Champ Show Critique 2017

Judge Bitches :         JUDITH RODDA

I was delighted to receive an invitation to judge bitches for the club which we have supported for nearly 40 years. I had a lovely day and thank the committee and my two lady stewards for the hospitality and friendliness I received.

Numerically a good entry and some lovely bitches to go over but I was appalled by nearly 80% of poor movement. In these times I assume most breeding/showing stock are hip scored. As confirmation in most was excellent, why are they not able to move with forward thrust and sound driving movement from the rear, instead of almost clicking at the hock when moving. A couple of gay tails (unusual in bitches) and some feet made to look ugly by trimming the hair from between the toes.

When I am judging I have always asked handlers to move with a steady pace so that I can see where the feet are being placed. So many gallop around at 40mph. If you have faulty movement going at speed does not hide it, it makes it look 10 times worse. Watch a couple of our multiple CC winning exhibitors, they always move their dogs calmly and at a steady pace, never a gallop.

I wonder if training and exercise has anything to do with such poor movement. 40yrs ago a Greyhound enthusiast asked me how I exercised my dogs and when I proudly said “an hour twice a day in the fields” told me I was wrong. Divide the hour between gallops and steady road work. Build up both the inner and outer thigh muscle equally and you will have movement as near perfect as possible.

I reason that if dogs are getting just gallops every day, they develop terrific outer 1st & 2nd thigh muscles, (in fact bulbous outer muscle) with not much inside. You need the equal pull of muscles both sides for the legs to stand true to the skeletal position.

Also look at training our babies. Move them at a steady walk and teach them to move in a straight line and once lead trained, use a loose lead, nothing looks better. Don’t hang them, keep the lead low by your side, the surplus lead tuck within your hand out of temptation. Use encouragement and try not to use titbits, that will make them jump up.

MPB (5) 1. BPB Frampton’s Strathmead Noella. Pretty well built B. Lean head, low set ears, dark eye. Well laid shoulder, good reach of neck and length of upper arm. Nicely angulated rear and well muscled, just needs to drop into her stifle. Nice tail set and strode out well. Handled with sensitivity.

2 Condron’s Covarney Lil’pickle. Dark coated, lovely head and eye. Clean over shoulder with good length of upper arm, strong through body and wide and well angulated rear. Correct tail set, short hocks, neat feet. Moved well for just 6mths.

3. Anthony/Stuart Staratlanta Je T’adore Paris

PB. (5. 1Abs) 1. Boutell & Burbridge’s Ixia Rainbow Bright. Dark coated 9mnth old. Lean in head, needs to break. Lovely eye and expression. Long reach of neck, well laid shoulder, ample upper arm. Nicely balanced body, needs to body up, well schooled.

2. 3rd in MPB Nice in head and eye, low set ears. Clean over neck and shoulders and well angulated rear. moved tidily. Lovely conker colour.

3. Gratton’s Glenlaine Mrs Tiggy Winkle

JB (17. 3Abs) 1. Bye’s Covarney Everlasting Love at Bluebyeyou. 14mths B. Type to expect from this breeder. Lovely head and sweet expression. Mischief in her dark eye. Low set ears, good reach of neck, fitting well into clean well angulated shoulder with correct length of upper arm, Compact with well sprung rib, strong over loin and well let down in stifle. Tight neat feet and strong in pastern, short hocks enabling her to move with drive and such style Loved her. RCC

2.Bridgewater & Littlechild’s Blazing Bronze Eye Candy (Imp NL) Larger, Dark coated B. Long lean headwith prominent occiput, would prefer a darker eye. Clean in neck, fitting well into shoulder and correct length to upper arm. Strong and well muscled quarters. Moved tidily. Feet need to tighten

3.Hall’s Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara.

YB (12. 1Abs) 1. Repeat of JB

2. Morris-Begg Susie Snapshot by Thendara Heavier B. with unruly coat. Sweet head with long low set ear. Long lean neck fits well into clean shoulder. Good width to quarters. Correct tailset and moved very well.

3.Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carignan

MB (4) 1. Repeat 2in JB

2. Gyedu’s Dairis Empress Eris Did not stay for critique

3. Roberts Colanme Maybe Baby

NB. (8.3Abs) Repeat JB.1

Repeat JB.2

3.Elkins Twoacres Promise of Spring with Avacet

DB (6. 2Abs 1.wtd) 1.Repeat JB2

2.repeat MB.2

3. Repeat MB3

UB (7. 4Abs) 1. Chorley & chorley-Newton’s Bardonhill Endless Love to Kerryfair. Ultra feminine B. Refined head with dark eye and sweet expression. Low set ears Clean in neck and shoulders. Deep chest, strong over loin. Good rear angulation with decent bend of stifle and neat feet. Moved tidily using tail well.

2. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Amelia. Larger dark coated B. Lacking in weight and coat but good confirmation and moved well

3. Sheldon’s Delsanto Miss Daisy

GB (9. 2Abs) 1. Hall’s Harrods Hettie. Dark coated compact B. Nice head and expression, dark eye, low set ear. Clean over neck and shoulders with good length of upper arm. Great depth of chest and well sprung rib. Good bend of stifle, wide and well muscled quarters, short hock, tight feet. Liked her tail set and moved true with animation on a loose lead. Just lovely. Thought she would be in top honours, but did not move as well once indoors in the challenge.

2. Carter’s Bardonhill Uptown Girl. Larger B. in flowing coat. Lean head and dark eye. Correct confirmation all through. Moved well, using a driving actionand keeping a strong topline.

3. Morgan’s Hazelbeck Blue Pheonix Rises from Deaconara

PGB. (15 1Abs 1 wtd) 1. Andrews’ Millcroft Scarlet Moon. Lovely B. with a novice handler. Needed a decent trim, but in excellent condition and thoroughly deserved to win this class on her movement. Has a lovely head with lots of chiselling, dark eye and long, low set ears. Neck fits smoothly into well laid shoulder and long upper arm. Deep in chest and well sprung rib. Strong in rear quarters and well muscled. Moved with style in gentle movement and loose lead. Well Done. Perhaps someone nice could give some encouragement to this lady, the bitch could be stunning.

2. Fauvrelle’s Clonageera Walk in the Sun. Another lovely B. Profuse coat in lovely condition. Sound in all departments, with good depth of chest and strong rear quarters. Moved with animation but not under control so not able to see true movement. Shame

3. Jones’ Gwendariff Nutmeg

MLB (5.1wtd) 1. Rutherford Clonageera Love is Real. Long lean head with good reach of neck and well laid shoulder. Long in body, strong in loin and rear quarters. Shown in decent condition but for me the American style of presentation is rather off-putting. Movement steady but tail carriage not to my liking.

2.Jones’ Kerryfair Rhosyn. Smaller B. Nicely shaped head with plenty of work, dark eye, low set ear.Neck fits smoothly into well laid shoulder. Deep chest, strong all through. Moved well.

3. Kay’s Berfield Kaesha

Mid LB (3.) 1. Gisby’s Suttersett Once Upon a Dream. Very nicely built B. Lacking in coat but well covered and muscled. Good lay of shoulder and correct length of upper arm. Strong in loin, depth of chest and width to quarters Moved well fore and aft.

2. Prangles Heathclaire Que Sera Sera. Smaller B. Long lean head. Very pretty expression. Neck closely clipped or shaved and devoid of the colour of the Irish red, spoilt the effect for me. Good over shoulder and rear angulation but not moving as I would like

3.Partridges Kerrydown Octavia

LB. (10. 3aBS 1WTD) 1. Morriss-Begg’s Thendara Chasing Boys to Sumaric. Dark full coat, not in best condition, but took the class on her movement. Lean head with dark eye. Clean over neck and shoulder with ample length of upper arm. Long in loin. Deep chest, wide and well angulated rear with strong hocks and tight feet. Terrific muscle tone all over. Kept her topline thought-out.

2.Pike’s Redclyst Aura. The best I have seen this girl look. Lovely presentation. Sweetest of head and expression. Lovely eye, clean neck fits well into smooth shoulder with good length of upper arm, striaght front and tidy feet. Good depth to chest with sternum, elbow well in and strength through body. Well angulated rear. Correct tail carriage and used well on the move. Correct true movement

3. Botts Gwendariff Such a Carry on at Bardonhill

OB (9.4Abs) 1.Hunter & Brown’s Sh Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount. Well coated, but not in her best condition. Loevly headed B. with a soft quizzical expression. Dark eye, low set ear Clean neck fits in lovely shoulder, deep in chest, pronounced sternum, tight at elbow, straight front, small tidy feet. Correct rear angulation with strong sweep of stifle and short straight hocks. Best mover in class.

2. Bott’s Sh Ch Please Don’t tease Quensha. Smaller B. Sweet head but showing some “war wounds” Nicely angulated front and rear. Strong through body and good coat. Lovely dainty feet with nails well trimmed back. Moved with verve using tail well.

3.Rutherford’s Windy Fairy Redweed

VB (3. 1Abs)1. Limpus’ Sh Ch Shenanigin She’s the One for Karidell 8yr old in full coat and super condition. larger bitch, well off for bone with shapely head, soft eye and expression. Good over neck and shoulder with strength thoughout. Very strong over croup and tailset with width over pelvis and rear to enable her to power round the ring with proper driving action. Just what I was looking for BCC RBIS BVIS BOS

2. Broadgate’s Riverman Beat the Boys. Smaller B.Coat in good condition but lacking in feather. Nicely angulated fore and aft and moved with verve


Brace (4,1)

1st Mr & Mrs Broadgate’s beautifully matched pair. Not only do they look alike, but they moved in perfect symmetry, matching each other step for step around the ring. Both ladies were very well made and presented, both moved with drive and positivity.

2nd Miss Childs, well matched pair of handsome boys.

3rd Mrs Corless pair.

Sunday, July 16, 2017