Critique Dukeries Gundog Club 6th Jan 2019

Many thanks to the committee, my steward and exhibitors for a lovely day.

Irish Setter Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch (6,0a):
1st Bott’s BARDONHILL LOVE OF MY LIFE 6 month old bitch. Lovely balanced outline with no exaggeration. Sweet feminine expression with low set ears. Good layback of shoulders and neat feet. Steady topline with good tailset. Good spring to rib. Well angulated quarters. In lovely coat and condition. Moved steady showing hind drive.
2nd Weller’s BARDONHILL A KIND OF MAGIC WITH JULDEANE Litter sister to one and another lovely baby. Pretty head with good stop. Good reach to neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth to brisket. Good angulation at quarters. Neat tailset. Also in lovely condition. Moved steady.
3rd Chorley-Newton, Chorley & Flinder’s KERRYFAIR FOXY FOREVER

Irish Setter Puppy Dog or Bitch (8,0a)
1st Gardner’s DANWISH ON HIGH (ai) Male at his last puppy class. Stood out in the class with striking outline. Masculine head with raised brow and lowset ears. Good reach of neck into neat shoulders and good topline. Shoulders well back and chest deep. Strong hind quarters. Moved well with good forward reach. Best Puppy in Breed.
2nd Bott’s BARDONHILL SOMEBODY TO LOVE Another litter sister to 1st and 2nd in minor puppy, of which similar remarks apply. Pretty girl with sweet head and lowset ears. Lovely coat quality. Shoulders back with straight bone. Good lung room with sprung ribs and good depth. Stifles well angulated. Moved well.

Irish Setter Junior Dog or Bitch (3,0a)
1st Gardner’s DANWISH ON HIGH (ai)
2nd Bougen’s GWENDARIFF HOT TICKET 15 month old bitch. Eye catching in outline. Lovely head and expression with raised brow and low set ears. Neat neck into good front angulation. Good length to body into well bent stifles. Sloping topline into correctly laid tailset. Moved well, little close behind today.

Irish Setter Special Yearling Dog or Bitch (2,1a)
1st Bott’s BARDONHILL PEARLY SPENCER 21 month old male. Masculine male with balanced outline. Strong head with good stop and raised brow. Good reach of neck into sloping shoulders. Straight front with neat feet. Chest deep and well sprung. Topline steady. Strong quarters with good muscle. Moved well. RBOB.

Irish Setter Graduate Dog or Bitch (8,4a)
1st Holley’s WYNJILL SNAP DRAGON 22 month old male. Masculine head with well raised brow and prominent occiput. Neck long and lean into neatly sloping topline and tailset. Chest deep. Hindquarters well angulated. In good coat and condition. Moved steady.
2nd French’s ZEN POWER DIERVILLA (IMP) Handsome boy of lovely type. Good head with deep muzzle and ears low and close to head. Smooth topline into good tailset. Neat feet. Moved okay today.

Irish Setter Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (2,2a)

Irish Setter Limit Dog or Bitch (3,1a)
1st Tully’s GWENDARIFF LILY THE PINK 3 year old bitch who is lovely in outline and eye catching. Feminine head with raised brown, squared muzzle. Good reach of neck, well angulated front quarters with straight front and neat feet. Lovely hindquarters with neat hocks. Topline smooth into gentle tailset. Elegant mover showing drive. BOB and went on to win RBIS.
2nd French’s BALINTYNE JUST YOU JUST ME 4 year old bitch. Feminine with sweet head and expression. Good reach of neck and sloping topline. Good angulations fore and aft. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Moved steady.

Irish Setter Open Dog or Bitch (3,2a)
1st Gardner’s TIROEN TEARDROP EXPLODES DANWISH 3 year old bitch. Sweet expression with lean muzzle and low set ears. Neat neck with good reach. Well bodied with good chest depth and width. Neat tailset. Well placed quarters. Moved steady on the move.

Judge: Miss Chloe Green (Glencarron)