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March Quiz

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1. Which breed of dog originated in Germany and was bred to guard a tax collector on his rounds?




 German Shepherd


2. Why can't dogs see well in colour?

 Smaller ratio of rods to cones in their retinas

 Smaller ratio of cones to rods in their retinas

 They have no retina

 They have no optic nerve


3. How many teeth does a puppy have?

 42                                                   36

 28                                                   18



4. How does a dog invite play?

 Play bow                                Play crouch


 Play bounce                           Play pull


5. True or false, Dobermans can be blue?

 True                                        False


6. Which breed of dog is known as the 'clown' of the dog world?

 Bulldog                                   Poodle


 Afghan Hound                                    Boxer


7. Which of the following are poisonous to dogs?

 Chinese food                                                  Avocado

 Begonia                                                          Azalea


8. To which of the following health problems are Irish setters most susceptible?

 Bone tumors                                                  Patella luxation

PRA                                                                Hypothyroidism


9. What does the Latin phrase "Cave canem" mean?

Answer:  (4 words)


10. Give the four stages of a bitch's Oestrus (estrus) cycle in the correct order.

 Proestrus, Estrus, Diestrus, Anestrus

 Anestrus, Estrus, Diestrus, Proestrus

 Estrus, Anestrus, Diestrus, Proestrus

 Estrus, Anestrus, Proestrus, Diestrus


11. By UK Kennel Club rules, in which classes should you begin competitive obedience?

 Class A


 Pre - Beginner



12. The Halti is a headcollar used for training dogs who are very strong on the lead. Who invented this piece of equipment?

 Roger Mugford Desmond Morris

Bruce Fogle Barbara Woodhouse


13. Which of the following statements is true in Greek mythology?

 Howling dogs mean death

 Dogs brought good fortune

 Dogs could foresee evil

 A dog with seven toes could see ghosts


14. Which of the following breeds is listed on the British Dangerous Dogs Act?

 Plott Hound                                                    Eurasier


 Japanese Tosa                                                          Karelian Bear Dog


15. Which of the following is another name for the Saluki?

 Galgo Espanol                                                           Ca Eibisenc

Kelb-tan fenek                                                            Persian Greyhound



16. What is the name of the highly collectible, English ornamental mantelpiece dogs?

 Staffordshire dogs                                         Oxfordshire Dogs

 Lincolnshire Dogs                                          Manchester dogs


17. From which two breeds was the Blue Picardy Spaniel bred?

 Brittany Spaniel and Picardy Spaniel

 Blue-Lemon English Setter and Picardy Spaniel

 Small Munsterlander and Dutch Partridge Dog

 Stabyhoun and Czesky Fousek


18. There are three basic canine skull shapes. Which of the following does the Boxer have?

 Mesophalic                                                     Dolichocephalic

Brachycephalic                                                           None of these


19. What is the name of the dog in 'Peter Pan' who acts as the children's nanny?

 Nana                                                  Nanny

 Gran                                                   Gramps


20. In Chinese mythology, what is the Chinese Fu Dog thought to bring?

 Bad luck and unhappiness

 Good fortune and happiness




21. Rin Tin Tin the German Shepherd actor signed his own contracts with a pawprint.

 True                                                                    False


22. For what purpose is a blaster used in a grooming parlour?

 To clean teeth

 To blast water into thick coats

 To blast excess water out of the coat after bathing

 To clear up hair


23. From which two dogs in the 1950's was the Kyi Leo bred?

 The Tibetian Spaniel and the Cotton De Tulear

 The Shih Tzu and the Pekingese

 The Lhasa Apso and the Maltese

 The Japanese Chin and the Alaskan Klei Klai


24. Which breed of dog was the famous Greyfriar's Bobby?

 Scottish Terrier                                              Skye Terrier

 Cesky Terrier                                                   Border Terrier






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