Critique Border Union 2021

I’d like to say a big thank you to my lovely steward who helped to keep me on track today and the show committee who made me feel very welcome. I also wish to thank all the exhibitors who entered their precious girls and boys, and who turned up despite a pandemic, a fuel crisis and the show being held on a Monday. 

MPD (1) 1 Sturrock’s Forfarian Dusty Bottoms. Nearly 8 months old, this young lad is well grown and of larger frame, but I found him to be very sound, balanced and nicely put together. His head is long and lean with good eye shape and colour, giving a quizzical expression. He has a beautiful neck and topline and is well off for bone with a good depth of brisket and correct spring of rib. His front is good and straight, with a lovely forechest and excellent finish to his croup. He has correct, balanced angulation, in front and behind and neat feet. His movement was a little erratic in his class but he was a bit more settled in the challenge. I loved his straight, correctly set on tail which he used to advantage when moving. BPD and my Best Puppy today. 

PD (1) 1 Scott’s Sixoaks Rocket Man. At 10 months old, this was his and his owner’s first show, I think he enjoyed himself as he was a bit of a giddy kipper on the move! I really liked this boy’s breed type and thought his head was lovely, masculine but refined, with a soft, melting expression and a good finish to his muzzle. In truth I preferred his head to the Best Puppy winner, and he was close up when selecting my Best Puppy Dog. He too has good balance, bone and substance and is clean over his neck and shoulders with good deep chest, gently sloping topline and good hindquarters with short rear pasterns. While he didn’t have quite the forechest and finish over his croup to the eventual winner, he did have a sumptuous puppy coat complete with a gentle wave, which I like. I hope his owner continues to show him because I’m sure they will have some fun as he continues to develop. 

YD (1) 1 Crocker & Lewis’ Riverbrue Wonderwall At Hernwood. At almost 22 months old, this young man creates a pleasing picture overall and was well presented in lovely coat and condition. He has a good head with raised brow giving correct stop. His dark, well shaped eyes create a soft, pleasant expression, and he has good finish to his foreface and low set ears. He is well off for bone and has good depth to brisket and adequate forechest. A little longcast in body, I would prefer a cleaner finish over his neck and shoulders, and a stronger topline. His hindquarters are well made with a good bend stifle, and he has an excellent finish to his croup. He moved soundly and steadily today. 

ND (3) 1 Deighton’s Oakdene Schiehallion (Imp Bel). This boy has a very balanced outline, without excess or exaggeration in construction. His head is pleasant enough, with a good eyes and a soft, gentle expression, although for me, I would prefer a little more refinement in skull. He is very well coated with good bone and lovely depth of chest and well ribbed up. Very correct, strong and gently sloping topline, croup and set on of tail. He is well angulated fore and aft, nothing overdone. He moved soundly, but like all the other dogs in this class he carried his tail high which I think spoils the outline, especially when moving in profile. 2 Walker’s Gwendariff Flags Are Flyin. Larger framed and heavier built then my first placed dog. His head was a little broad in skull and deep in muzzle for me, but he has good raised brows and a kindly expression. He possesses good depth of brisket with correct topline and good finish over his croup, although I preferred the front assembly and forechest of the winner. He moved ok but with high tail carriage today. 3 Hanson’s Gwendariff Up An At Em. 

GD (7, 1) 1 Webb & Danks-Kemish’s Alolfrana Azzaro Beside Redeshka (AI). I really liked this dog’s breed type and overall quality, although he is longer cast than I would prefer. He has a lovely, handsome head, not overdone in any way, with raised brows, soft, melting expression and correctly placed ears. Clean over neck and shoulders, he has a good front assembly, strong bone and prominent prosternum. His hindquarters are strong, well angulated with a broad width of thigh. I thought him rather long in loin, (something that I found quite commonplace today), but he maintained a good topline and had an excellent finish to his croup. He has a good dark, quality coat, not too excessive as some are, and he moved positively, at one with his handler, although I would have preferred a lower tail carriage. 2 Deighton’s Oakdene Schiehallion (Imp Bel). 3 Murchison’s Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin. 

