28th May 2019


Judge: Wendy King (Byztsar)

With many thanks to all; a lovely turn out, very much appreciated.

PUPPY  3:0

1   BP   Gundog Puppy Group 1   Puppy Group 1  


Well balanced dog in great condition, racy in style . Head and skull well proportioned with good width, showing defined stop and brow.  Mischievous, alert dark eyes, ears set low and back allowing elegant neck to be clearly shown. Smoothly running to gentle sloping topline, angulation in forequarters and hind correct and balanced.  Toned throughout . On the move elegant, with smooth energy demonstrating excellent reach and drive, holding topline well. I loved the sound quality of this dog.

2  GWENDARIFF LOOK THIS WAY TO WYNJILL (B) 11 months    Mrs J E Holley

Racy in style not so elegant in herself yet as 1. Head construction lacking in definition compared with 1 and front angulation also not as good as 1. Overall appeared a little out of balance, a little short with heavier rear construction than front reflected on the move, lacking the smooth elegance of 1. Balan


1  BOB  Gundog Group 4   GLENVARNA MONTEREY (D) 14 months Mr K & Mrs E Swainston

Well balanced already.  Head and skull structure well defined. Similarly neck moderately long and muscular running smoothly into gentle sloping topline with correct tail set. Deep chest with ribcage well sprung going into defined, strong loin. Strong bones and gently toned muscle throughout, balanced angulation fore and aft together with neat feet and soft coat, this boy delivered a stylish elegance combined with substance. Achieved a smooth elegance covering the ground, improving the more he was moved.  I hope he remains so stylish without heaviness as he matures.



1 GLENVARNA MONTEREY (D) Mr K & Mrs E Swainston

2 GWENDARIFF HOT TICKET JW (B) 20 months Miss L Bougen

This bitch held herself with elegance throughout.  Overall good definition throughout head and skull, slightly long in muzzle, ears set well back.  Good deep chest, front a little straight with rear construction more angulated.  Correct topline shown when stood well.  Overall a sound, racy girl, who held topline well on super movement throughout. Not as balanced as 1, not showing the quiet style and assured attitude of 1.

OPEN  6:2

1   KERRIMERE INDISCREET (D) 4 years  Sharman & Jennings-Sharman

An elegant young man with plenty of substance overall.  Well defined head and skull structure (personally didn’t like shaved ears) set on elegant neck going into  gently sloping topline. Chest deep going to slim but well toned loin, to well angulated and well toned hindquarters. Balanced, sound dog maintaining some smooth raciness in movement. Close contention to BOB, preferred BOB’s style, attitude and presentation today.

2  DEEVONVILLE SANTANA ShCM (D) 7 years Mrs D G Heppell

This dog was in great trim, with well toned muscle throughout with a defined loin. Appearing slightly heavier than 1 in outline,  forequarter and chest construction not quite as sound as 1.  Heavier on the move, didn’t have the elegance of 1. Lovely to see maintained quality for the dog, as well as in presentation.