Critique Darlington 2021



I would like to thank the Darlington Committee for inviting me to judge this lovely show.  The show was so well organised with lovely sized rings and their hospitality was very welcoming.  Special thanks to my very efficient ring steward Cathy Loughlin for keeping the ring running efficiently.  The weather was lovely with full sunshine.


1st Mohan’s Anlory Keltic Legend

Nine years of age.  Classic head. Gentle sloping topline. Good depth to chest and well-muscled.  Moved well.


1st Lee’s Danwish Danehill

Baby enjoying his day.  Needs to settle and hard to assess.


1st Lee’s Danwish Danehill


1st Allen, Bott and Morgan’s Quensha Take A Bow

Well-made young dog. Correct angulation front and rear. Dark eye with lovely expression.  In beautiful coat and condition Moved well using his short strong hocks.  Delighted to award him the RCC.  

2nd Richardson’s Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows

Balanced boy.  Classic head with nice shape eye and colour.  In good coat and condition.  Not as forward as first in maturity. Moved ok.


1st Cohen’s Lynwood Merry May King with Shushana

Lovely head and expression.  Clean shoulders and gentle sloping topline. Neat tight feet.  Moved well.

2nd Deighton’s Oakdene Schiehallion (Imp Bel)

Stronger headed dog. Well-made boy with plenty of sternum. On the day, just a bit proud of his tail.


1st Davison’s Bardonhill You Don’t Fool Me

Refined head and lovely shaped eye.  Balanced all through. Lovely coat and condition.  Moved well.

2nd Murchison’s Kerryfair Please Please Mr Corphin

Balanced head. Lovely shape. Plenty of sternum and good tight feet.  In great condition.  Moved well.

3rd Dodd’s Bardonhill Any Dream Will Do


1st Stewart- Richie and Longbottom’s Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket JW

Three-year-old male.  Balanced head with low set ears.  Nice angulation and correct shoulders. In beautiful coat and condition. Moved well.

2nd Holehan’s Loganrish Lets Go Crazy

Balanced head.  Gentle sloping topline, straight front, and tight neat feet.  In lovely coat and condition.  Moved well.

LIMIT DOG (11:2)

1st Muir’s Gwendariff I’m Comin Out JW

This dog looked a picture! Beautiful head raised brow and great expression.  Nice layback of shoulder, deep chest and good bend of stifle.  Rich chestnut coat in beautiful condition.  Moved well with drive using his short strong hocks. Pleased to award him the DCC.  

2nd Danks- Kemish’s Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana (ai) JW

Have done this boy well in puppy.  Very well balanced.  Loved his head and expression.  Plenty of forechest and straight front.  Presented in great bloom.  Moved well.

3rd Davis’ Pawsword Prairie Wind With Alansett JW

OPEN DOG (6:1)

1st Edwards’ Gwendariff PS I Love You JW

This boy makes you look at him as he is so full of ring presence.  Masculine head, low set ears and raised brow.  Nicely made throughout.  Moved well powering around the ring with drive.

2nd Stockton’s ShCh Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW

Quality boy. Classic head with lovely expression.  Good reach of neck, deep chest with good length of upper arm.  Moved well with strong hind movement.  On the day my first just had the edge.

3rd Dank-Kemish’s ShCh Alofrana Hotter Than U’Know JW Sh.CM ShCEx


1ST Box’s Bardonhill Afternoon D’Lite at Fernstart

Racy girl, nicely constructed in full coat.  Feminine head, raised brow, lovely expression with a hint of mischief!  Moved very well.  Pleased to award her the RBCC.


1ST Henderson’s Sametsue Pillowtalk

A lovely puppy.  Elegant baby, very smart and nicely constructed.  Showed herself off well for one so young.  Moved well.  Pleased to award her BPB and BPIB.

2nd Farrin’s Riverman Heaven Help Us

Well-made baby, everything in correct place.  A bit stronger in head than one.  Moved well for a baby.

3rd Sloane & Sloane’s Ferasheen Loopy Lou


1ST Heather & Heather’s Sixoaks My Fair Lady

Pretty baby.  Lovely head and expression.  Correct front, nice return of upper arm, good depth to body and standing on tight neat feet.  Moved well.


1ST Allen, Bott & Morgan’s Quensha Crimes Of Passion

Young lady with beautiful head, low set ears, correct eyes and raised brows. Balanced all through with straight front and powerful hocks.  Moved with style.

2nd Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight

Dark coated young lady.  Sweetest of heads.  Nicely constructed.  Standing on neat feet.  Moved well.

3rd Adamson-Watt’s Alolfrana Scandalous


1ST Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight

2nd Borthwick’s Lotushill Scotch And Wry

Pretty girl with nicely constructed body. Deep in brisket, plenty of sternum with straight front.  Nice return of upper arm.  Lovely dark coat. Moved well.

3rd Heather & Heather’s Sixoaks My Fair Lady


1ST Robinson& Robinson’s Lanstara Red Dress

Balanced all through with pretty head, low set ears, correct foreface with nice expression and raised brow.

Lovely condition. well-constructed and a stylish mover.

2nd Stewart-Riche & Longbottom’s Gwendariff We’ll Be Phame Us (Ire)

Well presented young lady.  Good Construction.  Nice return of upper arm, flowing topline and correct tail set.  Strong, short hocks.  Moved well.

3rd Muir’s Gwendariff Up To Somethin


1st Holehan’s Loganrish Diamonds N’pearls

Lovely shape, straight front on tight feet, plenty of sternum, clean neck and shoulders and good bend to stifle.  Nice expression with kind dark eye.  Moved freely around the ring.

2nd Davie’s Lochfrae Nina Simone

Loved her head.  Grown into a lovely girl and balanced all through.  Raised brow and lovely expression.  Correct shoulders and gentle sloping topline.  Moved well.

3rd Humphreys’ Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas JW


1ST Ciechonska Gwendariff Smart Move Back To Aoibheanne

What a lovely girl.  Beautiful head and lovely expression.  Correct body proportions which flow, deep in chest and, shoulders.  Overall, a lovely picture.  She just flowed around the ring, covering the ground with correct foot fall.  Pleased to award her the BCC and BOB

2ND Bougen’s Gwendariff Lily The Pink

Lovely girl in good condition which showed in her movement.  Pretty head with raised brow and correct foreface.  Clean shoulders and good depth to chest.  Good angulation all through.  Moved well.

3rd Edwards’ Gwendariff Its Numero Uno At Bonhomie JW