PGD (5, 1) 1 Foster’s Goldnavarm Endurance At Shanoah. A boy who is very balanced and unexaggerated in outline, racy and with the correct amount of substance about him, just as I like. To be honest I found his head rather plain, although it is in no way coarse, but masculine and correctly proportioned with a soft expression. He has a good neck of correct length, flowing cleanly over good shoulders into a super topline and well finished croup. He possesses sound body properties with good depth throughout, and strongly made, well angulated hindquarters. He moved soundly and happily today, maintaining his outline as he went. 2 Boyce’s Forfarian Secret Admirer. This lad was a totally different style of dog to the winner, slightly smaller and with a more compact frame, but like him he had a totally unexaggerated and balanced outline, which won him this place today. He has a pleasant, masculine head with good eye shape and intelligent expression. I liked his good front assembly, neck and shoulders and his super feet. He was well ribbed up with a strong loin and a lovely topline with balanced angulation in front and behind. He moved soundly, holding his tail correctly which I found very pleasing. 3 Gardner’s Quensha Walk Me Home To Danwish. 

LD (8, 3) This class caused me a real headache! I struggled between first and second places here, and the decision between these two quality boys was a very close call indeed. 1 Muir’s Gwendariff Im Comin Out JW. This young man has now matured and what a stylish, quality picture he presents. He’s neat, racy and perfectly balanced in outline, his sound and correct construction is complimented so well by his rich, gleaming coat, wonderfully presented by his owner today. I really loved this lad’s head, so masculine and refined, beautifully chiseled, with a lovely raised brow and a beautiful, soulful expression. He has a slightly arched, muscular neck and a gently sloping and firm topline. His bone is strong and he has a well made, straight front with good depth of chest and adequate forechest. I found him to be excellent over his croup, broad and strong, with powerful and well developed hindquarters and short, strong rear pasterns. He moved fluently around the ring displaying good reach and drive, using his tail to advantage, and he could not be denied the RCC today. Well done! 2 Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli JW. Extremely close up to the winner, this young man displays lovely quality and breed type. His honest, racy and beautifully balanced outline really appealed to me and he possesses the correct amount of strength and substance while maintaining refinement throughout. He has a handsome, masculine head, a tad broader in skull than the winner, but not coarse or overdone. His expression is kind and appealing, with good eye shape and a good finish to his foreface. His beautifully arched neck leads smoothly into well laid shoulders and correctly sloping topline. Well off for bone, he has good depth to chest and spring of rib and strongly made hindquarters, stifles well bent, with good width of first thigh. Presented in good coat he moved true today, maintaining his beautiful outline in profile. 3 Murchison’s Pawsword Paperback Writer For Corphin. 

OD (4, 1) 1 Dank-Kemish’s Sh Ch Alolfrana Hotter Than U’Know JW. A dog who is now in his prime. I liked him when I judged him previously as a relative youngster and I am so pleased that he has fulfilled his earlier promise. He possesses a lovely masculine head, his skull gently domed and in balance with his nicely chiseled foreface. Under his beautiful raised brow his eyes show a true Irish expression which belies a spark of devilment that I find so appealing. He presents a striking, racy, outline that demonstrates total balance throughout, with clean flowing lines from his head to the tip of his tail. I love his substance and strength of construction, well built, but not overdone, he has ample bone and depth with a prominent forechest and well angulated in front and behind. He has a super topline, strong and muscular loin and lovely neat feet. His movement was a pleasure to see today, animated, free flowing and true from all angles with good reach and drive. He carried the right amount of coat for me and he was presented well enough, although I must confess I am not a fan of his rather Americanised styling and prefer a more natural look, but maybe I’m just showing my age! I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC today, Well done! 2 Alcorn & Ingram’s Gwendariff Red Light Show Farnfield. I really admired this young man’s positive movement, strong, effortless and true, he covered the ground so well and using his powerful hindquarters to advantage, I could not deny him this placing today. Slightly smaller than first, he was presented in good hard condition and has a pleasing outline. He has a pleasant head with a clearly defined brow, good eye shape and wide nostrils creating an aristocratic quality about him. He is well muscled with a correct and well angled front assembly and a good topline which he retained on the move, and super feet. He was pushed hard by my third placed dog, whose breed type I loved. 3 Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli. 

