Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs’ Championship Show

held in conjunction with

City of Birmingham Canine Association Ch. Show


2nd Sept 2018

I was thrilled to be asked to judge this Breed Club show. I would like to thank my stewards Adrienne and Martin for doing such a great job, it was a very long day for both of them, and all the sporting exhibitors fortheir support. I thoroughly enjoyed my day even if it was very long.

Minor Puppy Dog (3, 1abs)

1st. Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Back to Basics

Showed so well and confidently. Elegant baby, sweet head and soft expression, arched neck set into well laid baack shoulders. Good level topline on the move, moved well.

2nd. MacDonald’s Redclyst Head Full of Dreams

A bigger puppy than First, needs time. Good well-balanced head, well set on ears, nice length of neck, deep chest, well-angulated quarters, moved well.

Puppy Dog (5, 3abs)

1st. Tye’s Braidmont Come to Me

Elegant boy, stood better when free standing; handler needs more experience, which will come. Good head planes, soft expression, good length of muzzle, well set-on ears, deep brisket and good strong quarters. Just needs time to mature.

2nd. Shepherd’s Casachared Red Rory O Connor

Smaller style of puppy. Shorter coupled, I felt he was not so happy standing on the very slippery floor, so did not give his best. Nicely balanced head, good length of neck, set into well-laid-back shoulder, well muscled quarters, moved well.

Junior Dog (14, 1abs)

1st. Stewart’s Gwendariff Weekend Warrior

This young boy stood over the ground. Elegant outline, very eye-catching balanced head with raised brow and soft melting expression. Low set ears, good reach of neck, correct front assembly, deep chest, well-sprung ribs, strong muscled quarters, moved with drive. Beautifully presented in gleaming coat.

2nd. Anthony & Hopewell’s Staratlantas Out A Time

Another quality young dog, he gets better as he gets older. Unfortunate to meet winner. Masculine head, good stop and eye expression and colour, well-set-on ears, good length of neck, deep chest, ribs well back, strong, well-angulated quarters, moved very well.

3rd. Danks-Kemish’s Teleri Summertime Blues avec Alolfrana (ai) JW

Yearling Dog (11, 1abs)

1st Chalupa Ostman & Crocker’s Copper’s Popsicle.

I was very impressed with this young boy; I liked everything about him. So well-balanced, beautiful head with well-defined stop, with chiselling below the eye, soft dark eyes, set on well-arched neck leading to well-angulated shoulder. Deep forechest and pronounced sternum, good length of rib, strong muscled quarters, well-set-on tail, moved with drive and flowed round the ring.

2nd. Gisby’s Suteresett King of Hearts JW

Strong well-built young dog, shorter-coupled than winner. Good head with level planes, nice square muzzle and good eye shape. Deep chest, well-sprung ribs, strong quarters, moved with drive.

3rd. Randle’s Forfarian’s Hidden Secret with Rionore

Maiden Dog (4, 2abs)

1st Stewart’s Gwendariff Weekend Warrior

2nd Tupper’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire

Upstanding young dog, this boy is quite a handful. Masculine head, lovely low-set ears – nice to see them not shaved. Good length of neck, deep body, good smooth topline and tailset. Moved well.

Novice Dog (8, 1abs)

1st. Stewart’s Gwendariff Weekend Warrior

2nd Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Wont He

This boy showed badly in his other class but went much better in this one. Nice style of boy, appealing head with a soft expression. Well-muscled arched neck set into well-defined shoulders. More compact than winner, strong well-angulated quarters, moved well.

3rd. Dewar’s Gwendariff Here I Come

Undergraduate Dog ( 10 )

1st. Gracie’s Vistador Diesel in the Dust Summergate Jn. Ch. (Imp)

Handsome boy, not exaggerated in any way, caught my eye in this strong class. Lovely head, soft melting expression with raised brow. Good reach of neck set into well-angulated shoulders, good return of upper arm. Deep chest, well-sprung ribs, strong muscled wide quarters, moved with drive and lashing tail. Lovely to watch.

2nd Stewart’s Gwendariff Weekend Warrior

3rd McDowell’s Gwendariff’s Gonna Do It For Byedales

Graduate Dog (10, 2abs)

1st. Prangle’s Heathclare American Dollar JW ShCM

Handsome boy, good balanced head with raised brow, chiselling below the eye, nice eye, low-set-on ears. Good length of neck set into correctly angulated shoulders, deep forechest, straight front with tight feet and good bone. Well-sprung ribs, gently sloping topline with correct tail set. Strong, wide, well-muscled quarters, which he used to move around the ring with reach and drive. In lovely coat and condition and so well presented. RCC

Or Well presented, in lovely coat and condition.

