Bath Championship Show Irish setters

May 2019.

First of all I would just like to thank Bath Canine Society for inviting me to judge our wonderful
breed at their Championship show. The show ground is second to none with Bowling green
standard grass rings and everything else so well laid out, a credit to all the hard work done by this
Of course a thank you to my lovely stewards on the day, but a massive thank you to ALL the
exhibitors giving me such a wonderful quality entry and showing such support to the winners by
their loud applause in every class, as of course it should be. The presentation and handling skills
continue to improve year on year & with perfect rings, both flat and manicured grass, there was no
excuse not to show their dogs to their best. I had a tremendous entry with quality in almost every
class making decisions difficult but also so enjoyable. In fact in bitches my Junior, Grad and
PostGrad winners, I believe will have wonderful futures. Most of the dogs were shown and
presented in great order. I have commented in the past about weak hind movement, sadly for me
this is still a worry for the breed, with dogs looking fabulous when stacked only to be let down
with weak hocks and hind quarters wobbling at all angles when going away. I really hope this can
be improved. In my dogs RACINESS and clean in profile is a must have for breed type, and in
Bitches I was looking for the same attributes as the dogs, plus femininity and elegance. All my
winners in my eye, possessed these qualities in abundance.
All that said, the quality of the entry gave me some real hard decisions, but the most enjoyable
day to date, that I have had when judging the breed, so thank you.
MPD Ist Danks-Kemish, Alolfrana Invictus ( ai) good in head shape with lovely dark eye, straight in
front on tight feet. He is well bodied for age with good hind angulation moved steadily.
2nd Webb & Danks -Kemish Azzaro Beside Redeshka similar remarks as the winner with good
head shape and eye, body proportions again good, today just not quite as good in topline as
3rd Danks-kemish & Kniveton Ticket To Ride To Alolfrana
PD Ist Stewart Gwendariff Look No Further. Another dog from this Kennel that looks to have a
super career ahead of him. So racy in profile, lovely head and eye, correct in neck that sweeps
into a gently sloping topline good angulation both front and rear his body is balanced and full of
quality. Movement was free flowing and presented in tip top condition. BP.
2nd Davies Grayrigge Mystral Wind With Alanasett. Another quality puppy. Correct in head and
excels in neck, deep in chest with good spring of rib. He has straight, strong boned front, on tight
feet, good lay of shoulder, and so balanced in profile when stacked. With excellent coat colour
and condition, presented beautifully by his handler. I just preferred the expression of winner today
but I am sure another with a great future.
3rd Williamson Bluesprings Picture This.
JD Ist Edwards, Gwendariff Ucantmissme Bonhomie a lovely dog from head to tail. Beautiful head
with melting expression, he stands on a strong front which is correct in angulation. A muscular
neck goes into a excellent topline with deep chest and excellent bend of stifle on rear. His coat is
of lovely colour and texture, and moved so enthusiastically another with a fantastic future I am
2nd Needs, Covarney Paco Rabanne. So unlucky to meet winner, a young dog showing much
promise. Lovely in head with melting expression, Correct in earset with strong muscular neck.
Very strong in body with good depth slightly longer than winner. Super angulation on rear with
good width of thigh. Lovely profile when stacked and very well handled.
3rd Pym & Milligan- Bott Thendara Marshmello
YD Ist Fauvrelle Oakdene Remy Martin (IMP Bel). Although a bigger boy who gave his handler a
hard time he is still balanced to his size. Good head shape and strong neck, correct front and rear
angulation, again super topline, excels in depth of chest with strong muscular loin, in good coat
and condition. Because he is obviously hard to handle ,his handler tends to over stretch him at
times and lets his head point to the sky hopefully he will settle down with age to show off his
profile slightly more easily.
2nd Bailey Danaway Desert Song, another racy dog with nice skull shape and kind eye, good arch
to neck into correct topline good angulation on hindquarters super coat colour and condition
moved steadily.
3rd Foster, Goldnavarm Endurance At Shanoah.
ND Ist Bailey Danaway Desert Song.
2nd Hemmings, Orlanset A New Flame. His head is long and lean with kind eye. Straight in front
with good shoulder angulation. Correct body but a little lacking in coat today.
3rd Harris Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy Sings Konakakela (IMP)
GD Hutchings, Covarney Everyone Knows. Good head showing nice stop & dark nose with lovely
earset. Muscular neck and sloping topline, good depth to chest. His hindquarters are well
angulated with strong hocks. Shown in good hard condition with good coat.