VD (2) 1 Foster’s Millcroft Chase The Moon To Shanoah. At nine and a half years young, this dog has super breed type and still retains the same really beautiful, balanced and classic outline as he did when I first admired him as a junior. He is rugged and racy, with the right amount of substance and carries his age so well. It is true that I would like to see a bit more work to his head, but this does not detract from his kind, gentle expression or correct finish to his foreface. He is great to go over, and has a lovely neck and shoulders, well laid back, deep brisket and a muscular loin. I loved his topline and correctly angulated front and hind quarters which enabled him to move steady and true today. BVD. 2 Rowbottom’s Sh Ch Lanstara Spring Moon. A very worthy Show Champion, just into veteran, and close up to the winner. He is a most honest gentleman in outline, a slightly smaller and more compact then the winner, but very balanced and well put together. I preferred his head to first and he is handsome, with lovely brow, true Irish expression and good chiseling to foreface. He too scores in neck, shoulders and topline and has a well constructed front assembly and is well ribbed with strong, unexaggerated hindquarters. He was presented in lovely coat and condition and he moved well and true today. 

MPB (4, 1) A difficult class to judge as these babies had to endure not only the announcements from the Tannoy system but the low fly past of a military aircraft! Not surprisingly this unsettled them to varying degrees. 1 Henderson’s Sametsuz Pillowtalk. What a little sweetie! This 8 month old baby has a very pretty head with dark, expressive eyes, plenty of work to her foreface and lovely low set ears. She has a neat, compact and balanced outline with excellent set of neck into well laid shoulders. I liked her depth and spring of rib and the fact that she had good moderate angles in front and behind, with nothing overdone. She moved well enough, if a little erratic at times, but she’s just a baby with a long way to go yet. BPB. 2 Hope & Kane’s First Star Lofty For Jenesta (Imp Pol) NAF TAF. Another pretty baby with a soft, gentle expression and correctly domed skull. She is balanced and well off for bone with good depth of chest and a gently sloping topline. I preferred the front angulation of my winner, but she had good hindquarters and I liked her dark, soft puppy coat which had a hint of wave to it. Just finding her feet, she was a little erratic when moving but maintained her composure despite the noise. She was pushed all the way by third, who I liked, but who was very unsettled by her surroundings today. 3 Charlish’s Harelferg Traces. 

JB (2) 1 Armitage’s Gwendariff Phantastic Phanny. Just out of puppy, I really liked this youngster and her balanced, flowing outline. She is honest and unexaggerated with good bone and substance while keeping her elegance. She has a feminine head with raised brow and a charming, intelligent expression. Her neck and shoulders flow seamlessly into her strong and correctly sloping topline and I loved her angulation both fore and aft, which was completely devoid of the excess sometimes seen of late. She is well ribbed up with correct loin and has strong hindquarters which she used to advantage, moving steadily today. 2 Jones’ Gwendariff Dazzling Diva. Another promising young lady, litter sister to first, and sharing many of her attributes, I just preferred the neck and shoulders of the winner today. This girl is very elegant all through, being slightly larger in frame, showing lovely balance, and like her sister she is racy and unexaggerated. She has a very pretty head showing a quizzical expression and a lovely finish to her foreface. Possessing ample bone with good depth and spring to her rib, she has a strong topline, great finish to her croup, and her hindquarters are solid and well angulated. She moved OK, if a little unsettled today. 

