Critique Boston 2019

4th Jan 2019


I would like to thank the society for a lovely day and my two lovely stewards and I am sorry to everyone for the delay but I have just been too ill. 

MPD (7,3) 1 Harris’ Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy Sings Konakakela (Imp NLD). Super baby, pleasing head, low set ears, quizzical raised brows, I liked his body & muscling for his tender age, super neck into excellent front construction, lovely deep chest for his age, good topline led to nice developing wide hind-quarters with a good bend of stifle, he was presented in lovely condition with a good rich chestnut coat coming through. Once settled he moved out with a good reach & I saw enough to award him the class. 2 Gratton & Bott’s Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now. Pleasing baby, lovely head with a good square muzzle, clean arched neck into maturing front construction, good developing wide hind-quarters, lovely cat like feet, moved well & nice coat coming through. Just prefered topline & expression of winner. 3 Williamson’s Bluesprings Picture This. 

PD (6) 1 Edwards’ Gwendarriff U Can’t Miss Me Bonhomie. Lovely composed 9 month old young man with a good head & raised brows, his neck flowed smoothly into an excellent topline & tail-set and onto his good rear quarters, front still needs to develop but this will come with time as he matures, I liked the good feel to his bone, his depth to chest for his age, lovely cat like feet, presented in lovely bloom with a rich chestnut coat. Delighted to award him BPIB from a very promising baby girl and thrilled that he won the BPIG then went back to win BPIS. 2 Harris’ Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy Sings Konakakela (Imp NLD). 3 Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Back To Basics. 

JD (3) 1 Anthony & Hopewell’s Staratlantas Out A Time JW. 18 month old lad who presented a nice outline, good head with a clean muzzle, low-set ears, good neck which led into nice front & straight topline & onto good rear quarters, nice depth to chest, presented a lovely coat which was in full bloom, lovely to see dog & handler at one with each other. 2 Gardner’s Danwish On High (AI). Very smart 12 month old, lovely overall shape, nice head, lovely eye, low set ears, clean neck leading to good front assembly & straight fore-legs with excellent cat-like feet, good topline & rear quarters, coat presented in lovely order just lack furnishings, moved well. 3 Tupper & Rose’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire. 

YD (5,1) 1 Rutherford, Judge & Crocker’s Riverbrue Galliano Fizz To Clonageera. A top drawer well known youngster who is full of quality, he was well balanced throughout his lovely framework and he excels in fore & rear quarters. Pleasing unshelled almond eye giving a lovely expression & raised brows, good low set long ears. Super neck, deep chest & well sprung ribs, lovely rich chestnut coat which was presented in excellent order. Nice cat like feet, what impressed me a lot about this young dog he felt super to go over and his muscling throughout was excellent which today was lacking in so many dogs and this with his super confirmation throughout enabled him to move with elegant ease around the ring. 2 Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Won’t He. Pleasing dog I just prefered topline of winner, I liked his balanced head, muzzle, raised brows & quizzical expression from his lovely unshelled almond eyes, nice slightly arched neck, deep chest, good loin, super rear quarters, coat presented in lovely order, moved well when viewed from all angles. 3 Tupper & Rose’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire. 

GD (10,1) 1 Holley’s Wynjill Winner Takes All. What I loved about this dog was his rear movement it was so precise, full of strength and faultless where so many had issues on the day, he also possesses a lovely clean balanced outline, has a classic head with a pleasing quizzical expression from his nice unshelled almond eyes, good low set ears, clean neck into good front angulation & good rear quarters, loveliest of toplines & super coat which was presented in good order, very pleasing movement when viewed from all angles, justs needs more weight to help him mature on and I think he will then trouble the best, super dog. 2 Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique JW. Very pleasing two year old with still a lot of maturing to do, I liked his shape & overall balance, lovely head with expressive eyes,  raised brows & low set ears, clean neck leading into a good front assembly, deep chest, nice topline, firm loin & tailset, super feet, moved ok. 3 Gisby’s Suttersett King Of Hearts JW. 

