Championship Show 21st January 2018

Irish Setter
First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge for the first time at this Level. I felt honoured and privileged to be given this opportunity.
Secondly, I must thank my two stewards Mr Gordon and Mrs Linda McFadden for their assistance in keeping the ring running smoothly throughout the day. Finally, a big thank you to the exhibitors for their support and the privilege of going over their beloved dogs. Overall the presentation was of a good standard, however movement in some cases was a bit erratic and needs some work. An Irish Setter on the move needs to show a clean pair of heels when viewing from behind and to stride forward with purpose. On a personal note, delighted with my entry and thoroughly enjoyed my day, an amazing experience which I will never forget.

Again, a big thank to you all who supported me today and those who helped me along the journey to achieve this goal.

MPD (11,1 )
1. Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana (ai) (Danks-Kemish, O) This seven-month young puppy drew my attention, he is so well balanced, nice shape to head and stop, chiselling under kind, dark almond eye. Lovely head and a good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Very much a stylish mover and in harmony with his handler he strode out with excellent carriage showing a clean pair of heels. Everything fitted and flowed. Good angulations, nice feet and strong quarters. Delighted to award this handsome young boy BPD and BPIB
2. Thendara Riverman Obsession (Milligan-Bott & Bott) Another quality puppy and a lot to admire about this young boy. Correct construction with good depth and well developed quarters. Slightly erratic on the move today.
3. Clonageera Sage (Lippett) I feel I need to add a comment for this boy who, despite giving his handler a hard time,
managed to control his movement enough to enable assessment of his nice shape and to demonstrate how sound
and balanced he is. Hopefully patience will pay off.

PD (12,0 )
1. T Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana (AI)
2. Anlory Duncan (Naylor & Morrison) Another quality youngster from this kennel, a well made dog with good front and rear assembly. Moved well with a good profile.
3. Oakdene Que Du Bonheur (Lauwers, Milligan-Bott & Bott)

JD (13,1) A close decision between the first and the second who are totally different but both have attributes that I found appealing.
1. Gwendariff I’m Comin Out (Muir & O’Connor) Well constructed dog, nicely presented. Good head and skull,
Proportionate in body. Deep chest, well sprung rib with good front and rear quarters. Moved very well covering the ground effortlessly and with drive.
2. Vicary’s Part Time Lover (Hill-Decoster) Another quality youngster, good type. Well balanced outline. Pleasant
head, clean neck and shoulders with good body properties. Well presented and handled. Do like the look of this boy, shame he is domicile on the continent, would love to see more of him in this country so I can keep a tab on his progress.
3. Kerrimere Classique (Lorrimer)

YD (5,1)
1. Pawsword Prairie Wind JW (Davis) This boy is well developed, balanced and spot on for his age. Pleasant head with nice work in the foreface and lovely expression. Excellent sternum with good width and depth of chest and well sprung rib. Lovely reach of neck set in good shoulder lay, gently sloping topline. Good rear quarters with right length of coupling, no coarseness. Excels on the move, a joy to go over and watch his handler get the best out of him.
2. Alolfrana Hotter Than U Know (Danks-Kemish R) Lots to admire about this young boy, he possesses a pleasing head and expression, long and lean neck. Excellent forechest and spring of rib, excels in stifle and has substance without being overdone in any way. Moved well covering the ground with drive to take this place.
3. Marlland Zo Irish And Handsome (Schellings)

GD (9,1)
1. Thendara The Watchmaker (Pym) Have admired this boy from a youngster, now well developed into a handsome young man, well constructed with good head and skull very much in proportion to body. Deep chest, well sprung ribs with good front and rear quarters. In top class condition, moved effortlessly round the ring very much in harmony with his handler. Very well handled and well presented, did consider him for RCC at least in the challenge.
2. Anlory Aidan JW (Greenan) This young man’s musculature and balance are excellent and correct for his age. Soft eyes set in lovely head that sits on a strong neck, lovely front construction and rear. Substance throughout, moved well holding his topline. One to watch.
3. Kerrydown One Man (Partridge)