YB (5, 2) 1 Williamson’s Blue Springs A Kind Of Magic. This girl shows such good balance and has moderation in all aspects of her construction, just as the standard requires. I really liked her outline, free from exaggeration and quite old fashioned, which to me is no bad thing. Very ladylike, full of quality and feminine all through, she has a pretty head with plenty of work, good brows and eyes showing a sweet expression. She has a good length of neck and is clean over her shoulders, looking a picture when her owner extended her neck outwards, accentuating her racy and elegant outline. With adequate bone and substance, she is well ribbed up with the correct length of loin and strong hindquarters showing super width of first thigh with a well bent stifle. Her front assembly is sound, but to be critical I would like a little more forechest. She has enough coat for me, presented in good condition and moved well today, with purpose, and with the correct tail carriage I love to see. 2 Humphrey’s Riverbrue Flashbax At Henaleas. A longercast girl of lovely quality, feminine, and with the substance and strength of construction that I like, but overall I just preferred the balance of first today. I loved her head, the super balance of her muzzle and gently domed skull is perfect, and her lovely raised brow and good dark eyes create a gentle, appealing expression. She has a muscular, correctly arched neck and a gently sloping topline and good over croup. I liked her front, and deep brisket, good forechest and spring of rib. She moved with drive using her well angulated hindquarters and was presented well, in lovely coat and condition. 3 Sturrock’s Forfarian Tickles Yer Fancy. 

NB (1) 1 Jones’ Gwendariff Dazzling Diva. 

GB (4, 1) 1 Humphrey’s Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas (AI) JW. I found this young lady very pleasing and I really like her smart and honest outline, with everything in balance and nothing overdone. Her sound construction is plain to see, clean over neck and shoulders, flowing into a perfectly sloping topline and with moderate and correct angulation fore and aft. Her front is good and straight and she has correct spring of rib and depth to brisket. She has a good head too, pretty and feminine, with good chiselling and a rather cheeky, intelligent expression. Well presented, in adequate coat, she moved very positively on good feet, holding her lovely outline as she went. 2 Robinson’s Lanstara Red Dress. Another girl with an unexaggerated balanced outline, well made, with substance and good body properties. She has a feminine head and pleasant expression, well defined brows and low set ears. I liked her slightly arched neck, strong and correctly sloping topline, deep chest and lovely hindquarters which showed a good bend of stifle and width of thigh. She moved steadily but was pushed hard by her sister in third place, who moved very well today. 3 Blackshaw’s Lanstara Ruby Slippers. 

PGB (5, 1) Lovely class. 1 Sturrock’s Forfarian Soo Lush JW. A very aptly named young lady who I liked very much as a baby. My opinion of her has not changed and it is great to see her fulfilling her earlier potential. I love her clean, racy outline, so well balanced from her nose to her tail, with super construction, visible to all. Her head is long, lean and nicely chiseled, so very pretty and feminine, and with a lively, mischievous expression. She has a lovely, gently arched neck that flows cleanly into good, well laid shoulders, and an excellent topline. I like her depth and substance, with ribs carried well back to a muscular loin. Broad over her croup, she has excellent hindquarters which are well angulated and without exaggeration. She was shown in lovely coat and condition today, moving true with enthusiasm and drive, showing a joyful demeanor. 2 Muir’s Gwendariffs Up To Somethin. A quality lady, I thought her very well made and really lovely to go over. She is both feminine and elegant and possesses a beautiful flowing outline, with just the right amount of substance, and she has great breed type and correct balance. Well off for bone, she has a straight front with a good forechest, excellent ribs and strong loin. She is well angulated fore and aft, with a good topline and is blessed with a lovely gleaming coat, beautifully presented. Her head is lovely with well raised brows, soft wistful expression and great finish to foreface. She moved well when settled, with correct action. She was very close up to 1 today, I just preferred the croup of my winner. 3 Pawsword Promise. 

