Irish Setter Association England Ch show



I appreciated the hospitality shown to me before & during the show & the quality entry of dogs.  The flooring seems to have less grip than it once did with several struggling on the stack & a few losing their footing on the move.

Minor Puppy (10.1abs) 1st Meadows Gwendariff Justalkaboutme,  very promising with striking clean outline. Well moulded head with dark eyes & low set ears, could be slightly more masculine but that should develop with maturity. Excellent reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Well boned, straight front, neat feet, gentle sloping topline & good over the croup. Well angulated rear quarters. Moved very well. 2nd  Bott’s Bardonhill It’s Oh so Quiet,  lovely head with good stop, dark eyes under raised brows, good finish to muzzle. Well boned, straight front, neat feet. Excellent hindquarters with well turned stifles, width to thigh & short hocks. Rich dark coat. Sound in action. More my style of setter but not so pleasing in neck as the winner perhaps when he changes his rough puppy coat it will look better. 3rd  Hopewell’s Blazing Bronze I Beg Your Pardon NAF. 

Puppy  (10) 1st Danks- Kemish  Alolfrana Versace (AI), stylish & well grown with a kind expression, good proportions of skull to muzzle, low set ears. Excellent reach of neck, well angulated shoulders, deep in brisket, straight front. Strong hindquarters with short hocks used to advantage to drive around to ring. Good in croup, tailset & carriage. Lovely dark coat. A touch long in the loin at present which was the deciding factor for me in the challenge against his sister for best puppy  Best Puppy Dog  2nd Meadows G. Justalkaboutme,  3rd Bott’s B. It’s Oh So Quiet. 

Junior ((10.2abs) 1st Davis’s Grayrigge Mystral Wind With Alanasett JW, lovely quite refined head with soft expression, good stop, well finished muzzle. Pleasing reach of neck into excellent front assembly, good bone, neat feet. Well presented dark rich coat. Moved well. As to be expected needs to mature on but a promising youngster. 2nd  Gratton/Bott’s Bardonhill Dont Stop Me Now,  more mature & on first impressions thought could be my winner but he just lost out in head for me. The proportions of skull to muzzle are correct & he has low set ears but at present lacks stop & a bit too wide between the eyes.  However he has a lovely straight front, good strong bone , well constructed forehand, excellent powerful hindquarters, good in croup & tail carriage. Moved very well.    3rd Williamsons’s Bluespring Picture This. 

Yearling (3) 1st Edwards Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie,  I could only find positives to write about this exciting young dog. Lovely head with good eye, raised brows, well finished muzzle, low ear set. Straight front, excellent arched neck into well laid shoulders, good return of upperarm. Deep in brisket, flowing topline, well turned stifles & short hocks. Moved well & in excellent coat condition. Understandably just lacked the maturity in the challenge today but I am sure he will be a worthy title holder soon.            2nd  B Don’t Stop Me Now. 3rd Tye’s Braidmount Come To Me. 

Sp.Beginners (4) 1st Dewar’s Gwendariff  Here I Come, balanced dog with well moulded head, dark eyes with soft expression, raised brows showing stop, good finish to muzzle. Straight front, good reach of neck into correctly angulated shoulders. Presented well in good coat & condition . Once settled he moved well. 2nd B Picture This, 3rd in a good Junior class. Rangier & needing more time to firm up in topline. Appealed in head, strong limbs, excellent reach of neck, well angulated front, strong sweeping hindquarters. Good quality coat.  3rd Fitzmaurice’s Harreds Trouper. 

Maiden (5) 1st A Versace,  2nd  G Justalkaboutme, 3rd B. It’s Oh So Quiet. 

Novice (6,1abs) 1st A.Versace, 2nd B It’s Oh So Quiet, 3rd Holehan’s Loganrish Lets Go Crazy. 

Undergrad  (2,1abs) 1st A Versace. 

Grad, ( 9,2abs) 1st Naylor/Morrison’s Anlory Duncan, appealed for his sound unexaggerated construction. Lovely masculine head with kind expression. Excellent straight front, well laid shoulders, firm gentle sloping topline, well boned, short strong hocks used to advantage on the move. Not an abundance of coat but it was of excellent quality.  2nd Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Wont He, a different style of setter being more rangy with excellent coat & feathering. Lovely well moulded head with soft expressive eyes. Good reach of neck, flowed into well laid shoulders & on through his topline. Straight front, well turned stifles & short hocks. Moved well when settled.   3rd Poole’s Teleri  Summer Nights (AI) 

Post Grad (9) 1st Murchison’s Pawsword Paperback Writer For Corphin,   I didn’t know who this dog was but can now see why he stood out for type for me. Beautiful well chiselled head with a lovely expression. Excellent reach of neck, well laid shoulders & good return of upperarm. Gentle slope to topline into well finished croup. Not exaggerated in any department & refined throughout. Very sound mover. I suspect his handler does not realise how good this dog is, she needs to present him with a bit more conviction or he is likely to be overlooked.    2nd Childs Anlory Tamhil, a sound honest dog typical of his breeding. Lovely head & expression, straight front, strong bone, moderate reach of neck, firm topline, excellent well developed hindquarters. Just enough dark coat. Moved very well with drive.    3rd G Here I Come. 

