Books on the Breed

The Irish Red Setter: Its History, Character and Training  by Raymond O’Dwyer

Publisher:Cork University Press 2007


Irish Setter (Comprehensive Owners Guide) by Margaret Williams

Publisher:Kennel Club Books (30 Nov 2004)


The Official Book of the Irish Setter by Connie Vanacore

 Publisher:TFH Publications (19 July 2001)


Irish Setter (Pet Love) by Margaret Williams

Publisher:Interpet Publishing (Mar 2000)


The Wendover Story edited by Valerie Foss

Publisher: Bernard Kaymar Ltd

Irish  Setters Today  by Eve Gardner

Publisher:Ringpress Books Ltd (10 July 1998)


Guide to Owning an Irish Setter by Jacquie O’Neill

Publisher:TFH Publications; illustrated edition edition (31 Oct 1997)


Irish Setters  by Luz Holvenstot

Publisher:TFH Publications; New edition edition (1 Jun 1996)


Irish Setters: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual by Joe Stahlkuppe

Publisher:Barron’s Educational Series (May 1992)


The New Complete Irish Setter by E Irving Eldridge & Connie Vanacore

Publisher: Howell Book House 1985

Irish Setter: Its Care and Training by Catherine G. Sutton

Publisher:South Group (Leicester) Ltd; Revised edition  (Aug 1981)


Irish Setters by Susan M. Edwins

Publisher:W.& G. Foyle Ltd (Oct 1980)


The Irish Setter (Popular Dogs’ Breed)by Janice Roberts

Publisher:Popular Dogs Publishing Co Ltd (Aug 1978)


Irish Setters by Glbert Leighton-Boyce

Publisher:Arthur Baker (1977)



 Irish Setters Today by Patricia Gallagher

Published 1977 (Out of Print)

Irish Setter A Complete Guide by H Von Hobbs

 Publisher:Arco Publishing Co 1977

This is the Irish Setter by Joan McDonald Brearley

Publisher:TFH Publications 1975 (Out of Print}

Irish Setters by Jack Baird

Publisher:TFH  1973

My Love The Irish Setter by Lily Hurden

 Publisher: Picton Publishing 1973

ISBN: 902633236 

Know Your Irish Setter by Earl Schneider

Publisher:Pet Library Ltd


New Irish Setter by William C. Thompson

Publisher:Howell Book House 1968

Irish Setter (How to Raise & Train) by Robert Gannon

Publisher:TFH Publications (Dec 1961)


The Complete Irish Setter by Milo Denlinger

Publisher:Denlingers 1949 (Out of Print}

Hutchinson on Setters : The Setter Section of Hutchinson’s Dog Encyclopedia by Donald R Hutchinson

Publisher: Walter and Hoflin c 1935

Your Friend and Mine by Marie Louise Welsh

Publisher: Unknown 1934

Our Friend – The Irish Setter by Rowland Johns

Publisher:E P Dutton & Co 1933 (Out of Print)


Irish Setter History  by Lieutenant-Colonel Corn Schilbred
(Translated from “Pointer Og Setter,” Oslo, 1927 By William C. Thompson and Olav Wallo)

Publisher: 1932

THE IRISH SETTER, Its History, Temperament and Training  by Leonard E Naylor
Publisher: H F & G Willoughby 1932

THE IRISH SETTER, Its History and Training By Col J K Millner

Publisher: H F & G Willoughny 1924

Illustrated Book of the Dog by Vera Kimball Shaw

Publisher: Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co 1881

THE SETTER by Edward Laverack

Publisher:Longmans Green & Co 1872

TREND SETTERS: The Making of the Modern Irish Setter by John Savory and Constance Lyon

publisher  2015

ISBN   9781634903332