Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Canine Society

Gateshead MB .CA Sunday 3 March 2019

Irish Setter Post Grad 4 (2)

1 Glasper Esbrown Lord Of The Dance at Denetop Mature dog, well presented in full coat. He has kind intelligent expression, low set ears. Long, strong neck to well laid back shoulders. Beautiful outline. BOB

2 Barker Danaway Tully at Flinthill: Just out of puppy, very kind feminine expression, head of correct proportions. Best of shoulders. At the ‘in between stage” but should have z promising future. Moved soundly and well handled

Irish Setter Open 2 (1)

1 Glasper Eusnit Action Master at Denetop : 5 year old mature dog very kind expression with almond shsped eyes. .Clean throat , deep, well sprung ribs. Wide powerful hindquarters, short from hock to foot

Judge Anne Dykes