Langstone and District

21st July 2019

Class 209 – Irish Setter Puppy – (3, 2):

  • 283 – Glastonbury’sBrabrook Nutcracker – 10 month dog that is already showing maturity. Overall construction already looks good. I think he had a fab head with correct eye shape and colouration. Nicely prominent raised brows, that emphasised a decent stop. Mild chiselling through the foreface. Good length to the head also. Good reach of neck that was muscular. Well angulated shoulders, that had good muscle. However, could do with a little more refinement. Deep chest. Good thoracic region with spring of rib and length, including Good width to his first and second thigh. Strong in bone and muscle throughout, which is lovely for such a young man. On the move, most proficient. Moved with ease and freely. Good to see a young Irish move so well. Owner should have some fun with this little one. BP   


Class 210- Irish Setter Junior – (1, 0):

  • 283 – Glastonbury’sBrabrook Nutcracker – (repeat of winner of puppy)

Class 211- Irish Setter Post Graduate – (7, 1):

  • 290 – Prangle’sHeathclare American Dollar JW ShCM – A very stylish 3-year-old dog indeed. The stack made for quite an imposing presence. In full coat. Correct in many aspects of his head construction, however the expression was not quite to my taste, personally. However, this dog had many good virtues. Good shape and size to occiput. Nicely raised brows. Level plains to the head. Ears as specified in the breed standard. Neck of moderate length. Well-muscled. This sentiment was reflected throughout. Neck flowed well without break in to well-constructed shoulders and forequarters. Nice deep chest. Soundly boned. Very agreeable in spring of rib, length and strength of body. Favourable in the width and strength of thigh. On the move, not as sound as I know he can be. 
  1. 287 – Drinkwater’s Brabrook Whispered– Again a 3-year-old dog. One of the virtues of this dog was his lovely head. Really drew me in with a balanced head in shape and length. Beautiful soft expression, with the characteristic soulful look. Good length to the neck. Lovely depth to the chest. I personally would like a bit more spring to rib. Good length to body and loin. Very nice topline. Personally, I would like a little more bend at stifle and hock. Tail set on well. Did not move as well as first. Lovely depth in the colour of the coat.
  2. 286 – Drinkwater’sBrabrook Bippity Boppity 


Class 212- Irish Setter Open – (9, 1):

  1. 296 – Mugford’s Lynwood abracadabra – 2-year-old bitch. This again is a dog that is not necessarily of my style of Irish. I generally prefer a more substantial dog or bitch, but oh my what a lovely girl! She has absolutely blossomed. There are many superlatives that may be used to describe her, and the majority would do her justice. A most feminine, refined head with a decent amount of chiselling under the eye. Beautifully balanced head, with good reach of neck. Wonderful sternum. Correct angulation to shoulder and a good straight front. Well sprung ribs in to strong loin. Lovely gentle slope to the topline in to amply present pin bones. Good shape to the croup and tail set. Very agreeable in muscling throughout inclusive of the backend and thighs. Nice bend at stifle. Very good bone. Beautiful in the stack. Moved particularly well. Lovely to see. As she matures even more, I am sure she will be able to compete with the best. BOB, Group 1 Gundog and BIS 
  2. 297 – Taylor’s Danaway Goody Two Shoes – Not quite 6-year-old bitch. This again was a bitch that is not generally of my type, but none the less a very lovely girl. A quite compact girl, that certainly shows her femininity well. A lovely head with the most doleful, soft expression. Good length to neck, that flowed in to very good and well put together front assembly. Decent strength to the sternum. Very good depth to the chest. Even on a smaller girl, there was plenty of spring to the rib and plenty of space in the thoracic region. Appealing length and strength to the loin. Really appealing in the backend where width and thickness of thigh was most evident. Definitely showing that this girl was fit for purpose and could have gone on all day. Lovely dainty, cat like feet. These were unfaultable. Although not dripping in coat, the richness and texture was most appealing. On the move, absolutely wonderful. Lovely to see a class of Irish Setters with some dogs that moved so well. A most elegant and balanced girl. RBOB
  3. 295 – Drinkwater’s Brabrook Shazalazazoo 

BOB, Group 1 Gundog and BIS – 296 – Mugford’s Lynwood abracadabra

RBOB  297 – Taylor’s Danaway Goody Two Shoes

BP  283 – Glastonbury’s Brabrook Nutcracker

Hefin Jones