Champ Show Critiques 2018

South of England Irish Setter Club

Championship Show 14th July 2018

Judge: Mr Michael Launchbury (Dogs)

Many thanks to the officers and committee on their commitment to put on this wonderful show, I was honoured to be asked to judge on this day my birthday (21) again. My appreciation to my co judge as we agreed on our final decisions and his company the night before remembering and looking back over the past years. The rings were perfect for the weather conditions, giving a bit of shade and the ground being fairly flat. A few dogs lost out today due to exhibitors not getting the best from their dogs especially when moving.  However I was pleased with my placings.  

Minor Puppy Dog 1

1st. Shepherd’s, Mrs S A, Casachared Rory O Connor

Youngster with potential, needs to grow into himself, good head and expression, good shoulders with well placed front, adequate bone, depth to chest with length to body, moved freely.

Puppy Dog 2

1st. Bailey’s, Mrs G M, Danaway Desert Song

Preferred the cleaner lines to 2nd good balance overall with reach to neck, well placed front with good shoulders, nice shape to head with kind eye and expression, length to loin giving an overall balance to frame, moved steady has the potential to really stride out if allowed.

2nd. Crossman’s Mr T. Braidmont One day More

Different type to 1, shorter coupled, not presented to his advantage, unsteady on the move, strong head but not overdone, good eye and set to ear, good shoulder placement, width to front and rear, with good angulation, depth to chest with lung room.

Junior Dog 10 ( 1)

1st. Danks-Kemsh’s Miss O P Teleri Summertime blues Avec Alofrana JW

Very balanced overall with a clean outline, super head and expression with a cheeky eye, nice placement to shoulders down to strong front, good depth to chest with strong rib, front and rear angulation well balanced enabling a super topline, a joy to watch this one move with drive and ground coverage as I hoped he would, presented and handled to perfection (this one I could take home). Well deserved RCC.

2nd. Rutherford, Judge, Crocker & Siddle’s. Mrs P J, Mr R, Mr B & Miss. Riverbrue Galiano Fizz To Clonageera

Not as balanced as 1, well made head with good eye and expression, length to neck into good shoulder, depth to chest and good spring, good angulation to front would have preferred more of a balance to rear, moved well.

3rd. Antony & Hopewell’s. Ms M & Mr D.  Staratlantas Out A Time

Yearling Dog 8

1st .Muir &  O’Connor’s. Mrs L & Mrs G. Gwendariff I’m Comin Out JW

Liked the overall balance of this one, shown in good coat and condition, good masculine head with kind eye, adequate length to neck into well placed shoulders, depth to chest, straight in front with good bone, strong topline with well placed tail. Good on the move which won him the class.

2nd .Lorrimer’s Mrs J M. Kerrimere Classique

Also as 1 shown in good condition handled well, masculine head with no coarseness, flowing from head through neck into placement of shoulder, strong straight front with depth to chest, firm topline to tail set, moved well.

3rd .Gardiner’s Mr & Mrs A L & S A Harreds Tobie Of Blaysdell

Maiden Dog 1

1st .Dewar’s Mrs. Gwendariff Willy Wont He

Overall a good shape showering balance through out, pleasing head with expressive eye, well place tail from firm topline, good neck and shoulders, with well placed front and rear showing width with good bone, moved ok.

Novice Dog 5 (1)

1st .Rutherford, Judge, Crocker & Siddle’s. Mrs P J, Mr R, Mr B & Miss. Riverbrue Galiano Fizz To Clonageera 2nd in Junior

2nd .Antony & Hopwell’s. Ms M & Mr D. Staratlantas Out Of Time

Very clean outline with good front and rear, liked head showing shape and expression, length of neck to well placed shoulders, strong front and rear with width, needs to settle on the move.

