Christchurch & New Forest Canine Society 

Open Show Sunday 19th May 2019 Wimborne Dorset 

Irish Setter

Junior 5/1a

1st Rutherford’s – Majestyka Indian Summer At Clonageera

Quality youngster so feminine in head and expression, clean in neck, good lay of shoulder, firm topline into correct tailset, well ribbed, strong quarters producing sound. true movement, just loved her overall balance.

2nd Needs – Covarney Paco Rabanne

Upstanding young male of lovey type, excellent head proportions with correct shaped eye, muscular lengthy neck into well laid shoulders, well angulated quarters, moved out well, just preferred the balance of one.

3rd Hadfield’s – Covarney Estee Alec Marzanne

Post Graduate 5/0a

1st Catling’s – Teleri Indian Summer – BOB & G1

I had the pleasure of judging this quality female awarding her BPIS at the Southern club open show early last year so was not surprised I awarded her too honours today, I just love her overall balance and confirmation, she has the most loveliest of heads with excellent angulation both fore and aft, her movement is free flowing with excellent reach and drive.

2nd Hadfield’s – Staratlanta Get A Wiggle On To Marzanne

This young man was my best male puppy at the same show, so pleased to have the opportunity to judge how he’s developed, he has a well balanced head on a clean neck, good shoulder placement, straight forelegs, firm top line, good rear angulation, his movement is sound and true.

3rd Mullins – Heathclare Duckies

Open 6/1a

1st Prangle’s – Heathclare American Dollar JW – RBOB

Well coated male who powered round the ring with excellent reach and drive, masculine well balanced head with no exaggeration, well placed shoulders into firm top line, deep in chest, quarters well angulated with good width, has good overall balance.

2nd Hall’s – Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (IKC) JW

Good clean outline with well proportioned feminine head, lengthy neck into well placed shoulder, well sprung ribs, adequate turn of stifle, looked good on the move, lovely quality, but not the the balance of one.

3rd Hadfield’s – Marzanne China In Your Hand

Ray Strudwick. (Judge)