Critique ISBC 2021 Dogs

I served on the ISBC committee for a long time many years ago, and was more than delighted to be invited to judge the show in 2022. Things don’t always go to plan and sadly both Irene Munro had to stand down, Joan Kniveton was then invited to judge and unexpectedly Joan had to withdraw due to illness. As Joan and I have been friends for many years it was a hard decision for myself to take over, but I did and can say I enjoyed the day, and pleased to say Joan is getting better. To the committee I say a big thank you the show was wonderful, the new building is fantastic but as it was sunny and breezy as it always on the Newark showground the show was held outside fantastic for the dogs.

I last judged Dogs within the breed in 2017 and prior to that 2014 and I thought then we are in danger of producing generic Irish Setters with no breed type evident just red dogs. I am pleased to say the quality has increased in the main. We must remember the Irish Setter is racy well balanced and full of quality, combining elegance with substance. Yes we want a slim elegant animal but we don’t want this to be interpreted as narrow all through with front legs appearing out of one hole or the opposite, coarse in head and over done in body. The standard also asks for a firm straight top line gently sloping downwards from the withers, this cannot be achieved unless the front angulation and rear construction is correct, upright shoulders with no upper arm angulation can never create the correct top line not even by overstretching the exhibit backwards!!

Today I found a few exhibits displaying entropian and round eyes which wasn’t something I was expecting this maybe something to look out for and address before it becomes the norm.

Minor Puppy (3,1)

1 Sturrocks, Forfarian Dusty Bottoms First class of the day and wow he’s just wonderful and playful!! Love is outline and shape so well balanced, good neck and shoulders, strong neck displaying the arch at the crest of his neck. I like him in overall shape and balance. Delighted to award him BPIB and later in agreement with my co judge Alistair Watt he went BPIS. What a start to his career.

2 Corless, Swiftlark Invincible and does he think he is, a puppy so full of quality. Very exuberant and loved his time in the ring. Hopefully in time he will not give his handler such a hard time. Will watch him with interest.

Puppy (3,1)

1 Gratton, Glenlaine Moonstone, Good well balanced head and good expression. Good bone and feet, true front, good body with the correct topline. Moved well for 4 seconds!!!!

2 Corless, Swiftlark Invincible

Junior (3)

1 Allen/Bott/Morgan Quensha Take a Bow, he has the most lovely head, so well balanced, correct chiselling along his cheeks, good raised brows which he used to his advantage. He is so full of character. Good body proportions and totally overall balance. good strong quarters. Moved well. Should have a bright future.

2 Berry, Brinara Country Boy, A little more body on this youngster would have changed is overall outline. Needs time but I feel the quality of the dog in confirmation will develop into a classy dog. The best of heads so well balanced. Moved well.

3 Richardson, Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows

Yearling (7,2)

A class full of quality dogs true Irish Setters, yes they are at different stages of development but that is what should be expected in yearling dogs. They could have changed places at any time which is quite rewarding and promising for the future.

1 Brown, Riverbrue Soldier On just loved this dog and he was close up for top honours today, Correct outline, good shoulders and true front, good ribs and strong loin, strong quarters which he used on the move.

2 Crocker, Riverbrue Morning Glory, litter brother to winner, slightly heavier than his brother, but again same comments apply, correct outline, good well angulated shoulders both dogs had good upperarm angulation which is sadly lacking in some exhibits. moved with drive and effortless free flowing movement.

3 Richardson, Bluesprings Now Im Here at Forestfire.

Maiden (3)

1 Walker, Gwendariff Flags are Flyin, Heavier dog than I would normally like, he is balanced and presented in absolutely fantastic coat and condition. Shown and handled to perfection, moved really well in total harmony with his handler.

2 Tye, Blazing Bronze Join the Chase (imp NID) totally different than winner in the fact that more body would have helped him. presented well in good coat. He just needs time.

3 Gratton, Glenlaine Moonstone

Novice (8)

1 Walker, Gwendariff Flags are Flyin

2 Gilks Sutersett Mr Mistoffelees At Gochmawr, built on slighter lines this young dog is so full of promise, He has a well blanaced head displaying all the correct attributes, oval skull, raised brows, and that wonderful chin so evident. Good body proportions and moved well

3 Cohen Lynwood Merry May King with shushana.

Undergraduate (7,1)

1 Webb/Danks-Kemish, Longer Cast than I would like but he couldn’t be denied his place, well balanced head, good expression and eye shape. His coat must be hardwork for his owner but presented in good hard condition. Moved well

2 Holehan, Loganrish Lets Go Crazy he has the delightful well balanced head, good enck and shoulders and goos ribs, however he falls away over the croup which spoils his overall outline. Moved OK

3 Hughes, Gwendariff Plays the Flute

Graduate (12)

1 Gardner, Quensha Walk Me Home to Danwish, Good overall conformation of this dog, sound in all departments. Good balance in head and body. Good head and eye well chiselled and brilliant expressive brows which every time you looked him expression changed. Good strong neck and well angulated shoulders, good ribs and strong loin. True Free flowing movement.

