Southern Aspects

Article by Yvonne Vaughan  in 1976.


The Standard – as seen by an Irish Setter owner.

Head      Long and lean, particularly adapted for poking cold wet nose into other people’s business.

Bite        The scissors or even bite his best demonstrated on new curtains, linoleum, upholstery and shoes etc

Eyes       Even when shut they somehow see you tiptoe from the room.

Ears       The long, low set ears are attuned only to can openers and to scraping dishes- they effectively filter out words like NO, COME, GET DOWN and SHUT UP

Body      Suffice it to say that the body takes up a hell of a lot of room in a bed yet becomes skin and bone when the show entry is mailed in!

Legs and Feet     The sturdy legs and arched toes are made to order for digging holes, omission of comment about nails is because the dog prefers it that way.

Tail         The portion of the anatomy the owner see the most of as the dog lunges ahead on the lead or goes in the opposite direction when called.

Coat       The long silky feathering is found on ears, legs, brisket, chest, tail, sofa, rug, car seat …..

Colour    Mahogany or rich chestnut red – shade varies according to colour of mud in locality.  Traces of black should be the removable kind – ink, chewable magic markers,  car grease.

Size There is no disqualification as to size which may vary from 12 inches as the dog slinks into the vet’s office to 5 feet or more as the dog greets you on its hind legs.

Gait   The dog runs as he stands, straight to the dinner table, straight out of the Obedience ring, straight to the guest who hates dogs, straight to the dog’s favourite chair (yours).

Balance  The correct specimen always exhibits balance even when the owner is tangled up in the lead, the dog should not call attention to itself by pawing you in the face or sitting in your lap.

The above puts in a few words what I take about 4 hours to tell each new owner of one of my pups.

Yvonne Vaughan.   Taken from ISC newsletter of Knoxville USA