2nd Pike, Redclyst Boris, Nice head with dark eye, arched neck into well angulated shoulder. Well
balanced body. Just needs time to mature up in body and coat to complete the picture.
3rd Pullen & Atkin Corvarney Lil’ Tipple At Jacingail.
PG Ist Stockton, Gwendariff D’ya Think I’m Fab For Kespas JW, A dog I have never seen before,
and was told after judging he was the litter brother to the dog I had given the CC to at SKC so not
surprised I thought so highly of him. Beautiful head with melting expression. Straightest of fronts,
with well angulated shoulder, super neck and topline. When stacked he is so racy and full of
quality and balance. Shown in excellent order and moved with such enthusiasm I could not deny
him the RCC.
2nd Prangle, Heathclare American Dollar JW Sh.CM a dog I have done well when he was a
youngster. Correct in head, with super bone in front, well angulated shoulder and good body with
deep chest and strong loin. In good coat and moved soundly.
3rd Brown Gwedariff D’ ya Wanabawinna.
LD Ist, Edwards Gwendariff Ps I LoveYou Bonhomie JW. Another super dog in my eye from this
successful kennel. A lovely head with super shape eye and expression, his body sits on strong
straight bone with tight feet. He possesses a clean arched neck with super shoulder angulation.
The topline gently slopes to a good tail set and super angulated stifles. Stacked his profile is racy
and well balanced and oozes quality. When asked to move he just glides round the ring,
presented and shown in immaculate order a well deserved CC & BOB
2nd Bell & Barker-Bell, Balintyne Just For You, Balanced head with correct shape eye and low set
ear, he has a muscular neck with good topline. Correct body in both chest and loin with well
angulated stifle and short hock, in good coat and hard condition.
3rd Gracie Vistador Diesel In The Dust Summergate Jn Ch (Imp).
OD Ist Mitchell Sh Ch Amblin Sweet William. Again a beautiful dog, so worthy of his title, lovely
head and expression, correct arch to neck. Super angulation on both front and rear. Strong and
deep in chest with good rib and loin. Beautiful profile when stacked, In excellent coat and
condition and very well handled. Moved well but in the challenge the movement and top form of
both Limit and PGrad winners meant he had to just miss out on the top honours.
2nd Ciechonska, Riverbrue Altissimo At Aoibheanne JW. So much to like about this boy. Lovely
type. Super head, excellent low set ears, muscular neck into well angulated shoulder, lovely
balance to body and striking in profile when viewed from side. Good angulation to stifle and
strong hock. Super colour to coat, but still young and will only improve with maturity.
3rd Gwendariff Weekend Warrior.
VD Ist Foster & Walsh Millcroft Chase The Moon To Shanoah (7yrs) his head is long and lean with
kind eye. A straight front, well let down and small feet. Not a big boy but balanced in body with
good tail set. His coat is of good colour and texture and when asked to move he did so with
2nd Axon, Brinara Back In The Running. This ten yr old still gives his best when in the ring, kind in
expression and dark eye, well off for bone, good in body, good bend to stifles, sound on the move
for age and well handled.
SB D/B Ist Bougen Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW, her head is of correct length with kind eye, good
bone on straight front, viewed from the side she gives a feminine profile with nice body, and
moved with good pace and soundness.
2nd Dufrat, Lynwood Love Potion For Haverley, balanced in head with good ear sett, muscular
neck, with correct topline, good in body, shown in good coat and condition, moved okay.
3rd Corless Swiftlark First Knight
MPB Ist, Randle, Alolfrana Lady Million At Rionore. Headed a class of real babies, sweet head
with affectionate expression. Arched neck into good body for age, correct in topline and tail sett.
Nice bone and well angulated hind quarters coped very well on the move, obviously like all in this
class needs plenty of time.
2nd Cox, Tiroen To The Moon And Back, A finer bitch all round than winner, good head shape
with mischievous eye. Good in profile when stacked with gently sloping topline, good angulation
all round, very well shown by handler.
3rd Burke, Orstone All You Need Is Love.
PB Ist Ciechonska, Gwendariff Smart Move Back To Aoibheanne. A very promising puppy lovely
head with raised brow and stop. Good in front with strong bone. Balanced in profile with nothing
over done, deep in chest and muscular loin. Good angulation front and rear with excellent width
to thigh. Moved steadily. BPB.