PGD (6,2) 1 Williamson’s Caskeys Solar Eclipse At Bluesprings. I liked the shape of this dog he has a pleasing head with a lovely unshelled almond eye & raised brows, clean arched neck & good front & nice cat like feet, deep chest, good topline, moved well around the ring. 2 Parsons & Gisby’s Sutersett Tom Collins At Bransett. 3 year old boy with a nice head lovely unshelled almond eye & quizzical raised brows, good clean neck leading to a good front construction, with nice straight forelegs and a good deep chest. He was presented in nice coat which was a lovely rich chestnut colour. 3 Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli. LD (10,3) 1 Ciechonska’s Riverbrue Altissimo at Aoibheanne JW. My class of the day, it was full of quality throughout and headed by a super young dog that I have admired ringside many times and was delighted to have the chance to judge him today and he did not disappoint me at all, I thought his head was divine, so handsome and classic. He has the most gorgeous unshelled almond eyes giving a dreamy melting expression with the lovelist of quizzical raised brows, good square muzzle and a lovely black nose. His clean muscular arched neck led into his deep & well laid back shoulders, with good straight fore legs, & super cat like feet. Nice depth of chest and a good spring of rib on his muscular slightly arched loin. I loved his flowing topline & good tailset, the feel of his body & bone was super as I went over him it was in good hard & firm muscular condition where so many today had lacked. He had super well developed hind-quarters which the handler used well on the move, when I stood back to look at this youndg man. I just thought he had the loveliest balanced eye catching outline and so full of quality. He was well presented with a nice rich chestnut coat coming through, although he still has some maturing to do today. I could not deny him his 2nd CC, I just loved him & good luck for your 3rd CC. 2 Gracie’s Vistador Diesel In The Dust Summergate JN CH. Another really pleasing young dog who today was unlucky to meet one, loveist of heads, pleasing unshelled almond eyes giving a lovely expression with good chisselling around them, super raised brows, lovely low set long ears. Good reach of neck with a lovely arch leading cleanly into his super shoulder assembly, good pronounuced sternham, deep chest & well sprung ribs, muscular loin, again like the first dog he felt lovely to go over and he was well muscled throughout, I liked his super wide & strong hind-quarters. I called this dog back in for the RCC and although this boy still has a lot of maturing to do once he had moved again he could not be denied, he was straight fore & aft with perfect foot-falls from any angle and with a super lashing tail, I found him a pleasure to watch, and for me he was one of the best I had in the dogs and I could not deny this top honour to this young man. 3 Hill-Decoster’s Vicary’s Part Time Lover Belg J CH (ATC AU01729BEL). 

OD (4) 1 Mitchell’s Sh Ch Amblin’s Sweet William. A dog who I have always admired and done well for in the past and is now a worthy champion of our breed. He has a lovely head & eye giving the loveliest of expressions, good clean neck & shoulder, nice depth of chest, lovely topline & rear quarters. Body was in good order & he possessed a lovely coat which was presented in nice condition, moved well. 2 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW. A smart dog with the loveliest of heads with soft expressive eyes, good square muzzle, low set long ears, lovely neck, good straight forelegs & rear hind quarters & bend of stifle, nice cat like feet, presented in super gleaming condition from his lovely rich chestnut coat. 3 Bayne & Miller’s Sh Ch Caemgen’s Element of Truth At Feorlig ShCM (IMP SWE). 

VD (1) 1 Markham’s Rubratinneh Red Cliff. 7 year old boy enjoying his day out after his illness, lovely head, super expressive eyes & raised brows, good neck & topline, nice quarters fore & aft, liked his overall shape, presented in good coat & condition. 

