• Date: 28/04/2019
  • Show Type: Open
  • Judge: Mandy Romeo-Dieste

Colne Nelson & District Canine Society

Irish Setter Puppy (2) Two lovely puppies 
1st Holehan’s Loganrish Diamonds and Pearls This bitch has a lovely head with oval skull and balanced foreface. Well laid slightly sloping shoulders and good topline. She is moderately angulated at the rear and has super bone and deep chest. 
2nd Doyle-Page’s Loganrish Paisley Park I liked these two girls very much, with little between them so very similar remarks apply. I just preferred the front and feet of the winner. 
Junior (3) 
1st Holehan’s Logarish Let’s Go Crazy Litter brother to the two puppies. He is a little more forward than the girls, with good substance for his age. I loved his clean head, he shows no sign of throatiness. He is mature through the body and has balance throughout. His rear is moderately angulated and his hocks are strong enabling him to move with drive and control. I was happy to award him BOB and delighted to see him take 2nd in the Gundog Group and 3rd in the Gundog Puppy Group. Congratulations. 
2nd Gardner’s Danwish On High (AI) This boy was in full coat and has plenty of feathering. He has lots of work in his head with a kind eye. His shoulders are well placed and sloping, flowing in to his topline and correct tailset although I preferred the return of upper arm on 1. His rib is deep. He is not a strong in hock as the winner which showed in his rear movement. He covers the ground well in profile. 
3rd Doyle-Page’s Loganrish Paisley Park 
Post Graduate (2) 
1st Gardner’s Danwish On High (AI) 
2nd Smith’s Shelindair The Red Scuderia Upstanding boy with good head and length of neck. He has a pronounced, deep brisket. He is well off for bone and has tight feet. He has a short loin but would prefer a little more length of rib. He was unsteady on the move, struggling to settle. 
Open (2,1abs) 
1st Smith’s Shelindair The Red Scuderia