Irish Setter Dogs

Judge: Julie Humphreys

Firstly, thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge their show and for the very warm welcome I received on the day; my two stewards were wonderful. It was busy day with 3 rings in action and plenty of laughter around the rings going on so think exhibitors were enjoying themselves too.

The boys were well presented and on the whole in good muscular condition. I was looking for sound moving dogs and some exhibits who looked well standing let themselves down in movement, especially when viewed from the rear – although I believe many struggled with the matting and tight corners on the day. I found a few suspect mouths, flat untrimmed feet and hocks and far too many starey, light coloured, round eyes. I loved my class winners line up and even that final decision was very close.


MPD (6,1 Abs)

1. Longbottom & Stewart-Richie’s Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket. Delightful, pretty boy, much to admire although still quite raw and, rightfully so, as a baby. Beautiful head and expression, good bone, straight front and good angulation. A flowing topline, well-handled and moved out well with confidence. BPD 2. Hall’s Harreds Stanley. Taller, rangier pup, but again caught my eye, great bone and substance, loved his coat colour and texture. Not so settled in the ring today as first. 3. Holehan-Green’s Loganrish Lets Go Crazy.

PD (12,1) Found this class quite challenging as there were many good ones of varying sizes, shapes and stages of development.

1. Williamson’s Bluesprings Picture This. What a nice, naughty puppy. Rangy, well off for bone, he has the sweetest kind expression, raised brow, arched neck, well ribbed back and good tail action. 2. Davis’ Grayrigge Mystral Wind with Alanasett. Close up, although quite a different make and shape. Handsome head, lovely dark coat, eye-catching in profile both standing and on the move. 3. Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Look No further.

VD (6,1)

1. Walsh & Foster’s Millcroft Chase The Moon to Shanoah. So happy to see this lovely boy in my ring, having just stepped up into Veteran and looking and going so well. In excellent coat and condition, lovely in profile standing and loved the way he wagged his tail all the time as I went over him. Dark, kind eyes, raised brows, reachy neck, well laid shoulders and return of upper arm, straight front and well up on his pasterns, neat feet, good bone and delighted that he went BVIS at the end of the day in complete agreement with my co-judge. 2. Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW. I have always admired this handsome, well-made boy and looking great at 8 years young. Lovely expression and most adoring eyes, good back skull, neck, bone and neat feet, moved soundly 3. Child’s Tredura Clandestine Affair.

JD (6)

1. Edwards’ Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie. What an exciting young man this dog is and already so well known to us all! Striking in profile, both standing and on the move, such clean lines. Correct lean skull, and raised brow, elegant through neck and shoulder, with great return of upper arm, deep at brisket and I loved his fore and rear quarters and lashing tail action, stood on well padded toes. Looked mature in the final line-up. 2. Gardiner’s Danwish On High. Really liked this one too, developing well with a handsome head and expression, kind dark eyes, nice body proportions and spring of rib, strong bone and short hocks. Once settled, he showed well. He needs to drop into his quarters still but a really nice young man. 3. Fauvrelle’s Oakdene Remy Martin.

YD (13) This was a strong class with many I liked unplaced.

1. Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli JW. I have admired this very handsome, well put together boy since I first saw him as a baby; love his make and shape and his free-flowing movement. Expressive eyes and twitching brow, lovely head planes and back skull, arched neck, great depth at brisket and well sprung ribs; he is not exaggerated in any way. For me, one for the future. Delighted to award him the RCC. 2. Danks-Kemish’s Teleri Summertime Blues avec Alolfrana JW. Super young dog, taller than 1, he has lots of ring presence and was well presented. Handsome head, lean skull, moderately long well arched neck, clean in shoulder and strong topline. In hard muscular condition, he moved out well on a good covering ground stride, with great tail action. 3. Gardiner’s Danwish On High.

MD (5)

1. Grayrigge Mystral Wind with Alanasett. 2. Gratton & Bott’s Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now. 3. Hemmings’ Orlanset A New Flame.

ND (6)

1. Gratton & Bott’s Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now. This naughty boy got better and relaxed more as his classes went on. Loved his make and shape; strong, well put together body and bone, liked his head piece, twinkly eyes and finish to muzzle. Although playing his handler up, he did more than enough here to show me he can move and he is still a puppy. 2. Holehan-Green’s Loganrish Prosecco 3. Bailey’s Danaway Desert Song.

UGD (10,3)

1. Gardner’s Danwish On A High. 2. Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gilliegrae JW. Excellent presentation and handled so well; I would prefer a little more of him on the leg, but attractive in profile both moving and standing. Straight front, neat feet, with a well-conditioned dark coat. 3. Savage’s Brabrook Masterpiece at Firefall.

