Driffield Championship Show   20th September 2019

Many thanks to the committee for their hospitality and to my stewards for helping the day run smoothly.

All exhibits were beautifully presented and it was a joy to judge them on grass and in full sunshine. One of the highlights of the day was the number of dogs who wagged their tails whilst I was going over them showing the wonderful temperament of our breed.

In general it was pleasing to see so many tails carried correctly with very few with a high tail carriage. I was also pleased to see coats, in line with the standard “being flat and as free as possible from curl or wave” and “feathering being as straight and flat as possible”.

To me, that free-flowing, driving movement with true action showing perfect coordination is so important in our breed and was evident today, although there were still some with very untidy, loose movement with little or no drive which meant some lovely looking dogs lost out. 

I was disappointed that there were many with large, flat feet and some with almost splayed toes and not small and arched as described in the standard or cat like feet as they are often described.

I was also surprised to notice a number of dogs with a short length of rib, which must affect heart room and which results in an unbalanced looking dog. The picture, by Sue Oakley, in ISBC yearbook showing the skeleton of the Irish Setter illustrates the required proportions very clearly.

That said, I was spoilt for choice in many classes and I was pleased with the overall quality.

 VD (3 abs:0)

All 3 were presented in good coat and condition and were a credit to their owners.

1st  Foster and Walsh Chase The Moon To Shanoah.

A dog who has, I think, refined with age and now has a very attractive head and expression.  Well balanced and not too large, good straight front, well boned. Good spring of rib.  Excellent neck & forequarters, good rear angulation. Maintained his topline on the move and flowed round the ring with energy. B.V.

2nd  Heppell  Deevonville Santana Sh CM

A longer cast dog but still balanced. Soft, but masculine expression, clean, flowing lines, good straight front with excellent angulation. Well muscled with strong hindquarters. Although he maintained his topline he was not so settled on the move as my winner today.

3rd Cohen Caispern Lorenzo With Sushona JW SH CM


MPD (3 Abs 0 )

Only three in the class, but what quality babies and all three well balanced for their ages.

1st Bott Bardonhill It’s Oh So Quiet

This boy is very well put together and so typical of this kennel. He has, for me, the typical Irish expression with dark eyes, raised brows, good stop, low set ears. Nice length of neck and well angulated shoulders.  Good depth of chest well boned and not over angulated in his hindquarters. Moved steadily and soundly.

2nd  Rorke  Zakhan’s The Red Le Baron

Another another pleasing puppy with clean outline. A kind, but masculine expression but  his head just needs to break. Good, clean neck flowing into well laid shoulders with a gentle sloping topline. Well boned, good spring of rib but longer in the loin. Good strong hindquarters without excessive angulation. Steady mover and maintained his topline.

3rd Dodd’s Bardonhill Any Dream Will Do


PD (3 Abs 0)

1st Glastonbury Brabrook Nutcracker


Another quality, well balanced puppy developing nicely. Attractive head with soft but masculine expression. Clean neck leading to clean shoulders with correct angulation. Good forechest and depth of chest. Well boned, well ribbed, strong hindquarters but needed time to settle on the move.


2nd Bott It’s Oh So Quiet

3rd Rorke  Zakhan’s The Red Le Baron

JD (10 Abs 0)

1st Murchison  Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin

A well-balanced, well proportioned boy maturing well. I loved his soft expression, raised brows, dark eye, and general balance to his head, with low set ears. Clean neck and shoulders, with correct front angulation and good bone. Good strong hindquarters and short hocks which allowed him to move freely and with drive.

2nd EDWARDS Gwendariff Ucantmissme Bonhomie

An eye catching boy in full coat and looking very mature for his age. Much to like about him and he is balanced and is striking in outline His head needs to break, which will happen as he matures but it has sufficient work in it. Excellent neck and shoulders, needs to body up and his chest to drop but he has good width behind and moved with drive.

3rd DAVIS  Grayrigge Mystral Wind With Alanasett

YD (7 Abs 0)

1st LUCAS Kerryfair Love On The Rocks Amberlight JW

This young dog presents a pleasing picture.  He has an attractive head with soft but masculine expression. Arched neck flows into well laid shoulders and he has that gently sloping topline, good spring of rib and well bodied. Excellent rear angulation with good width to his thigh and short hocks. He maintained his topline on the move but was unsettled in his movement today. 

2nd SWAINSTON Glenvarna Monterey

Another sound dog, well-balanced with good lines.  Slightly broader in head than my winner but still with an attractive expression. Well bodied, good front and rear angulation allowing him to move with drive.