3rd .Dewar’s Mrs. Gwendariff Here I Come

Debutant Dog 4

1st . Rutherford, Judge, Crocker & Siddle’s Mrs P J, Mr R, Mr B & Miss. Riverbrue Galiano Fizz To Clonageera 2nd Junior 1st Novice

2nd .Pike’s Mr D. Redclyst Maximus

Expressive head with good shape, clean in neck to good shoulders, straight in front with depth of chest, angulated rear, lovely shape to outline, move steady

3rd Hadfield’s Mrs Marion. Staratlanta Get A Wiggle On To Marzanne

Undergraduate Dog 4

1st .Danks-Kemish’s Miss O P. Teleri Summertime Blues Alolfrana JW

     1st Junior

2nd.Russell’s Mrs Joy. Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli

Good head showing plenty of expression, clean from neck to good shoulders, fine on topline slightly low on croup, when stood correctly showering adequate angulation, tight to elbow, needs to steady on the move

3rd .Pike’s Mr D. Redclyst Maximus

Graduate Dog 2

1st .Condron’s Mr G. Covarney Everyone Knows

Showed a balanced outline, firm topline to well placed tail, depth to chest with good lung room, pleasing head not over done, expressive eye and low set ears, moved off well.

2nd .Nicholls’s Shaun & Julie. Romarne Under Orders JW

Did not move as well as 1, pleasant head, good  front and rear, depth to chest, straight front and turn to stifle, good bone.

Post Graduate Dog 13 (2)

1st .Danks-Kemish’s Mrs R D .Alolfrana Hotter Than U’Know

Good balance to outline with lovely sloping topline  into good set tail, balanced front and rear, depth through out, presented in good condition, nice head and expression, moved off well to take class, I considered him in the challenge.

2nd .Davis’s Mr P & Mrs F. Pawsword Praire Wind JW

Another good outline showing length to neck and set to tail, good placement to shoulder, well ribbed and depth to chest, gentle expressive head, moved ok.

3rd .Condron’s Mr G & Mrs K E B. Gwendariff D’Ya Fancy A Fling With Covarney

Minor Limit Dog 2

1st .Edwards’s Mr S E. Gwendariff Ps I Love You At Bonhomie JW

From head to tail picture of balance through out, stylish head with no coarseness, expressive with a dark eye, low to ear set, length to neck into excellent front, firm level back with depth and spring to rib, shown in excellent condition, moved of covering the ground with ease.

2nd .Bridgewater’s Mr W & Mrs D. Bardonhill Bertie Bott By Bridgella

Much the same as above, lost out on positive movement, nice head strong neck into good front and shoulders, matched angulation fore and aft, good rib with depth, overall balanced in outline.

Mid Limit Dog 3

1st .Lorrimer’s  Mrs J M.  Kerrimere Charismatic

Liked the outline of this boy, moved well with class, clean neck into good shoulders and front assembly, lovely shape and expression to head, firm sloping topline, shown in fine condition.

2nd .Condron & Needs’s Mr D & Mrs H & Mrs A. Covarney Macaroon Sh.Cm

Balance showering angulation through out, pleasing topline, dark eye with masculine head, good front with depth of chest, strong rear quarters,

3rd .Macaulay’s Mr K & Mrs L. Caskeys Mischief Of Stylersetts JW

Limit Dog 7 ( 1)

1st .Stockton’s Mr & Mrs K & P. Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW

Good outline to this one, moved out a dream with style, length to neck to clean shoulders, masculine head with dark eye and melting expression, well sprung ribs and let down of chest, length to loin just right, topline was correct and tail set spot on, well placed front and good width to rear, moved off with drive and purpose and free flowing gait a pleasure to see, pleased to award CC (his 3rd I understand) and with my co judges agreement BIS. What a day you both have had.

2nd .Hemmings’s Mr D & Mrs K. Orlanset The Rocker JW

Not the same dog I have judged before, just not together today, good firm topline to tail, head of equal proportions, showing expression with a good eye, from head to length of neck into clean shoulders, to excellent front, with balance to rear assembly, seen him move better.

3rd .Wilkins’sMrs J. Margretswood Gobstopper JW ShCm

Open Dog 3

1st .Limpus’s Mr & Mrs B A & N G. Karidell Prince Charming

Lovely masculine head with pleasing eye, correct front and rear angulation, well boned with  clean topline blending into correct tail set, good reach to neck clean on shoulders with well sprung ribs and depth to chest, straight front with tight feet, moved out with drive.

2nd. Mitchell’s Mrs Pam. Show Champion Amlin’s Sweet William

Good topline giving an overall pleasing shape, nice head and expression, with length of neck down to good front with depth to chest, well placed shoulders ,clean front and depth to rib well coupled, shown in good coat and condition moved well covering the ground.

