Derby CS

21st Apr 2019

Irish Setter – Post Graduate (2):


1ST Stevens, Mrs H, Follybrook Millenium Star: 5 year old dog, well built but balanced, good head with correct, clean and complete dentition. Long neck into well placed shoulders, deep chest and well muscled hindquarters, moved well.


2ND Stevens, Mrs H, Follybrook Manhattan Star: 5 year old bitch, upstanding and eye catching when stacked, feminine head and expression, correct and complete dentition, clean neck, adequate bone, neat feet. For me, the rib loin proportions were of optimum length if not slightly too long, which produced some very odd hind movement.


Irish Setter – Open (1):


1ST Ashley-Turner, Ms A, Jonola Moonshine: What a lovely young dog of just 3 years of age, presented in excellent condition, good substance and extremely well balanced all through. The best of heads, dark brown eyes, correct, clean and complete dentition strong clean neck into well placed shoulders and corresponding return of upper arm, quality bone the neatest of feet with short nails, deep chest into strong loin and well made hindquarters, moved very well. Best Of Breed