2nd. Holley’s Wynjill Winner Takes All JW

Liked this boy a lot. Not the maturity of 1st but his time will come. Appealing head with that fine Irish expression; lovely dark eye. Strong neck set on clean shoulders. Overall a well-balanced youngster good quarters, moved soundly with drive.

3rd. Jones’ Gwendariff Pink Floyd

Post-Graduate Dog (17 2 abs 1 w/d)

This was the strongest class of the day.

1st. Ciechonska’s Riverbrue Altissimo at Aoibheanne JW

This quality dog has a beautiful head, so well-balanced with a soft, melting expression. Good length of neck set into well-angulated shoulders, deep chest, pronounced sternum, good length of rib, gentle sloping topline, well-set-on tail. Strong well-muscled quarters, a sound mover who used his quarters to drive round the ring. Just needs more time; close up to the RCC.

2nd. Davis’s Password Prairie Wind JW

Another lovely style of dog, well-balanced throughout. Lovely head with almond-shaped eyes giving a true expression. Sightly arched neck which flowed into well-laid shoulders, strong well-angulated quarters and let-down hocks. Moved with drive and flair.

3rd. Pym’s Thendara The Watchmaker

Mid Limit Dog ( 11, 0 abs)

1st. Danks-Kemish Alolfrana Hotter Than U Know

I have liked this dog since I first saw him and he did not disappoint me to go over. Beautiful, well-balanced head, raised brow, dark eyes, elegant arched neck. Deep body and ribs well back, firm loin, well-muscled quarters, gentle sloping topline with a good tail-set. He moved out with reach and drive in a ground-covering movement.

2nd. Edwards’ Gwendariff PS I Love You Bonhomie JW

A very stylish elegant dog with a very eye-catching outline, beautifully presented in full coat and handled so well. Lovely head with that true Irish expression, raised brow, low-set-on ears, slightly arched neck – which so many dogs lack – strong well-angulated quarters, good second thigh, moved with drive.

3rd. Jones’ Hunnicote Handyman

Limit Dog (9, 5abs)

1st. Longbottom’s Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW

Another quality dog from this well-known kennel. Refined head with a gentle, soft expression. Elegant long neck, deep body with plenty of heart room, good lay-back of shoulder, well-bent stifles and a good tail-set. Moved well with drive.

2nd. Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Charismatic JW

Elegant, racy dog, nice head and expression, good length of neck. He had nice tight feet and was well-boned, good quarters, moved well with drive.

3rd. Bridgwater’s Bardonhill Bertie Bott by Bridgella

Open Dog (9, 3abs)

1st. Oei’s NL Ch. Chase Cinnamon’s (ATC)

I just loved this boy – he stood out for his overall balance and elegance. A very eye-catching dog, so full of quality, he flowed from the top of his head to the tip of his tail giving that lovely clean outline. Plenty of bone without being coarse in any way. His head had the perfect side profile, dark eyes with that soft expression, low-set-on ears, finely arched neck set into well-angulated shoulders with a correct return of upper arm. Strong quarters with well-let-down hocks; this gave him effortless and powerful movement, holding his topline as he went round the ring. Shown in lovely condition and well-handled, I was pleased to award him his 3rd CC.

2nd. Willis’s Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Thyme Bomb At Jacwilins JW

I have admired this dog since he was a puppy. Lovely stamp of a true Irish, balanced throughout. Masculine head with good proportions, good length of neck, well-placed shoulders, good strong well-angulated quarters, clean topline, moved with ease and style.

3rd. Baynes’ Sh.Ch. Caemgen’s Element Of Truth At Feorlig (Swed Imp)

Veteran Dog (8, 3abs)

1st Milligan-Bott and Bott’s Sh.Ch. Thendara Pot Noodle JW

This is such a worthy Champion, a credit to his breed and his breeders. He was just showing tiredness as it had been such a long day. A beautifully balanced dog, smooth topline, lovely head with that true Irish expression, deep well defined outline, strong muscled quarters with a good second thigh. He moved round the ring with his head up, striding out with such style and flair.

2nd. Wood’s Reddins Falcon ShCM

This dog does not show his age at all. Lovely head with soft expression, good length of neck, deep forechest and well boned. Well-sprung ribs and well-muscled quarters. Moved well.

3rd. Richardson’s Sh. Ch. Brabrook Flash Harry at Montgreenan ShCM

Pat Rutherford