3rd GRATTON & BOTT Bardonhill Dont Stop Me Now


PGD (14 Abs 0)

One of the strongest classes of the day and every dog and owner had to pull out all the stops as the competition was very strong.

1st MUIR & O’CONNOR Gwendariff I’m Comin Out JW

What a difference a couple of years make. This dog is fulfilling the promise he showed as a puppy. He has the most appealing head and winsome expression with raised brows, correctly shaped eyes and sufficient flew to give him, in profile, the required “2 bricks”. He is well put together with sufficient bone and good front angulation. His neck flows into clean shoulders which leads the eye to his gently sloping topline and correct tail carriage. He is well ribbed with good length of rib. He’s short in the loin with correct rear angulation, good width to his thigh and short hocks. Today he moved very steadily, with drive and keeping his topline. Pleased to award him CC and BOB and watch him be shortlisted in the Gundog group.                                                                                                                                                                      

2nd HOLLEY Wynjill Winner Takes All JW

A beautifully balanced dog with good angulation without exaggeration. He didn’t disappoint me when I went over him. An attractive head and expression,with that Irish look. He is well bodied with good depth of chest and spring of rib. He moved steadily maintaining this topline

3rd  DRINKWATER Brabrook Whispered

LD (8 Abs 0)
1st LUCAS Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW

This dog is just coming to his full potential. Very pleasing to look at in outline and a pleasure to go over. He has raised brows with dark eyes, good neck and shoulders, gently sloping topline, deep chest and well ribbed back. Well muscled hindquarters with correct angulation and moved with drive.

2nd DAVIS Pawsword Prairie Wind With Alanasett JW

Elegant dog, well-balanced with good substance, delightful head and expression, excellent front and topline to his correct croup and tailset. Well bodied with good depth of chest. Strong hindquarters.Moved freely with drive.

3rd DANKS-KEMISH Alolfrana Hotter Than U’know

OD (5 Abs 0)

1st CROCKER Sh Ch Copper’s War Of Roses (Swed Imp)

There is so much to like about this dog and much has been written about him already. He was presented in excellent condition, as always. He has an attractive outline and is not disappointing when going over him. He has a kind, masculine expression, with a lovely dark eye with raised brows. He has a clean neck and shoulders with good forechest. He is well bodied and has strong hindquarters, allowing him to move effortlessly and with drive. Pleased to award him RCC.

2nd EDWARDS Gwendariff Ps I Love You Bonhomie JW

A taller dog but still balanced and beautifully presented and handled as always. He has a refined head and expression. In outline he has the flowing lines from head to tail, with that gently sloping topline and correct tail carriage. He has a good depth of chest and spring of rib and strong hindquarters allowing him to move with drive’

3rd ROWBOTTOM Sh Ch Lanstara Spring Moon


SBD (2 Abs 0)

1st SAVAGE Gwendariff The Ringmaster At Firefall

A mature dog. Well-balanced with pleasing head and expression, good neck and shoulders and sufficient spring of rib. Moved steadily.


GCD (2 Abs 0)

1st HEPPELL Deevonville Santana Sh.CM
2nd TUPPER & ROSIE Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire

A well-balanced dog but not as steady on the move today. I liked his head and expression he has a clean neck with well laid shoulders and a good front . He is well bodied with no exaggerated angulation.

VB (1 Abs 1)

MPB (7 Abs 2)
1st BOTT Bardonhill Barbie Girl

Not surprised to find she is the litter sister to my MPD winner.  Many of the same remarks apply, except , of course she is the feminine version. Appealing feminine head, again with that wonderful Irish expression, dark eye.  Good reach of neck with a nice layback of shoulders.  Well balanced  and moved steadily.

2nd  BOX Fernstart Angel’s Kiss

Although she has too has an appealing expression I just preferred the head of 1. Balanced, elegant girl, bodying up well. Clean neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Good front and spring of rib. Moved steadily.

3rd WALTERS Gwendariff Keep Off Th’grass

PB (3 Abs 0)
1st  HUMPHREYS Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas (ai)

A very promising young lady, appealing expression with a nice dark eye, excellent front and rear angulation. Well balanced throughout with no exaggeration. Clean over the shoulder, good topline, correct croup and well set tail. Excelled in movement for one so young. Working as one with her handler, BP and congratulations on taking Puppy Group 3, another highlight of my day.