SpBegD (3) 1 Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli. Pleasant dog who was more settled in this class, nice head with a good eye & expression & low set ears, clean neck & good rear quarters, good straight forelegs & cat like feet, presented in good coat. 2 Corless’ Swiftlark First Knight. Nice dog, lovely head with expressive eyes & good muzzle, muscular neck in clean front construction, good rear quarters, presents a nice outline. 3 Fitzmaurice’s Harreds Trooper. 

GCDS D/B 1 Heppell’s Deevonville Santana ShCM. I was so pleased to see this dog again as he was short listed in a super limit class, he is such a lovely dog with a well balanced shape, nice head & expressive eyes & low set long ears, good fore & rear quarters, lovely topline & tail set moved happily with a nice wagging tail, presented in lovely coat & condition. 2 Rorke’s Zakhan’s Demelza. Pretty girl with a lovely head & expression, clean neck with low set long ears, good forequarters & cat-like feet, nice topline, nice depth of chest unlucky to be against an impressive winner of the class. 3 Tupper & Rose’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire. MPB (5) 1 Rutherford’s Majestyka Indian Summer At Clonageera. I thought the first two young ladies stood out in both these puppy classes & were both outstanding. In the 2nd class I was disappointed by the lack of bone that I found on most of the bitches and bearing in mind these are our future breeding girls. The first lady just stole my heart & made me smile so much, I could have wrapped her up & took her home. She has a super body with lovely depth throughout for her tender age, prettiest of heads with the loveliest of look at me expressions, super raised brows & low set long ears, her clean slighty arched neck led into a good front assembly, lovely topline & tail-set with good rear quarters & super cat-like feet. Lovely rich chestnut coat coming through, moving is still very much fun for her at this age as it should be but I saw enough to award her both classes, good luck for the future with her, I think it is going to be very bright. 2 Holley’s Gwendariff Look This Way To Wynjill. So unlucky to meet one today, I thought this young lady was also a gorgeous baby so full of quality throughout and I can imagine these two girls will change place often. Like my winner there was so much to like about her, head, expression, body, topline, coat, feet, I just preferred depth of chest & the clean neck of my winner today. 3 Bott’s Bardonhill Love of My Life. 

PB (10,1) 1 Rutherford’s Majestyka Indian Summer At Clonageera. 2 Holley’s Gwendariff Look This Way To Wynjill. 3 Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Crystal Ice. 

JB (4,1) 1 Roberts’ Jetsetter Cristalle To Polmennor JW (Imp Rus). Three quality bitches in this class but I just loved my winner, so beautiful from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. Beautiful head with lovely scalping, good flews & gorgeous unshelled almond eyes with raised brows giving a dreamy melting expression, slightly arched neck flowed cleanly into a super front construction & straight fore-legs, beautiful clean topline & tail set led onto excellent rear quarters, good depth of chest, lovely rich chestnut coat coming through, loved her super cat like feet, her movement was straight & free flowing and so elegant, when I looked at her I found her so feminine and could not deny her the RCC, she is such an exciting young lady, good luck for the future. 2 Gracie & Rutherford’s Summergate Holding Hands. Another quality young lady, pretty head & eye, low set ears, strong in body with a deep chest, good topline & tail-set, super strong rear quarters with a lovely bend of stifle, moved well with lovely reach. 3 Sharman & Jennings-Sharman’s Kerrimere Red Ribbon. 

YB (10,1) 1 Edwards’ Gwendarriff It’s Numero Uno at Bonhomie. This young lady headed a super class, I really liked my placings very much and I’m sure they will change places often. Today this young lady caught my eye with her super balanced neat outline & composure, loveliest of heads with a sweet look at me expression, clean well arched neck leading into good front construction, good depth of chest, flowing topline, good tail-set and onto excellent rear quarters, presented in lovely bloom & well handled, moved the best when viewed from all angles to take this nice class. 2 Mugford’s Lynwood Abracadabra JW. Another smart young lady who presents a lovely picture, nice head, good neck, excellent fore-quarters & straight fore-legs, good depth of chest & top-line, good cat-like feet. 3 Coleman’s Devacott Rose Creek. 

