SEISC Members Login

The SEISC have now created a page with details of our members address, affix, phone etc.

This page called SEISC Members Listing can only be accessed through the “SEISC Members Login” button in the “Club” section of the menu. You will be asked for username/email address & password. The username & system generated password can be found in email titled “Welcome to SEISC” sent out automatically yesterday when I created the users. As there has been some confusion it is probably better if you follow below login.

  • Select from menu Club / SEISC Members Login
  • Enter your email address or username ( As email titled “Welcome to SEISC” )
  • Enter password  ( As password in email titled “Welcome to SEISC” )
  • Select green “log In” button
  • SEISC Members Listing” will now be available until you logout under the “Club” section
  • you can change your password by selecting “Lost your password?”
  • Enter your email address and select “Get new password”
  • You will receive an email with a link to change your password
  • After inputting new password select “Reset Password” 
  • Click “Back to SEISC”
  • Select from menu Club / SEISC Members Login 
  • SEISC Members Listing” will now be available until you logout in the “Club” section

The “SEISC Members Listing” page is restricted to members only & is only visible to members under the “Club “ by logging in.

In accordance with our GDPR/Privacy policy as a member you can request removal of any of your data or make changes/corrections by contact the


Kennel Club New Dog Breeding Regulation

New Dog Breeding Regulation 2018

Changes to breeding regulations in England

New regulations on dog breeding in England will be live from 1stOctober. There are no changes to breeding regulations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A number of significant changes are being made, which are summarised by the Kennel Club as follows –