

·         Any rumour and supposition about a dog’s genetic status should be ignored; DNA-testing should be undertaken.

·         As DNA-testing is now available, ‘hereditarily clear’ dogs will be produced. However such dogs should still be tested before being used for breeding because of the potential difficulty in proving parentage.

·         If the rcd4 status of any stud dog, or its semen, is unknown then the bitch to be mated must be tested and found CLEAR.

2.       AFFECTED dogs (i.e. homozygous for the rcd4 mutation) should never be mated with other AFFECTED dogs as all progeny will be AFFECTED.


Thus the following are recommendations about potential matings that the JISBC consider acceptable at this time:

·         CLEAR x CLEAR matings are encouraged.

·         CLEAR x CARRIER* matings: progeny will, on average, be CLEAR (50%) or CARRIERS (50%) and should be DNA‑tested before breeding.

·         CLEAR x AFFECTED* matings: all progeny will be CARRIERS.

* It is recommended that any use of AFFECTED and CARRIER stud-dogs is given serious, cautious consideration by both stud-dog owners and breeders before planninga mating.

Purchasers of any dogs produced by CLEAR x CARRIER and CLEAR x AFFECTED matings should be advised that these dogs will not develop PRA rcd-4, but should not be used for breeding unless tested.


All breeders should note that AFFECTED x CARRIER or CARRIER x CARRIER matings may produce some AFFECTED dogs.

a.       CARRIER x CARRIER matings will produce, on average, 25% AFFECTED progeny.

b.      AFFECTED x CARRIER matings will produce, on average, 50% AFFECTED progeny.

Purchasers of any dogs produced by such matings should be advised that some of these dogs may develop PRA rcd-4 and should not be used for breeding unless DNA-tested.


The JISBC will continue to monitor the prevalence of the rcd4 mutation within the breed. However it is aware that a further PRA mutation that causes blindness at an earlier age (so-called mid-onset PRA) may be present in the breed but has yet to be confirmed and characterised genetically. Thus control measures for rcd4 may need to be modified if this new form of PRA is prevalent, as the earlier onset of blindness clearly has an even greater welfare implication.


Signed on behalf of the following breed clubs, which endorse and support these recommendations

·         Belfast & District Irish Setter Club

·         The Irish Setter Association England

·         The Irish Setter Breeders Club

·         The  Irish Setter Club of Scotland

·         The  Irish Setter Club of Wales

·         The  Midlands Irish Setter Society

·         North-East of England Irish Setter Club

·         The  South of England Irish Setter Club

Professor EJ Hall                                                                                                                                                                      

Chairman, Irish Setter Breed Clubs Health Coordinator Group

29 February 2012




Please follow the link below




SEISC PRA RCD4 list updated September 2012


PRA RCD4 Kennel Club lists updated 1st of the month.


PDF IconPRA (rcd-4)  Irish Setters Clears

PDF IconPRA (rcd-4)  Irish Setters Carriers

PDF IconPRA (rcd-4)  Irish Setters Affecteds




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