Minor Limit( 7,2abs) 1st Muir/O’Connor Gwendariff I’m Coming Out JW, a lovely balanced young dog with a refined head with plenty of work in it & kind eyes under raised brows. Straight front with good bone & feet. Good reach of neck into well constructed forehand. Deep in brisket, lovely flowing topline, strong well angulated hindquarters. In excellent coat & feathering. Moved very well.  2nd Pelt Newgay Oban, I don’t think I have ever seen this super dog before, he oozes type & has a beautiful well moulded head with lovely proportions & dark expressive eyes. Well boned, straight front, good feet. Excellent construction to both fore & rear quarters, strong topline & good over the croup. Moved well. Just needs a little more coat to complete the picture but at only 2 years old I think he is most promising.  3rd Gratton/Wheeldon Bardonhill Snow Wolf With Glenlaine. 

Mid Limit (4,1abs) this class although small was not easy to judge, each dog had much to admire but also points I felt weren’t so good 1st Kniveton’s Hot Sensation’s Orstone Cowboy (imp Swe) JW.  A dog who has changed so much from what I remember, now much more refined & has a most lovely head. Excellent neck & shoulders, strong topline, good tailset. I would like him tighter in elbow & a little more coat & condition.  Drove around the ring from well angulated hindquarters.  2nd Stockton’s Gwendariff D’ya Think I’m Fab For Kespas, attractive head, straight front & strong bone, gently sloping topline, well turned stifles. More finished & better coated than winner but I found him a bit narrow in his rear movement. 3rd Childs Tredura Val Verdi. 

Limit ( 7) 1st Danks-Kemish’s Alolfrana Hotter Than U’Know JW,  sired by the winner of the last class & like him he has refined in head with maturity, it now has plenty of work, dark eyes under lovely raised brows & good proportions, Straight front, excellent arched neck into well laid back shoulders, good return of upperarm, Excellent topline which he maintains on the move. Grand strong hindquarters with well bent stifles & short hocks. Powered around the ring with excellent tail carriage both in this class & in the challenge where he was rewarded the Res.CC. Disappointed he became unsettled when challenging for RBIS. I was going to write, on this form, he should soon win his title & I was delighted when he achieved that a few days later.   2nd Davis ‘s Pawsword Prairie Wind with Alansett JW, lovely lean head with good stop & kind eye. Straight front & neat feet. Well angulated throughout, strong sloping topline with good croup. Slower maturing than the winner & not his presence as yet but shows promise.        3rd Macaulay’s Caskey’s Mischief Of Stylersetts JW. 

Open ( 7,3abs) 1st Crocker’s Sh Ch Copper’s War Of Roses (Imp. Swe.)  It was the 3rd time I have judged this outstanding dog, the first time as a minor puppy where he was best puppy & the second where I gave him the Res.CC, this time I could find nothing to beat him & was pleased to award him  the CC & see him go BIS on the referee’s decision. I find him elegant with lovely refined skull, excellent eye & gentle expression, good finish to muzzle. Excellent straight front, neat feet, lovely arched neck into textbook forehand construction. Strong gentle slope to his topline & well angulated hindquarters. My only criticism is that his handler tends to over-exaggerate his bend of stifle & reach of neck he doesn’t need to as his construction is spot-on. Moved with drive. Presented in superb coat & condition      2nd Stewart/Ritchie-Smith’s Sh Ch/ Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff  Whippersnapper JW CW’15,  appealing head with dark kind eyes but not as much work in it as the winner. They are by the same sire & have both been great ambassadors for the breed   Another with a straight front & strong bone, excellent neck, deep in brisket, well turned stifles & short hocks. Moved out well with drive. As always presented immaculately.  3rd Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW 

Veteran( 4,3abs)  Three lovely older boys with little to choose between them. 1st Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW Sh CM,  lovely head with dark eyes under raised brows. Well balanced throughout, straight front, small feet, excellent neck & forequarters, still strong in topline, good angulations in rear. Moved well.  Previously having given a CC to the veteran bitch I was in agreement for her getting best veteran 2nd Foster/Walsh’s Millcroft Chase The Moon To Shanoah, lovely well made dog of the type I like, lost out a little in head to the winner. Straight front, lovely outline, strong bone, well bent stifles & short hocks. Was in good coat & condition.  3rd Wood’s Reddins Falcon Sh CM.

Judge: Jane Mugford