SEISC Champ Show Critiques 2021

Best In Show.

Mugford’s SH CH Lynwood Abracadabra.JW

Beautiful head with well defined stop. Good front with well laid- back shoulders. Well-ribbed up with good depth of chest. Good angulation to the stifles and hocks well let down. Moved with plenty of drive and covered the ground with ease. Presented in an immaculate condition with the coat gleaming in the afternoon sun.

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Stockton’s SH CH Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas. JW

Good shape to the head with a good stop and ear placement. Straight front and good depth of chest with well sprung ribs.  Quarters well-muscled with good angulation of the stifles and hocks well let down. Moved easily over the ground but I felt that the bitch was just a little more precise in her movement. Like the bitch presented in an excellent condition.

Peter Rowlands (Referee)


This well run show was intended to be held in the Spring of 2020 but, as with so many others, the pandemic intervened leaving the Committee rather in limbo, not knowing whether or when they could proceed.  They are to be congratulated on their persistence and, for myself, I was greatly honoured to be invited to judge the dog entry.  My thanks to Meg and her team for inviting me, to my kind and efficient steward, Gordon, and most especially to the exhibitors who granted me the privilege of judging their beautiful dogs.

Minor Puppy  (5: 1 abs)  1st Greenan & Hopewell’s Lochlorien No Offence Juleset.  This promising puppy was 6 months old on the day and very calm in making his debut.  He was a little wobbly in his rear movement but presented a very pleasing picture with an attractive head, dark eye, low earset.  He has a balanced outline, good rib and angulation and is clothed in a dark, shining coat, albeit without feathering at this age. BPD.  2.  Sturrock’s Forfarian Dusty Bottoms  another promising youngster,  a little bigger than 1 with a good forechest, bend of stifle and well placed shoulders, head a little plain at the moment . 3 .Needs’  Covarney It Takes Time

Puppy (3:1) L. No Offence Juleset.  2. Lee’s Danwish Danehill.  Quite a big chap but about right size for his age. Profuse, wavy coat but feet not his fortune.

Junior (10:3)  1.  Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Mr President NAF RAF  A  well schooled youngster moving freely, very good side gait.  He has a deep chest with plenty of heart and lung room,  fine shoulders, sloping well back.  Feet could be a little better.  2.  Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Take A Bow.  I really liked this lad who is very nicely proportioned, lovely head, strongly boned, moved very well.  Sadly carrying just a tad too much weight.  3. Richardson’s Tullys Red Arrows.

Yearling (4:1 ) 1. Crocker & Lewis Riverbrue Wonderwall at Hernwood.  A well balanced, proportionate dog, moving very well and keeping his topline on the move.  Lovely head, nicely crested neck into fine shoulder and gently sloping topline.  Straight forelegs and good bend of stifle.  I fully expect to see this dog winning much in the future.  2.  Dufrat’s Riverbrue Cast no Shadow on Haveley, I see from the catalogue that this is a litter bother of the winner although a  smaller, lighter dog with a little more length in back than 1.  He also moved well and presented an attractive picture.  3.Tuite’s Porschet Moon Shadow.

Novice. (13: 1w/d. 1 abs)  Cohen’s  Lynwood Merry May King with Shushana.  Lovely size and shape, about right for age.  Very nice head, dark eye, good in back skull, gently sloping topline, good tailset and good tight feet.  Best mover in this class, particularly impressive as he was not moved by his owner.  2.. Bentley’s Astleyview Coming Home to Benclippin. Bigger than the winner but in proportion, well balanced angles, nicely sprung rib and good shoulder placement, moved well.  3.Deighton’s Oakdene Schehallion (Imp B el).

Graduate (13:3)  1. Willis’ Gwendariff The Grand Master at Jacwilllins, certainly the master of this quality class.  Mixing glamour with balance and substance, this d. is one to watch  Handsome head with kind eye and lowset ears,  slightly arched neck into fine withers, sloping topline, kept on the move and correct movement.  To be picky, his feet could be a little tighter.  2. Hemmings’ Orlanset A New Flame. Another well balanced d. with good  angulation, well bent stifles and deep in rib.  Attractive coat and feathering.  Moved with drive.  3.Webb & Danks-Kemish’  Alofrana Azzaro Beside Redeshka

Post Graduate (10) Hadfield’s Staratlanta Get A Wiggle On to Marzanne.  Won on movement. A worthy dog with nothing out of kilter. Elegant, lean head, well sprung rib and good forechest.  Feet a little loose.  Would benefit from a tidier groom.  2.  Condron’s Gwendariff D’Ya Fancy  A Fling with Covarney.  Heavier type, substantial bone and rib, good topline from fine withers and a correct tailset,.  Couldn’t quite match the movement of 1.  3. Needs’ Covarney Paco Rabanne at Stourford.

Limit (15:2) A quality class overall.  1. Pike’s Redclyst Boris. A long, lean head and racy outline to this dog, well boned, elbows free and with a well sprung rib.  Moved well keeping his topline.  2. Muir’s Gwendariff I’m Coming Out, not quite as racy as winner but nicely put together.  Lovely head and strong neck into fine withers.  Another with good bone and substance.  3. Stockton’s D’Ya think I’m Fab for Kespas

Open (8) Stockton’s Sh.Ch. Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW.  Much has been said about this well known dog and I can only add my thoughts on his many qualities.  On the first run around the ring I admired his true movement, in harmony with his handler.  His head is balanced and he has a strong neck and well laid shoulders.  Nicely ribbed up and with straight, strong forelegs, good bend of stifle and the whole clothed in a dark, shining coat. CC.  In the challenge it was necessary to employ the referee which resulted in RBIS/BOS.  2.  Dewar’s Gwendariff Here I Come.  Of good size and shape this d. is a little longer in back than the winner but with similar attributes, nicely chiselled head, well sprung rib and moved well and with verve. RCC.

Veteran (3) 1.  Bell & Barker-Bell’s Balintyne Just For You.  Stylish dog,  a little smaller than his rivals but nicely made, balanced throughout.  Nice head with pleasing expression, kind eye.  2. Andrews’  Millcroft Moon Riot, rangier d.  with decent shoulders and slightly sloping topline to good tailset.  Moved well.  3. Tuite’s Sh.Ch. Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet JW Bel Imp.

Gloria Horrocks

SEISC 8th September 2021 Championship Show

It was a pleasure and a delight to be asked to be the referee for this championship show combined with the ISCW championship show which was being held separately. Both committees are to commended on working together to ensure that both shows ran smoothly.

The organisation was excellent and the exhibitors must be congratulated on keeping their dogs cool under such hot circumstances.

The two judges brought two good representatives of the breed together for Best in Show and I can understand why they could not agree on the outcome.