2nd Holley, Gwendariff Look This Way To Wynjill. Another promising puppy, nice head with super
neck, very racy in profile when stacked, her body is strong and good bend of stifle on rear. Lovely
colour to coat and well handled.
3rd Barnes, Gwendariff Let’s Look At Me.
JB Ist Roberts, Jetsetter Cristalle To Polmennor JW (Imp Rus) A lovely bitch, feminine head with
kind expression, arched in neck of correct length, her shoulders are well laid back and good
angulated hindquarters. Super body and topline, her coat is a beautiful rich chestnut colour. Good
movement and handling completed the picture.
2nd Rutherford Majestyka Indian Summer At Clonageera. Very balanced in head with kind eye. A
lovely outline when stacked with correct topline ,deep chest, muscular loin. Excellent coat and
condition. Moved well.
3rd Hadfield, Covarney Estee Avec Marzanne.
YB 1st Catling, Teleri Indian Summer (ai) JW. Very feminine head & gorgeous eye. Forelegs
straight & good lay to shoulder. Deep in chest with nice spring of rib, correct in topline and hind
angulation, again in excellent condition.
2nd Sharman & Jenning-Sharman Kerrimere Red Ribbon JW. Another elegant bitch, lovely in
head, super neck and good body with lovely tail sett. Good angulation on hind quarters and
strong hock.
3rd Bougen, Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW.
NB 1st Holley, Gwendariff Look This Way To Wynjill.
GB 1st Humphreys, Crimpington Flirtini To Henaleas JW. Really liked her when I judged her as a
youngster and haven’t changed my mind. Excellent profile when stacked, racy and full of
elegance and quality. Lovely head, neck and shoulder, sweeping topline into well angulated hind
quarters, in hard condition and moved well. Although did nothing wrong in challenge, just didn’t
have the maturity of the PG,L, & O for top honours, but I am sure her day will come.
2nd Hall, Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (Imp) JW. Another with a very nice head with dark eye. Good
neck and balanced in body. She has good angulation to shoulder & hindquarters. In good coat
and condition, moved steadily.
3rd Phillips & Condron, Covarney Summer Breeze.
PG Ist Bouttell & Burbridge, Ixia Rainbow Brite. Lovely feminine head, excellent eye. Correct neck
into well angulated shoulders. Her chest is deep and she has a muscular loin. Good bend of stifle
and strong hock, excellent handling completed the picture. Seriously considered for top Honours
but like Grad, just not quite ready.
2nd Bye, Covarney Everlasting Love At Bluebyeyou. Another lovely headed feminine bitch, with
kind eye, moderately long in neck, correct in topline, good depth to chest. Her coat is of good
colour & texture, and kept her topline when moving.
3rd Tully, Gwendariff Lily The pink.
LB Ist Hall, Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara JW. Judged her before when in yearling and thought
she had such promise I awarded her the RCC. Today she has completely fulfilled that promise in
my eye. I absolutely loved her. Everything I look for in a bitch, Racy, Elegant, feminine but also has
the substance to work. Stunning in profile, full of balance, beautiful head, with a super neck and
well angulated shoulder that sweeps into a lovely topline,. Her chest is deep and rib well sprung
with good bend of stifle on hind quarters. Moved well when asked to do so. Presented in tip top
condition . CC Congratulations. The Dog just moved with more drive in the challenge for BOB.
2nd Mugford Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood JW (Imp) Smaller type but a really nice girl,
showing a balanced head with dark eye. Her neck flows into a correct topline and strong body
with correct chest and rib. Her hindquarters are well angulated with straight hock. Moved well.
3rd Armitage, Gwendariff D’ya Wanna Kiss.
OB Ist Armitage, Sh Ch Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream. Deserving Sh Champion. Lovely in head
shape and expression, straightest of fronts on tight small feet. Excellent neck and shoulders,
super chest depth and muscular loin. Her stifle is well bent with excellent hock. Just flowed round
the ring when asked to move. This Handler presents, shows, and moves all her dogs as good as
any in the breed and today was no exception. Although I loved the type of PG & Grad, she was
thoroughly deserving of the RCC.
2nd Gracie & Rutherford Ir Ch Clonageera Walk With Me To Summergate Jn Ch . Good head
shape with excellent brow and stop. Lovely length to neck with strong body showing good depth
to chest. Very good bone with good angulation front and rear, well coated and excellent coat
colour, again well handled & presented.
3rd Fauvrelle, Clonageera Walk In The Sun.
Steve Richardson.