3rd. Herbst’s  Julia. Gerch(VDH) Gwendariff Nutty Professor GER.JCH

Veteran Dog (1)

1st. Axon’s Mr G S C & Mrs J B. Brinara Back In Running

Topline a bit to much for me, which was distracting to overall balance to outline, pleasing head with not much grey, straight in front with tight feet, well angulated rear assemble not so much at front, move ok but needs to hold head up.

Best Veteran Dog

Nicholls’Shaun and Julie .Delsanto Snow Storm Sh Cm   

Better in outline to VD, long in body to strong rear quarters, nice tail set, lovely head not showering age, good shape to eye, liked length of neck to shoulder placement, good front with balance to rear, moved ok.



Judge: Alister Watt (Bitches)

In 1986 I had the pleasure of judging dogs at the SoEISC Championship show and here I was half a lifetime later, judging bitches. Judging at a breed club show is always special – a real honour and privilege and I thank the Club for the invitation. The show itself ran smoothly which is testament to the organisation and hard work of the Office Bearers and Committee. As for the hospitality I enjoyed, it really was second to none which made for a very enjoyable weekend. Many thanks. To all exhibitors also, many thanks for giving me the opportunity to assess your girls and for accepting my decisions. I always try to judge strictly on the day and am sure if I assessed the same entry a week later, there would be a number of changes to my placings. My co-judge Mike Launchbury and I were in full agreement for all joint decisions. Finally Margaret Stubbs and Julie Nicholls did a fine job as ring stewards and kept me in order, so thank you both.

The ring was spacious with short grass and although it was hot, there was a gentle breeze for most of the day with trees providing a degree of shade. Presentation was on the whole very good. I had no undershot bites but one which was overshot. Movement was variable and some suffered with the heat on the move. I would have preferred darker eyes in a number of exhibits and a few eyes were too round in shape. Although there is no minimum or maximum height in our standard, there were a number of bitches which were too short on the leg in relation to body length. These could not be described as “racy” or “proportionate”.

Two young bitches refused to be examined and their owners withdrew them. Hopefully they will overcome their fears. Here are my observations and comments:

Minor Puppy (3, 0 absent)

  1. Roberts’s Jetsetter Christalle to Polmenor, appealing 7 month baby showing all the essentials I look for at this stage, pleasant head and eye, good over neck and shoulders, well-shaped hindquarters, nice coat texture, went steadily, Best Minor Puppy in Show.
  2. Gardner’s Danwish On Song (AI), raw 6 month baby, really liked her head and outlook which I preferred to the winner’s, nice body at this stage, lots still to come, promising.
  3. Fox’s Kerryfair Special Diamond.

 Puppy (8, 2)

  1. Sharman & Jennings Sharman, Kerrimere Red Ribbon, I was quite taken by this girl, medium size presenting a pleasing picture, nice head and eye, clean over neck and shoulders, deep brisket, true front, well set on tail, moved very well for such a youngster, Best puppy in Show.
  2. Richardson’s Brabrook True Violet for Montgreenan, liked her overall shape, true front, reachy neck , balanced body and well sprung ribs, showed real puppy exhuberance, ideally would like a deeper finish to foreface, turned out and presented in lovely condition.
  3. Hunter & Brown’s Braidmount In My Life, slightly rangier than those in front and will take more time to get it all together, really liked the work in her head, eye and expression, good length of neck, correct front but more unsettled on the move than those above today.

Junior (15, 2) Hotly contested.

  1. Catling’s Teleri Indian Summer (AI), I was very taken by this young lady, she is balanced and stylish and surely will have a bright future. Lots of work in her head, neck of moderate length, best of front assemblies, deep in body, strong backend, gently sloping topline and moved soundly.
  2. Mugford’s Lynwood Abracadabra, another impressive youngster from this breeder who pushed the winner hard and gave me a bit of a headache. I am sure they will have many tussles in future. Lovely dark coated girl with feminine head and expression, deep chest and well ribbed back, strength in hindquarters, clean topline and well set on tail. I see is by same sire as the winner.
  3. Mutch’s Romarne Galway Girl at Astleyview, 15 months old with much that I like, good overall proportions, head, neck, depth of body and wide powerful hindquarters all appealed as did her rich dark coat. Would prefer slightly longer upperarm.

