Llandudno Canine Society

on March 23rd 2019

Irish Setter

Junior (0)

Graduate (2,1ab ) 1. Hughes Alolfrana U’Are a Diamond, pleasing overall balance to head and body, well made and shown in good coat and condition. Movement was ok.

Post Graduate (1) 1. Jones Alolfrana in a Hot Storm over Wenflaen, racy, well made setter of good type. Moved well with active drive from strong well angulated quarters.

Open (4,1ab) 1. & BOB Danks-Kemish Alolfrana Hotter than U’Know JW a very good example of the breed. Racy and very well balanced looking lovely in profile and moving with true driving action from strong well angulated quarters. Deep chest, well ribbed, firm topline. Rich, gleaming coat. Very well handled and beautifully presented.

Mrs Sue Shinkfield (Notrella) Judge