LB (6, 3) 1 Ciechonska’s Gwendariff Smart Move Back To Aoibheanne. My star of the day! I really fell for this fabulous young lady and she stole my heart away. I thought her truly beautiful, teeming with quality, totally feminine and with perfect balance and substance. Her head is scrumptious, with a well defined and expressive brow, dark eyes showing an irresistible Irish expression, and with plenty of work to her foreface. Well boned and muscled, she has a good straight front with excellent forechest, ribs deep and correctly sprung. She has good layback of shoulder and a subtly arched neck, with good reach, that creates a clean and flowing line into her correct and gently sloping topline. I really loved her unexaggerated muscular hindquarters, well angulated, powerful and short from hock to heel. She has super feet too, and the right amount of coat for me, with a soft, gentle wave and no excessive length of feather. But it is when she moves that she really sparkles, for she has such a fabulous attitude and ring presence. Her movement is both effortless and efficient, and her wonderful lashing tail completes a glorious picture. I was delighted to award her the CC, (her all important third, I was later told), and BOB. Congratulations! 2 Whitehead’s Gwendariff Gonna Winsome. A slightly more substantial girl then the winner who had good balance throughout. She has an attractive, feminine head with good brows and a lovely finish to her foreface. Her neck has good reach and she is clean over her withers. Not the front assembly of first, she does however have a well pronounced forechest, good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Her hindquarters are well angulated and have a good breadth of first thigh, although I would prefer shorter rear pasterns. She moved steadily today maintaining her outline. 3 Nicholson’s Gwendariff Just The Ticket For Lochindorb. 

OB (2) 1 Jones’ Gwendariff Nutmeg ShCM. A very worthy, honestly made girl of lovely type. I considered her for top honours today and she was strong opposition for my two main winning girls. She presents a beautiful, racy and balanced outline and has the right combination of substance and elegance that I always look for. She has an appealing head, feminine with a sweet expression and good finish to her foreface. Her neck is well arched and she has an excellent topline and good front assembly. She has great body properties with good depth and spring of rib and she possesses lovely, balanced angulation fore and aft. She was shown in good coat and hard condition and she moved positively with drive and enthusiasm, using her powerful hindquarters to good effect. 2 Nicolson’s Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess At Lochindorb. Bigger all through then my winner, she still retains balance and refinement. She has good bone and substance and has a lovely neck into a gently sloping topline. I liked her depth of chest and spring of rib but I preferred the front assembly and angulation of first. Her hindquarters were well angulated and she has a good finish to her croup. I liked her head with beautifully expressive brows, dark well shaped eyes and appealing expression. She was well presented with ample coat in lovely bloom and she moved enthusiastically but was a little close behind today. 

VB (2) 1 Sturrock’s Sh Ch Hey Sexy Lady JW. It is really difficult to believe that this super lady is 9 years old as she just seems to get better and better with age! She is still a real favourite of mine, her honesty and quality are there for all to see, and her outline epitomizes balance and raciness. She possesses fabulous breed type and she is so very correct in all aspects of her construction, with nothing in excess. She has a gorgeous head and expression, and I loved her grey mascara, the only real clue to her age that was apparent. Great over her neck and shoulders, she excels in topline and croup. She shows good depth of chest, is well ribbed back and beautifully angulated to her front and rear. She was presented in tip top condition and moved well and true, with fabulous tail action. I just couldn’t resist her in the challenge and was extremely pleased to award her the RCC, so richly deserved today. My Best Veteran too. 2 Blackshaw’s Lanstara Spring Star JW. Just into veteran, this 7 year old lady presents an attractive and balanced outline, slightly bigger and more substantial than first, she has good bone and sound construction throughout. I especially liked her depth of brisket, her good reach of neck fitting smoothly into her strong topline, her smashing finish to croup and her well angulated hindquarters. She has a pleasant, feminine head with good brows and kind expression. She moved purposefully with enthusiasm, enjoying her day out.

Judge Michelle Kavanagh