Yearling (7, 1)

  1. Humphrey’s Crimpington Flirtini to Heneleas JW, very eye-catching and glamourous young lady with striking outline and turned out in first class condition. Pleasant head and finish to foreface, arched neck, I liked her front assembly showing good lay back of shoulder, powerful hindquarters and moved with style.
  2. Hinslea’s Gwendariff Guess Who’s Comin to Northamber JW, totally different type and rangier make and shape all through, but with everything fitting together very well. Loved her head and feminine Irish expression, deep chest, wide & powerful hindquarters, topline and sound movement.
  3. Boutell, Boutell & Burbridge’s Ixia Rainbow Brite, finer bitch all through, presents a lovely overall shape, very racy and so well proportioned. Sweetest of heads, true front, well angulated stifles and hocks, just preferred the substance of those above.

Maiden (9, 0)

  1. Sharman & Jennings Sharman, Kerrimere Red Ribbon
  2. Edwards’s Gwendariff It’s Numero Uno at Bonhomie, VHC in the strong Junior class, really nice type of girl with excellent skull, stop and finish to foreface, good length of neck, clean over shoulders, proportionate body, less mature at this stage than some of her age group.
  3. Richardson’s Brabrook True Violet for Montgreenan

Novice (9, 0)

  1. Catling’s Teleri Indian Summer (AI),
  2. Gwendariff It’s Numero Uno at Bonhomie
  3. Roberts’s Jetsetter Christalle to Polmenor

Debutant (5, 2)

  1. Richardson’s Orlanset Ready for Love, typical 2 year old ,presents a pleasing overall picture, well off for bone, good spring of rib, nicely angulated rear end, moved OK.
  2. Shepherd’s Casachared Rose O Sally Ann, different type and taller than the winner, preferred her head, eye and outlook to the winner, but not so well ribbed back as winner. Strong hindquarters and shown in very good condition.



Undergraduate (7, 1)

  1. Mugford’s Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely, quality slow maturing girl of nice type, lovely oval skull, low set ears, muscular neck setting cleanly in to well laid back shoulders, excellent upper-arm, well turned stifles and hocks, rich dark coat, moved well.
  2. Boutell, Boutell & Burbridge’s Ixia Rainbow Brite
  3. Davie’s Lochfrae Nina Simone, medium sized bitch with very nice head showing correct stop and foreface, eye, raised brows and soft expression, good reach of neck and front, shown in lovely condition.

Graduate (13, 5) Very good class.

  1. Hall’s Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara JW, beautiful headed bitch with raised brows and such expressive eyes, correct oval skull, good finish to foreface and low set ears. I liked her arched neck, strength & depth through body, correct front, back end and overall balance. Stylish mover, has a bright future I’m sure.
  2. Elkins’s Twoacres Promise of Spring with Avacet, different type and slightly shorter on the leg than winner, this girl was presented in super coat and condition. I liked her type and balance, well worked headpiece, muscular, arched neck setting smoothly on well laid shoulders, great depth, best of limbs and tight feet, wide hindquarters and she moved soundly.
  3. McDonald’s Delsanto Miss Freya, I like this young bitch a lot but she is not so advanced in her development at this stage or as well furnished as the 2 above. She is of proportionate throughout and of excellent type and when fully matured will do well.

Post Graduate (10, 1)

  1. Carter’s Bardonhill Uptown Girl, medium sized bitch devoid of any exaggeration, turned out in tip top condition. She owns a delicious  feminine head with lots of chiselling and such an appealing expression, has depth and strength through her body and owns a powerful rear end, moved freely.
  2. Taylor’s Danaway Goody Two Shoes, not showing the same finish as the winner at present, but a lovely type showing good balance throughout. Delightful head, eye and expression, good reach of neck, deep brisket, well sprung ribs and well ribbed back with gentle slope to her topline.
  3. Waterton’s Sandstream Summer Breeze JW, completed a nice trio, again owns a super head piece with lots of work, correct stop, arched neck, deep chest, well angulated stifles and hocks, steady mover. Preferred the topline of those above.

