Breed Show Diary 2018

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ShowShow TypeDateJudges
Champ05/01/18Mrs D McDonald
SEISCOpen14/01/18Mr R Strudwick
Manchester Champ21/01/18Mr B Fauvrelle
ISCW Northern Open03/02/18Mrs R Millan
MISSChamp18/02/18Dogs: Mrs S Chorley-Newton
Bitches: Mrs Christine Butler
GBASOpen24/02/18Mrs Kate Macara
CruftsChamp11/03/18Dogs: Mrs W Morley
Bitches: Mrs A Howes
ISBC Champ07/04/18Dogs: Mrs M Mitchell
Bitches: Sandra Nevitt
Irish Setter Club of Scotland Champ09/04/18Mrs V A Blackshaw
ISCWChamp22/04/18Dogs: Mrs E Gratton
Bitches: Mr R J Morris
ISCW SouthernOpen22/04/18Mrs P. Barrett
SEISCOpen06/05/18Miss J Jones
WELKS Champ12/05/18Mr F Kane
National Dog Show Champ12/05/18Mr M Armstrong
S.K.C.Champ20/05/18Mrs M Launchbury
Coventry & District Kennel AssociationOpen20/05/18Mrs Susan Morriss-Begg
BathChamp26/05/18Mrs M J Miller
Southern Counties Champ03/06/18Mrs R Cox
Belfast & District ISC Open09/06/18Mr R Nagaty
Three CountiesChamp10/06/18Mr R Bott
Belfast & District ISC Champ11/06/18Mrs L Muir
Border UnionChamp17/06/18Mrs G Myers
BlackpoolChamp23/06/18Miss J Greenan
MISSOpen30/06/18Mrs C Bailey
WindsorChamp01/07/18Mrs M Hillocks
East of EnglandChamp07/07/18Mr G Haran
SEISCChamp14/07/18Dogs: Mr M Launchbury
Bitches: Mr J A Watt
ISBC SouthernOpen22/07/18N Sturrock
LeedsChamp28/07/18Mrs C Hogsflesh
PaigntonChamp04/08/18Mr D McCulloch
National GundogChamp05/08/18Dogs: Mrs S Tolladay
Bitches: Mrs D Milligan-Bott
BournemouthChamp11/08/18Mrs S Clifford
Welsh Kennel ClubChamp19/08/18Miss D Fryer
S.K.C.Champ25/08/18Miss A Douthwaite
City of BirminghamChamp02/09/18Mrs C Sheldon
Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs hosted by ISBCChamp02/09/18Dogs: Mrs P Rutherford
Bitches: Mrs G O’Conner
RichmondChamp09/09/18Mr R McCleave
DarlingtonChamp16/09/18Mr J Cuddy
Okehampton & District Canine SocietyOpen16/09/18Rebecca Danks-Kemish
DriffieldChamp21/09/18Mrs C Stevenson
Irish Setter Club of ScotlandOpen22/09/18Lyn Leach
BelfastChamp29/09/18Mr J H Richardson
Windsor Gundog SocietyOpen03/10/18Tania Gardner
ISAEChamp06/10/18Dogs: Mrs M Bott
Bitches: Mrs R Pike
SWKAChamp07/10/18Mr J Daltrey
Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel AssociationOpen14/10/18Pat Pike
NEEISCChamp20/10/18Dogs: Mrs P Lucas
Bitches: Mr D Hemmings
South Western Gundog ClubOpen20/10/18Miss N.Walker
Midland CountiesChamp25/10/18Mrs P Pallister
Mid Herts Gundog ClubOpen28/10/18Cathy Hayward
Gundog Society of WalesChamp31/10/18Mrs R Shaw-Rainey
Setter & PointerChamp03/11/18Dogs: Mrs M Gittins
Bitches: Mrs P Pollard
Torquay & DistrictOpen03/11/18Mr Mark Boswell
Coventry (Foleshill) Open04/11/18 Daniela Tranquada
Rhyl Canine Society ciety Open04/11/18Rachel Hambling
GBASChamp10/11/18Mr S Jobse
Walsall & DistrictOpen10/11/18David Craig
Plymouth & DistrictOpen10/11/18MR A Chapell
Merseyside Gundog ClubOpen11/11/18Mrs R Danks-Kemish
Minehead & DistrictOpen11/11/18Mrs J Morris
Port Talbot & Neath Canine SocietyOpen11/11/18Caroline Bowles-Robinson
Crystal PalaceOpen17/11/18 Mr Mark Boswel
Gundog Club of North WalesOpen18/11/18Mrs S Graves
Bolsover & District Open18/11/18Miss Karen Sillence
Clydebank & DistrictOpen18/11/18Chloe Green
Penzance & DistrictOpen18/11/18Mrs K Jeffries
Truro & DistrictOpen24/11/18Mrs L. Reed
Southport & Birkedale Open24/11/18Mr I Biggs
Sedgley & Gornal Open25/11/18Yvonne Hill-Decoster
Stockport Canine Open25/11/18 Miss E. Loynd
Stroud & District Canine SocietyOpen25/11/18Jinty Gill-Davis
Horsham & DistrictOpen29/11/18Mr Stephen Pick
ISBC SYBIL LENNOX MEMORIAL SHOWOpen01/12/18Miss Linzie Richardson
Exonian Canine Association
Open01/12/18Mrs Carol McLeod (
Woolwich, Bexley & District Canine AssociationOpen02/12/18Mr M. Masters
Burton-on-Trent Kennel AssociationOpen02/12/18 Tracy Boyles
Coventry & District Gundog SocietyOpen02/12/18 Denise Bettis
Otley Canine SocietyOpen02/12/18Olivia Danks-Kemish
Land O Burns Canine Club Open02/12/18 Mrs D Hardie
Guildford & DistrictOpen08/12/18Wendy King
Bridlington & DistrictOpen09/12/18Wendy Southwell
Lincoln Canine SocietyOpen09/12/18Lesley Olbinson
Oakengates & DistrictOpen09/12/18Barbara Stamp
Bristol & DistrictOpen09/12/18 Susan Goodwin
Newton Aycliffe & DistrictOpen09/12/18Mr. Graeme Hughes
LKAChamp16/12/18Mr Ronny Blomme
Carluke & District Canine Society Open22/12/18Sue Knowles
Stourbridge & District Canine SocietyOpen27/12/18Ian Sparham
Wealdstone & NortholtOpen27/12/18James Kelly
Spennymoor & DistrictOpen28/12/18Mr. M. Jacques
Ashbourne & District Canine SocietyOpen28/12/18 Roger Perkins