2 Davison, Bardonhill You dont Fool Me, like this dog especially his head and expression, showing lots of chiselling on his cheeks, good eye shape, strong neck and clean shoulders. Moved well.

3 Nicholls, Strathmead Alexei

Post Graduate (10)

  1. 1 Swainston, Glenvarna Monterey, As the standard asks for raciness combining elegance with Substance this dog has it. He has scope and covers the ground well. Delightful in head and true expression showing that hint of mischief making in his eye. Good topline again gently sloping as is required which he holds well on the move. Its a good job the dog was alert in the ring.

2 Stewart-Ritchie/Longbottom, Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket JW, He gave a lesson in how to throw away the class today, how much he looks like his sire whom I awarded the RCC back in 2017 His head is so well balanced showing no coarseness at all when viewed in profile or straight on, strong zygomatic arches giving that true Irish setter expression, this along with his raised brows gave me the look I was looking for a delightful head. Good neck and shoulders plenty of forechest, strong body with good ribs extended well back good strength to couplings and strong quarters.

3 Poole, Teleri Summer Nights.

Mid Limit (7,2)

1 Gardner, Danwish on High (A.I) Good overall conformation of this dog, sound in all departments. Good balance in head and body. Good head and eye well chiselled and brilliant expressive brows. Good strong neck and well angulated shoulders, good ribs and strong loin, a little proud of his tail today but a quality dog.

2 Lorrimer, Kerrimere Classique JW I have admired this dog from the ring side before and wasn’t disappointed when I went over him. A sound honest dog in all departments. Good body, prosternum, good depth of chest, strong loin. Moved with such style holding his topline as he went.

3 Hall, Harreds Trevor

Limit (7)

  1. 1 Russell, Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli, The standard asks for Racy, balance and full of quality and this is what he present to you. His expression is quite amusing as you look at him his expressive brows simply take over, his chiselling and finish to his foreface is wonderful. Strong, well-muscled neck displaying that wonderful arch at the crest of the neck, set into well angulated shoulders all flowing smoothly. Good ribs well sprung at the upper portion tapering at the lower part towards the sternum, strong couplings and good strong quarters. His movement was a pleasure to see especially in profile holding his top line at all times. Presented today in wonderful hard condition. Delighted to award him the DCC & BOS.

Chorley,Chorley-Newton/Flinders/Gardner, Pawsword Priceless To Kerryfair JW A lot to like about him so well balanced when viewed in outline, he flows from his head to the tip of his tail. Well angulated shoulders and good length of upper arm which is sadly lacking in many today. When viewed in profile his movement was true displaying free flowing driving action, holding his top line steady.

3 Davis, Pawsword Praire Wind with Alnasett

Open (6)

1 Stockton, Sh ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW This dog as attitude and ring presence in abundance, He so full of quality a true Irish Setter, Well angulated shoulders, good upper arm angulation good ribs, strong loin. Good strong quarters which he uses on the move to full advantage. Thrilled to award him the RCC.

2 Danks-Kemish, Sh ch Alofrana Hotter than U’Know JW,Sh cm,Shcex A pleasure to judge this dog today as back in 2017 I awarded him BPIB and then commented that I would watch his progress with interest. Well he certainly fulfilled his early promise, He is an upstanding dog full of quality. Well balanced head from occiput to stop and from stop to muzzle, plenty of chiselling under the eye, and good raised brows. True in outline displaying the gently sloping topline which is formed by good shoulders and true hind angulation. Good strong wide to quarters used to perfection when of the move, moving in total harmony with his handler.

3 Toms, Is Sh ch Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Ir J Ch Jd


1 Mitchell, Sh ch Amblins Sweet William A wonderful ambassador of the breed a truly worthy shch, He fills my eye with everything that I was looking for. Good head, strong neck well angulated shoulders strong body good top line and strong quarters. He is so well balanced and present a wonderful picture.He pushed hard for the RCC today

2 Tupper Staratlanta Elliott, another great gentleman not showing his age at all. Good head, kind eye and true expression.

3 Mohan Anlory Keltic Legend

Special Beginners Dog (5)

1 Poole, Teleri Summer Nights (AI) built on a bigger frame but still balanced from tip of nose to his tail. Good body, deep chest, strong loin, good wide quarters, presented in hard condition.

2 Walker, Gwendariff Flags are Flyin ,

3 Corless Swiftlark First Knight.

Judge Mrs Pat Butler Holly