2nd BOTT  Bardonhill Barbie Girl
3rd  BORTHWICK Lotushill Scotch And Wry

JB (7  Abs 0)
1st STURROCK Forfarian Soo Lush JW

I think this young lady will trouble the best when she is mature. She has an appealing head with sufficient work, raised brows, lovely dark correctly shaped eyes.  She is well-balanced with good clean lines pleasing outline, lovely neck and shoulders, good front angulation, well bodied good hind angulation with correct tailset. She moved steadily and, as always,was very well handled.

2nd HOLEHAN Loganrish Diamonds N’pearls

Another elegant well-balanced bitch with clean lines. She also has an appealing expression.  Good front, well bodied with a good spring of rib and good hind quarters.

3rd HOLLEY Gwendariff Look This Way To Wynjill

YB (8 Abs1)

Both these girls were presented in good condition and both maturing well.

1st  BOUGEN Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW

Elegant bitch  with no exaggeration, sound confirmation pretty feminine expression with a nice dark eye, clean neck, good shoulder placement and strong quarters allowing her to cover the ground with drive

2nd KASSUBE Twoacres Fantasy   Another elegant bitch , appealing expression, good reach of neck and well laid back shoulders with a good body, good depth of forechest,  spring of rib, muscling up nicely with strong rear quarters, moved steadily. Just needs her coat to complete the picture.

3rd  HOLEHAN Loganrish Diamonds N’pearls

PGB (11 Abs 2)
1st CATLING Teleri Indian Summer (ai) JW

Very sound elegant girl, full of quality and style. Very attractive expression, with raised brow and dark eyes. Well-balanced with clean outline, good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders.   Well bodied with good spring of rib. Excellent hindquarter angulation with good width to thigh. Sound, free-flowing mover maintaining her topline

2nd  MCDONALD Delsanto Miss Freya.

Compact bitch with pleasing outline and no exaggerated angulation.  Exquisite head and expression. Well boned, with excellent neck, shoulders and front angulation. Generally well constructed, nicely bodied, good spring of rib and strong hindquarters . Unfortunately she was distracted on the move and she paid the penalty.

3rd HUMPHREYS Crimpington Flirtini To Henaleas JW

LB (14 Abs 2)

1st: BAYNES Corranroo Rainbow Kisses

Another very sound, elegant girl who is well balanced throughout. She has the most delightful expression and correct proportions with sufficient work in her foreface.  Her neck flows into a gently sloping top line leading to the correct tail set.  Well bodied with good spring of rib and good, well muscled quarters and excellent angulation. There is nothing exaggerated about her. She came under me as a minor puppy and won the very strong class. Her movement appealed to me then and she still has her very sound, driving movement with good reach and rear extension, keeping her topline on the move. A joy to watch and she showed some of the youngsters how to move. Very pleased to award her the CC .

2nd: MUGFORDS Lynwood Abracadabra JW

This kennel consistently produces quality stock and this girl is keeping up the tradition. She pushed my winner hard as she is another one who is a very sound mover and a joy to watch. She also moved with drive, with good reach and rear extension, and also kept her topline on the move. Pretty, feminine head but I just preferred the expression of my winner today.  Good reach of neck flowing into well-placed shoulders,  well bodied with correct angulation both front and rear, well-balanced and in good hard condition.  She is just coming into her prime and I’m sure will continue to do well. Pleased to award her the RCC.

3rd: HALLS Harreds Hettie

OB (7 Abs 0)

My first three placed bitches all excelled in movement and it was a joy to see them move with such style and ease. All three had good reach as well as excellent rear extension with the required drive to make their movement look effortless.

1st BOTT, ALLEN & MORGAN Sh Ch Quensha Tumble And Twirl JW

So much to like about her.  Pretty girl with a sweet expression and who reminded me of her mother. Well defined head, good eye shape with raised brows. Balanced girl with good confirmation and excellent front angulation and good forechest . She is well bodied, with good spring of rib and strong hindquarters allowing her to move with drive.

2nd CROCKER Sh Ch Riverbrue Gloriana

So much a feminine version of her father this well known bitch also presented an attractive picture. She too is a pretty girl the sweet expression, nice dark eye with raised brows. Well-balanced with good clean lines. I preferred the front angulation of my winner, but she is well bodied and has strong well muscled hindquarters with nice short hocks,

3rd WILSON Sh Ch Copper’s Snowqueen (Swed Imp)

SBB (3 Abs 0)
1st BOUGEN Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW
2nd DOYLE-PAGE Loganrish Paisley Park

Still very much the baby but nevertheless is balanced, has an attractive head, nicely proportioned but needs time to mature although she moved steadily.

3rd: 1600 WIGGINS Mr M J Tremonisha Fuchsia



Judge: Meg Webb