Minor Limit (5, 0) Excellent class

  1. Wilson’s Copper’s Snowqueen (Imp Swe), quite simply it was her day. I have seen this girl really blossom and improve in the last 2 years as she has reached maturity. Today there was no bitch which appealed more. Her virtues are many. She is in fabulous full coat of rich chestnut colour and is so well put together that she creates a beautiful picture of raciness, balance and femininity. She moves so soundly driving from behind and reaching in front, using her tail and holding her lovely topline. I was delighted to award a well-deserved CC (her 2nd) and with my co-judge in agreement, Reserve Best in Show. In this form her 3rd CC can’t be far away.
  2. Stevenson’s Lochlorien True Detective is Andley, really liked this quality 3 year old girl. She is not the flashiest but is so well constructed and balanced and moves so soundly. Her head shows lots of work with a well-defined stop and chiselling, raised brows and kind expressive eyes, ample reach of neck, true front, sloping shoulders, deep through the body with well sprung ribs, good couplings and rugged well-toned hindquarters, pleased to award her the Res CC.
  3. Borthwick’s Northamber Runs Riot at Lotushill, completed a trio of high class bitches, today lacking her tummy featherings. I like her overall shape, nice headpiece and outlook, super reach of neck, front, bone, strong body properties and moved with style.

Mid Limit (5, 1)

  1. Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW, racy and balanced 4 year old bitch of pleasing type. She has a feminine head with a melting expression, good finish to foreface, muscular arched neck, deep chest, wide hindquarters and well set on tail, moved steadily.
  2. Danks-Kemish’s Rappatty Starlight over Alolfrana JW, quite mature for her age with lots to like, well shaped head and low set ears, reachy neck, clean over shoulders, really deep in body with well sprung ribs and turned out in good condition. Just preferred the topline of the winner.
  3. Mugford’s Sangarah Skyline over Lynwood (Imp Hun) JW, this girl is very well put together with all parts fitting together so well and she has a delightful head and expression, good angles fore & aft, went well, ideally would prefer more substance.

 Limit (12, 3) Strong class

  1. Box’s Bardonhill Afternoon D’light At Fernstart, have never seen this girl turned out in better bloom with full furnishings and condition carrying just the right amount of weight. She owns a lovely head, dark eye and the sweetest expression, straight front, is well ribbed back and has muscular loins and hindquarters. In the challenge just felt she was not as positive on the move as the CC and Res CC winners.
  2. Stevenson’s Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley Sh CM, another quality bitch with a gorgeous well worked head, muscular arched neck, excellent layback of shoulder, deep through her body with ample spring of rib, wide well-muscled thighs and second thighs, moved soundly.
  3. Cooper’s Karidell Mayden Voyage to Hugared, lovely type of bitch of real quality, slightly taller than 1 & 2 and now at her best. She looked really well in super coat and condition. She owns the best of heads with dark expressive eyes and well finished foreface, reachy neck, true front, proportionate throughout and has a gently sloping topline, went well.

Open (4,2)

  1. Catling’s Sh Ch Shandwick Love In A Mist for Teleri JW, very worthy champion and a real class act, just loved her beautiful, feminine head with the softest expression. She is of very good type, is built on clean, flowing lines showing true balance and raciness, with wide powerful quarters enabling her to move soundly and with style.
  2. Bott’s Gwendariff Such A Carry On at Bardonhill, another high quality girl with beautiful overall shape and balance. She too is very racy and her topline flows from nose to tail. She owns a pleasant head with correct stop, excellent reach of neck, best of upper arm and shoulder layback, deep at brisket and well ribbed back, powerful hindquarters and well set on tail, moved steadily, just preferred the expression of the winner.

Veteran (6,1)  5 super oldies all of different type

  1. Naylor & Morrison’s Sh Ch Anlory Carinena JW, quality girl from this successful kennel carrying her 8 years very well. She is built on clean lines with true front, deep well toned body and well-turned stifles and hocks. She was turned out in super condition and really drove round the ring with gusto. Best Veteran in Show.
  2. Mugford’s Ch Lynwood Happy AS A Lark JW, lovely 7 year old and a full champion, she pleased in most aspects. She is balanced throughout and devoid of any exaggeration. I like her breed type and soundness and was presented in excellent order, also moved very well.
  3. Parsons’s Sh Ch Suteresett Miss Splendid at Bransett, 7 years old and also looking very well. She is larger framed than those above but is so well balanced, lovely head, eye and kind expression, reachy neck , great depth to body, powerful well-muscled hindquarters, shown in super coat. Such a happy character.

Alister Watt (Judge)