Critique ISCW Open Show Feb 2019

Northern Open Show

Llandrinio Village Hall

Saturday 2nd February 2019

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for affording me the honour of this appointment
and their wonderful hospitality throughout the day. Particular thanks to my two efficient
stewards. Adverse weather understandably drove high absenteeism in some classes however
there were a good number thankfully still in attendance and I was left with a very difficult
decision in some classes. I was absolutely thrilled with my final line-up.

Veteran Dog (4,0)
1st Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW ShCM
Well proportioned boy who is soundly made all through. Head balanced between skull and
muzzle with fine, well-set ear. Nicely shaped through the brows to frame his masculine
expression. Preferred the strength and shape through his front pastern to second and he has
excellent feet. Deep chested with ample ribbing. Well made in hindquarters with excellent
angulation, plenty width across the thighs and hocks well let down. Moved soundly.
2nd Axon’s Brinara Back in The Running
Typey boy with lots to like. Oval shaping to the skull with lean quality through the head and
muzzle without any loss of strength. Fine, well set ear. Presents a nice outline with good
angulation front and back. Excellent hindquarters with plenty bend in stifle and good width
through the first and second thigh. Good length from hip to hock. A little more upright in
front pastern than the winner and eye slightly rounder in shape.
3rd Childs’ Tredura Clandestine Affair

Puppy & Junior (0 Entries)

Yearling Dog (2,1)
1st Hart’s Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae JW
Lovely male who stands true front and back. So very well balanced from tip to tail with good
depth to the chest, ample ribbing and strength through the loin and couplings which all came
together in his very tidy movement. A little fuller in cheek but otherwise lean through the
skull and muzzle. Well put together through the forequarters, neck and shoulder presenting a
clean flowing line through the topline and tailset. Excellent feet. Well presented in good
coat and furnishings.

Undergraduate Dog (2,0)
1st Hart’s Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae JW
2nd Fitzmaurice’s Harreds Trooper
His head is his fortune; beautifully balanced with dark eye giving a soft, gentle expression.
Good shaping through the skull and occiput with correct earset. Ample length to the neck
proportionate to his size. Well made in body with plenty depth to the chest. Not quite the
angulation and strength in front and rear construction of the winner which told a little in his
Graduate Dog (2,2)
Post Graduate Dog (3,1)
1st Corless’ Swiftlark First Knight
A little unsettled at first however once he started to get his act together he gave a very good
account of himself, most particularly on the move where his good construction and balance
became clear. Really lovely head and eye with correctly set ears. Presents a clean outline
with good reach of neck, typical topline and tailset. Deep, well sprung ribs. Excellent
angulation front and back. Coat of correct texture with good furnishings.
2nd Childs’ Anlory Tamhill
Masculine, balanced head with square shape to the muzzle. Raised brows frame his
correctly shaped eye of lovely expression. Nicely arched neck of moderate length. Plenty
depth in chest with ribs deep and well back. Strongly made hindquarters with good
muscling. Rich coat colour with good feathering.

Limit Dog (5,0)
Two outstanding males heading this line-up making for a very tough decision in what was a
strong class.
1st Stockton’s Gwendariff D’ya Think I’m Fab for Kespas JW
In tough competition amongst some top drawer males in the final challenge today. I was
captured by his absolute quality, striking true balance between racy refinement and
masculinity. Handsome head and eye with parallel head planes and the right degree of
chiseling around the eyes to enhance his beautiful expression. Fine, well set ear of correct
size and set. Good reach of neck. Well made in forequarters with excellent length in upper
arm and angulation through the shoulder. Excellent ribbing with ample depth. Correct
sloping topline with plenty length through the rear coupled with ample width through the

first and second thigh which powered his driving movement. Rich coat colour with good
feathering. Best Dog & Best in Show
2nd Danks-Kemish’s Alolfrana Hotter Than U’Know
Pushed the class winner hard today. Another presenting a super outline with typical sloping
topline and well set tail. Suitably racy and masculine. So well balanced through the head
with kind expression. Plenty depth to the chest with ribs well sprung. Well constructed all
through which again came out in his free-flowing true gait. Shown in super condition with
excellent muscling. Very pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog
3rd Cohen’s Aoibheanne’s Rough Diamond with Shushana JW

Open (3,0)
1st Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas
Another top class male built on balanced and well constructed lines. Beautiful head and eye
with a masculine, melting expression. Very well put together in forequarters, fine through the
shoulders with ample length and return of upper arm. Excellent depth and length to well
sprung ribs. Typical topline and tailset. Excellent length and angulation though the
hindquarters. Hocks well let down with excellent feet. Very sound mover.
2nd Axon’s Brinara Private Eye
Lovely boy, balanced in head and ear with moderate length of neck. Eye a little round.
Cleanly made through the shoulder into sloping topline. Good length and depth to the ribs.
Tail well set on. Well made in rear. Beautifully presented with decent furnishings. Moved
out with plenty drive.
3rd Drinkwater’s Brabrook Shazalazazoo