GB (6,1) 1 Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Susie Snapshot by Thendara JW. Well bodied young lady nice outline, pleasing head, good length of neck leading into nice front, deep chest, good hind-quarters, nice tail-set, moved well. 2 Frampton’s Strathmead Noella JW. Another nice young lady with the prettiest of heads with lovely eye with a soft expression & raised brows, low set long ears, good depth of chest, lovely topline & tail set leadng to nice rear quarters. 3 Evans’ Twoacres Spring Blossom. 

PGB (8,2) 1 Parsons’ Braidmount Lady of The Lake at Bransett. Really liked this young lady and when I got home and looked at the catalogue I saw why, I had given her mother a CC a while back, she possesses the same lovely feminine head with the softest of expressions from her melting eyes, super raised brows & low set long ears with a good square muzzle, lovely arched neck into good front assembly, nice rear quarters, in good coat, moved well. 2 Elkins’ Twoacres Promise of Spring with Avacet. Very nice elegant lady, lovely head with low set long ears, clean neck into nice front assembly, good topline & rear quarters, well presented & in good coat. 3 Evans, Crocker & Siddle’s Riverbrue Keepsake. 

LB (9,2) 1 Mugford’s Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood (Imp Hun) JW. I really liked this compact neat lady, she posessed the loveliest of heads with unshelled almond eyes with a look at me expression and I did, I liked her raised expressive brows, cleanest of necks with a nice arch, super conformation through out, flowing topline & tail-set, moved free & easy to take this nice class, although she had left her coat at home I could not deny her this class. 2 Bayne’s Corranroo Rainbow Kisses. A solid lady with an appealing head, good eye, lovely low set ears, clean neck into good front contruction, nice topline & tail set leading into good hind-quarters, presented in lovely coat & condition, moved well. 3 Dale & Wyer’s Aubanjon Royal Symphony. 

OB (4,1) 1 Gracie & Rutherford’s Ir Ch Clonageera Walk with Me to Summergate JW ShCM CJW15 HW 16 JNCH IR. My biggest shock of the day was giving this lady her 1st CC, she was one I had not even considered, although looking back at my records I had given her, her first win & BP at her first champ show when she was just 6 months old due to her movement, and today for me, she blew everything else away with her movement and it demanded my full attention and got it. Her footfalls had spotless co-ordination & her forward reach & drive from behind was faultless with a lovely powerful and graceful elegance. For me it was a pleasure to watch when I viewed her from any angle it was just perfect. She just out moved everything in the bitches and for me it was like poetry in motion. Her body felt great to go over and was in super hard muscular condition throughout, nice head with quizzical raised brows, good occiput, square muzzle & tidy flews. Muscular slightly arched neck led cleanly into her super front confirmation with a good sternum & straight fore legs. Flowing topline, excellent depth to chest, good spring of rib onto slightly arched well muscled loin, good tail-set & well muscled hind-quarters I have never seen this lady look so good as she did today, in full gleaming coat and she was presented in first class order without a hair out of place unlike so many today. I could not deny her her first CC & BOB over the loveliest of dogs, I do hope other judges will appreciate this lovely girl, she certainly deserves it, good luck for the future. 2 Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Sh Ch Thendara Chasing Boys to Sumaric. Really nice girl who was unlucky to meet 1 on top form. Pretty head, good low set long ears, lovely arched neck into good front construction, nice depth to chest & raised loin, flowing top-line, good rear quarters, lovely cat-like feet, moved well. 3 Catling’s Sh Ch Shandwick Love in a Mist for Teleri JW. 

SpBegB (4) 1 Corless’ Swiftlark First Edition. Pretty head girl with low set long ears, good tail-set leading onto nice rear quarters, would like to see better presentation. 2 Clayton-Lee & Lee’s Rubratinneh Siska. Nice shape to this lady, good head & nice eye, clean neck, presented in good coat.

Miss Claire Prangle (Heathclare)