GD (11,4) Really splitting hairs in this class, which is very reassuring to me for our breeds future.

1. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Duncan JW. Elegant, handsome dog, both standing and moving, with effortless ground covering movement. Kind expressive eyes, good stop and back skull, strong neck, lay back of shoulder, firm topline good with of quarters and best of croups; best feet of the day. 2. Dewar’s Gwendariff Here I Come. Glad to get a closer look at this boy as admired him many times ringside. Well put together, kind and gentle expression, good ear length and set, clean in throat, good layback of shoulder, well ribbed back, strong muscular condition and wearing his best jacket. Sympathetically shown by his owner to get the most out of him. 3. Boyce’s Forfarian’s Secret Admirer.

PGD (14,2)

1. Boyce’s Forfarian’s Secret Admirer. Not seen this handsome, dark coated boy before and quite smitten with him and he was even better and more at one with owner in this class. Presented a very attractive picture standing and moving. He is well balanced, lovely dark expressive eyes, good skull shape with moderately long and arched neck set into clean shoulders; well angulated front and rear, fabulous neat feet, short hocks. Moved out well, I will be watching his progress. 2. Muir & O’Connor’s Gwendariff I’m coming Out JW. Another very handsome and eye-catching boy. Well-handled and presented in fabulous dark coat and healthy condition. Very similar remarks and close up to 1, clean, reachy neck, deep chested, straight front, fighting his handler but could not be denied his place here. 3. Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli, another always liked.

MLD (8)

1. Greenan’s Anlory Aidan JW. Always been something about this boy that caught my eye so delighted to put my hands on him. Well made, strong and looks so well standing, in his gleaming, dark coat but for me just needed a bit more furnishings on the day for higher honours.. his day will come. Lovely head piece with kind, dark expressive eyes and raised brow, good return of upper arm, excellent at sternum, deep girth, with lovely wide rugged quarters and tail set. An eye catching, animated mover 2. Cohen’s Aoibheannes Rough Diamond with Shushana JW. Very handsome, elegant boy looking the best I have ever seen him look. The sweetest, kindest expression and good head planes and finish at muzzle, correct neck in to shoulder and firm topline. He seemed to be enjoying his day and moved out well. Lovely feet. 3. Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Elliott SHCM.

LD (11,2)

1. Ciechonska’s – Riverbrue Altissimo at Aoibheanne. He came, he saw, he conquered – yes, I know that old cliché, but so true in this case. Such a handsome and well put together boy… all Irish and quite a handful, but I smiled a lot whilst looking at him which I did quite a lot! Most beautiful head piece, fabulous profile, smiling dark eyes, desired raised brow, good stop and back skull, with great strength through neck and into his well laid shoulders; flowing topline, good rib cage, rugged quarters, short driving hocks and super feet. Such a show off on the move and nearly blew it but his handler did a fabulous job and got him going very well in the end. Could not deny him the CC, his 3rd, many congratulations. 2. Danks-Kemish’s Alolfrana Hotter Than You Know JW. He looked a picture stood, with his flowing lines and dark well-conditioned coat and feathering. Handsome head and kind adoring eyes and raised brow, clean in skull, well arched neck, gently sloping topline, strong quarters; lovely bend of stifle and best tailset. 3. Macaulay’s Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts JW. A very handsome boy.

OD (5,1)

1. Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s ShCh Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW. This “well known” boy has the most gorgeous and melting expression, so kissable. The kindest eyes, raised brow, good back skull, moderately long arched neck, excellent forequarters, depth and spring of rib and standing over plenty of ground on his short straight hocks. Shown, as always, in wonderful coat and condition. Always loved him and close up for the RCC. 2. Rowbottom’s ShCh Lanstara Spring Moon. Another well known, much admired boy. As the old saying goes “as sound as a pound”. Compact, well put together and giving his all with his owner. Kindly expression and eye, ears well set on, good skull shape, strong arched neck, strong topline and well set on wagging tail, well toned up. 3. Pepers’ VDH Ch Glennlokhen Macallan. A lovely young man, giving away a lot in maturity in this company, as was fourth placed boy.

SBD (8)

1. Poole’s Teleri Summer Nights. This handsome young man also became more at one with owner as his classes went on. He has the kindest, softest expression, lovely raised brow, good stop, flowing lines and so much to admire. Only young and once comes together will be much admired… good luck with him. 2. Savage’s Gwendariff The Ring Master at Firefall. Strong well-made dog, dripping in coat. 3. Fitzmaurice’s Harreds Trooper.

Julie Humphreys (Judge)