Critique Chichester Jan 2019

Chichester and District Canine Society


Thanks to the committee for the invitation and to the stewards who made my job easy with their efficiency.

Puppy (1)

1. Randle’s Corranroo Odin’s Kiss to Rionore 9 month dog in excellent coat and condition. Super head of correct proportions with well defined occiput and deep muzzle, muscular neck set well into shoulders, well boned and elbows set well against ribs. Deep through the chest, level topline. Gave handler a hard time but moved well when settled. BP

Post Grad (3,1)

1. Williams Kirkavagh Final Decision Dog in excellent coat and condition which gave him the class ahead of 2. Super masculine head with good proportions. Classic outline with correct gently sloping topline, deep chest and well sprung ribs carried well back. Excellent bone and well arched feet. Moved well with drive.

2. Brown’s Baystrider Bluebell. Not in her best coat today. Feminine head with lovely expression, clean well set shoulders, good topline and moved well.

Limit (3, 1)

1. Randle’s Forfarian’s Hidden Secret with Rionore. Super masculine dog with excellent head properties, clean arched neck into sloping shoulders, well boned legs and good arched feet. Deep through the brisket and well sprung ribs, muscular loin and firm topline. Moved well with drive. Worthy RBOB on close decision.

2. Brown’s Baystrider Candy Floss Feminine head with good proportions, level topline and good tailset. In good condition. Gave handler a hard time on the move which affected her stride and flow.

Open (2,1)

1. Hall’s Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (Imp IKC) Feminine in every way, super head with good proportions and lovely expression. In excellent coat and condition, good neck set well into excellent shoulders. Deep through the brisket and well ribbed, plenty of substance and muscular rear quarters, movement true going and coming and super coverage of ground on side gait. BOB

Judge: Dawn Rose