Sunday 17th March 2019

Thank you for the invitation to judge, what was generally, a quality entry, lovely to judge outside although the wind did tend to upset a few of the exhibits, particularly the puppy, which was a shame.

 Puppy  3:2

 Harris, Bridgewater & Hoeksema, BLAZING BRONZE HAPPY CLAPPY SINGS KONAKAKELA (IMP NLD),  11 month boy of nice type, pleasing head with good expression and ear set, straight front, good reach of neck, correct shoulders, well ribbed with good depth, well angled quarters, unfortunately stood alone today but a worthy 1st prize winner, just needs time. BP

Junior 2:0

 Fox, KERRYFAIR SPECIAL DIAMOND, 14mth bitch, well balanced with feminine head and expression, straight to front with good forward angulation, good neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs , correct topline and  tailset, well developed quarters, moved well.

  1. Kennedy – Sloane, TWOACRES DESTINEY, 12 month bitch, well balanced head, good front, longer in loin than 1, good rear angulation, moved OK.

Graduate 6:2

                   Heading a pleasing line up was:

  1. Catling, TELERI INDIAN SUMMER (AI) JW, 21mth quality bitch that I have admired from the ringside, well balanced, set on tight feet, good front, feminine in head and expression, good shoulders, well sprung ribs with good chest depth, of good length with well turned stifle, moved soundly using her tail well. RES BOB.
  2. Russell, LYNWOOD HOCUS POCUS AT SETTESOLI, another quality exhibit unlucky to meet 1 on the day, 22 mth upstanding boy, well balanced and good in all departments overall, a little unsettled today possibly from the wind, moved well.

Post Grad 2:1

 Brown, BAYSTRIDERBLUEBELL, 4yr bitch, pleasing head and expression, good shoulders, and quarters, correct tail set, moved well.

Limit  3:1

 Elkin, TWOACRES PROMISE OF SPRING WITH AVACET, 3 year, well balanced bitch with pleasing expression, straight front and good fore-chest, well laid shoulders, good ribs and quarters, shown in good condition, moved well.

  1. Brown, BAYSTRIDER CANDY FLOSS, 5 yr, feminine bitch, longer in loin than 1, good front and ribs, good topline and quarters, not quite as purposeful on the move as 1.

Open  3:0

  1. Russell, STRATHMEAD HUCKLEBERRY OF SETTESOLI, Upstanding quality dog with lots to like about him, good straight front on tidy tight feet, strong masculine head with good eye and ear set, well arched neck into clean well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and spring of rib, of moderate length holding a slightly sloped topline, well muscled quarters allowing him to move with drive using his tail to advantage. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Pleased to make him my BOB
  2. Closely followed by:

Halls, GLENNARA CILLEIGNE DERVLA (IKC) JW, Feminine quality bitch, beautiful head and expression, another balanced exhibit with much to like about her, good in all departments and moving soundly using her tail well


Jim Sharman