Coalville and District Canine Society

Irish Setter Critique

27th Jan 2019


#1 164 Thendara Crystal Ice (b)
Stylish and eye-catching from the moment she stepped into the ring.
In gleaming coat and condition, head long and lean with plenty of substance especially for a bitch.
Chiselling and raised brow made for a melting yet cheeky expression.
Slightly arched neck was placed onto well laid-back shoulders.
I was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely sternum to go along with a well angulated front and ribs that were well sprung for her age.
Nice bone and pretty little feet made moving easy, although she gave her handler a hard time being full of mischief and character.
I was delighted to give her best puppy and see her continuing her winning ways by getting a group 1 i and eventually made it to best puppy in show!

#2 163 Twoacres Destiny (b)
A lovely young bitch with lots of potential and growing to do, a different type of head than my number one but very pleasing non the less.
Strong neck and well-placed shoulders, lovely sternum and front angulation.
Strong bones and neat tight feet. Standing over plenty of ground already.
Well sprung ribs and strong back, would prefer her croup and tailset to be more straight.
Free and easy mover with a gentle ring presence.


# 1 164 Thendara Crystal Ice (b)

#2 162 Twoacres Fantasy (b)

Young girl with lots of developing and filling out to do, but plenty of potential there.
Reminded me a lot of my #2 in puppy.
Found out later they were litter sisters.
Good head with parallel lines lovely neck that went seamlessly into well placed shoulders. 
Well-made forequarters with enough bone and good feet. Topline and tailset for me need to be stronger which hopefully may come with age.
Free mover with typical lashing tail.


#1 160 Gwendarrif On A Roallacoasta (b)

Lovely bitch in gleaming coat and condition, thoroughly enjoying herself in the ring.
Cutest of heads with soft and melting expression and desired parallel lines.
Long neck but would prefer her cleaner over the shoulders.
Strong topline and good tailset. Lovely front angulation with sufficient sternum.
Good bone and feet. Strong and well angulated back-ends which made her move effortlessly through the ring. Lovely happy and outgoing ring presence with a tail that never stopped wagging.

#2 156 Orlanset Foxy Lady (b)

Elegant and refined comes to mind with this bitch, loveliest of head with well placed almond shaped eyes. Shiny coat yet would prefer more of it.
Strong neck and well placed shoulders, I would prefer a better return of upperarm.
Brisket deep enough and bone sinewy with tight feet.
Super topline and tailset with strong hind quarters showing plenty second thigh.
Free and dainty on the move with a lovely ring presence about her.

Post graduate

#1 166 Anlory Carignan (b)

I’ve seen and judged this lovely bitch before and today she has seemed to mature up a bit more since last time.
Racy yet strong with a straight and very glossy coat, would have preferred a bit more feathering though.
Lovely topline with a tail coming straight off her back.
Super fore chest and front angulation. 
Strong hindquarters which she used to her advantage to win her class. 
Sadly, on the final line up she didn’t seem sound to me on the move anymore which made her lose the top spot.

#2 149 twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet

Very racy in appearance, full of breed type. Loveliest of heads with desired expression, quizzical eye. Super shoulder, fine at the tips a hallmark of the breed.
Would have liked to have found a bit more forechest, good feet and bone to match.
Strong topline with, hindquarters well balanced with plenty of second thigh.
In good coat and well feathered, lovely free movement with natural ring presence.


#1 Sh Ch. Thendara Chasing Boys To Sumaric (b)

Mature bitch in lovely condition. Shouting out breed type to me. From nose to tailtip she lived up to the standard. Racy, proportionate and sound
Loveliest of heads, plenty of chiselling under the eye raised brow together with parallel lines made for a near perfect head.
Strong slightly arched neck went over into well placed shoulders, super gently sloping topline not overdone in anyway.
Good front and lovely forechest. Bone strong and sinewy, pasterns well let down.
Standing over plenty of ground.
Deep in brisket followed by good couplings well made hindquarters and lovely short hocks which made her move with drive and style through the ring head carried naturally high.
A straight croup and lashing tail made for a total package.
I was delighted to give her my best of breed and thrilled to see her win the group.

#2 Thendara The Watchmaker (d)

An eye-catching dog in full bloom immaculately groomed and presented.
Masculine stronger type of head with lovely raised brows, nice occiput.
Strong neck and very smooth over the shoulders, rather short backed.
Good forequarters with great sternum. Great bone for size and lovely small feet.
Powerful hindquarters; strong hocks. Moved with flair but not as free as my number one.
Was delighted to give him my res. best of breed.

Judge Gideon Hoeksema Netherlands