Veteran Bitch (4,1)
1st Stevenson’s Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley ShCM
Liked so much about this seven year old. Beautiful head and eye. So well constructed in the
fore and hindquarters with correct angulation to both. Well made through the body with
good ribbing of ample depth. Stands on excellent feet with plenty width to the thighs, all put
to good use in her sound movement. Shown in excellent condition.
2nd Berry & Morris’ Brinara Briet
Nine years old and another full of quality. Racy in appearance and balanced all through.
Well made through the neck and shoulder with good angulation in front. Typical shape

through the neck, topline and tailset. Well made through the ribs with slight arch to the loin.
In particularly good muscular condition; excellent strength in the hindquarters, with plenty
breadth through the thighs and firm straight hocks.
3rd Sheldon’s Delsanto Snow Belle JW

Puppy Bitch (3,2)
1st Blackshaw’s Lanstara Ruby Slippers
This baby is teeming with promise. Loveliest of heads with good shaping to the skull and a
well defined occiput. Lovely work under the eye and around the brows with good square
shape to the muzzle. Balanced in build with well sprung ribs of ample depth. Good topline

and tailset. Particularly well constructed in front with good return in upper arm, strong pro-
sternum and nice tight elbows. Moved out beautifully when she settled. Excellent coat and

condition. Delighted to award her Best Puppy in Show.

Junior Bitch (3,1)
Challenging choice to be made between two lovely youngsters.
1st Blackshaw’s Lanstara Ruby Slippers
2nd Richardson’s Brabrook True Violet for Montgreenan
Really lovely girl with lots of quality. Balanced in overall proportions and presented in first
class condition. Ultra feminine head with good balance between skull and muzzle. Well
sprung ribs and strong through the couplings. Hindquarters well constructed. Just preferred
the front construction of one particularly through the upper arm and forechest. Sound mover.

Yearling Bitch (1,0)
1st Hughes’ Alolfrana U’Are A Diamond
Feminine head with lovely dark eye. Correct oval shaping through the skull with good
definition in stop and occiput. Excellent topline and tailset. Neck of moderate length.
Cleanly made through the shoulder and topline. Plenty depth to her well sprung ribs. More
moderately angulated in rear and moved a little close behind. Beautifully presented in
excellent condition.

Undergraduate Bitch (2,0)
1st Richardson’s Brabrook True Violet for Montgreenan
Repeat. Scored points in this class on her excellent drive in movement.
2nd Corless’ Swiftlark Second Nature
Feminine head, lean and long. Dark eye of correct shape and kindly expression. Deep in
the ribs of decent length. Coat of excellent colour and texture. Good feet. Not quite as clean
through the neck and shoulder and lacked the drive from the hindquarters on the move of

Graduate (3,3)
Post Graduate Bitch (5,1)
1st Taylor’s Danaway Goody Two Shoes
Elegant and stylish presenting a typical outline. Well proportioned in build with clean
construction through the neck and shoulder. Built well through the upper arm and forechest.
Well sprung ribs with good depth and length. Excellent topline and tailset. Well constructed
in the hindquarters which showed in her positive, purposeful movement. Worthy winner of
Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Waterton’s Sandstream Summer Breeze JW
Racy and elegant in build. Feminine head and eye. Balanced and well proportioned all
through. Plenty depth to well sprung ribs carried well back. Shapely through the hindquarters
with excellent angulation and width. Excellent topline and tailset. Just preferred front
construction of one.
3rd Corless’ Swiftlark First Lady

Limit Bitch (6,2)
I really had to nitpick in this class of lovely ladies who all had quality aplenty.
1st Taylor’s Danaway Goody Two Shoes
2nd Stevenson’s Lochlorien True Detective is Andley
Feminine all through, her driving movement coming from her excellent construction scored
her extra points. Balanced head of correct shape. Well made through the neck, shoulder and
forearm with good forechest. Ribs of good depth and well sprung. Gently sloping topline.
Very well put together in the hindquarters. Excellent feet. Presented with muscling in super
3rd Blackshaw’s Lanstara Spring Star JW

Open Bitch (4,1)
1st Danks-Kemish’ Rappatty Starlight Over Alolfrana JW ShCM
Classy girl who strikes the balance between femininity and strength. The most beautiful of
heads; long and lean with good shaping through the brow and skull. Elegantly constructed
through the neck, fine in shoulder with clean flow through to the topline. So well made in
front with good length and return in upper arm equally matched by ample angulation and
strength in the hindquarters. Plenty depth and length through the ribbing with strength
through the couplings. Excellent feet. Hocks firm and well let down producing true accuracy
in rear footfall. Coat in tip top condition with ample feathering. Effortless movement. Pleased
to award her Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley ShCM
3rd Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW ShCM

Judge Miss Nicola Spencer (Bannonbrig)