PGD (13,2)
1. Wyldfire Declan For Itchenwych (Horrocks, G) A stylish dog, well constructed front and rear, substance throughout. Good head planes and soft eye. Excellent sternum with adequate width and depth of chest and sprung rib. Love the way he is stacked up with his gently sloping topline, he excelled on the move holding that topline. Another one who was a joy to watch.
2. Kerrimere Charismatic JW (Lorrimer) Similar attributes to one, strong and proportionate, substance without coarseness, has lovely head planes, nice eye with a soft Irish look. Presented well and in good condition. Must say was slightly disappointed with front action, still maturing can only get better.
3. Deevonville Santana ShCM (Heppell)

LD (15,0)
Undoubtedly the toughest class of the day, hotly contested with some quality exhibits on display.
Those who made the cut and not placed should not feel disappointed, on another day it could all be different.
1. Caemgen’s Element Of Truth At Feorlig (Swe Imp) (Bayne, G & J and Miller, K) Well well, quelle surprise, can’t recall seeing this boy before. Caught my eye as soon as he stepped into the ring and I was not disappointed when I finally got my hands on him. Well constructed with good head and skull very much in proportion to body. Deep chest, well sprung ribs with straight front, well angulated fore and aft with well let down hocks. In tip top condition, powered round the ring effortlessly with the correct level tail carriage, in harmony with his handler. He has all the attributes and ticked more or less all the boxes, well handled and presented. Pleased to award him the CC, told later it was his third, the crowning glory. Delighted for his owners and breeders.
2. Suteresett Rebel Rouser In Balbriggan JW (Cuddy) Like the shape and style of this boy, he possesses a gorgeous head, not the biggest exhibit in this hotly contested class but nicely balanced. He possesses most of the attributes which I like in an Irish. Not the fluid movement of my winner.
3. Margretwoods Gobstopper JW ShCM (Wilkins)

OD (5,0)
1. Int Ch Paris Match Thendara JW (Lauwers, Milligan-Bott & Bott) A dog which I admired since I first saw him as a puppy, just up my street, well constructed with an exquisite head and skull much in proportion to body. Deep chest, well sprung ribs with good front and rear quarters. In tip top condition, moved superbly round the ring. Very well handled and presented. Unlucky today in the challenge, just preferred the overall masculinity of my limit class winner hence the RCC. Thank you for bringing him along, on another day it could be different.
2. Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW (Milligan-Bott & Bott) A worthy champion and a great ambassador for the breed. As always well presented in excellent condition, feeling very privileged to be given the opportunity to assess this boy. Well muscled arched neck, every department ticked the boxes. His shoulder placement spot on with a good rear angulation and strong hock which enables him to power round the ring with drive. Thank you
3. Amblin’s Sweet William (Mitchell, P)

VD (4,0)
1. Sh Ch Brabrook Flash Harry At Montgreenan ShCM (Richardson) A flashy and racy dog not long a veteran. Very well presented in good condition with good depth of chest. Would have preferred a tad more length in the loin, however I liked his movement, he strode out holding his head and topline. Worthy of his Sh Ch title.
2. Bardonhill Swift Eagle (Corless) Nicely presented, good depth of chest just slightly short in the loin for my liking however I quite like his movement, he strode out holding his head and topline but at times his tail carriage lets him down. He seemed to enjoy his day out!
3. Reddins Falcon ShCM (Wood)

MPB (8,1)
Strong class with some promising youngsters to go over. Not much to choose between these three cracking girls, could swap places any other time.
1. Gwendariff Whirlwind At Harvancourt (Ferrol & Murray) My dictaphone comment says “gorgeous”. Very confident and promising 7 months bitch. An exquisite expression with a nice shaped head and stop, chiselling under soft almond eye. So well balanced, everything fitted and flowed. Good angulations and strong quarters. Very happy mover and pleased to award her BPB.
2. Lynwood Abracadabra (Mugford) Another quality youngster, good type, nice outline, head, shoulders and body properties, should have a good future. Well handled and presented. Pipped by Whirlwind however took the puppy class.
3. Teleri Indian Summer (ai) (Catling) Lovely little girl to go over, has got all the attributes for a show career.

PB (11,0)
1. L Abracadabra
2. Bardonhill Theme For A Dream At Erilynne (Leach) Again another quality youngster, loved the outline of this young lady, pleasing head and eye, very feminine. Good angulations fore & aft and nice width of thigh enabling her to stride out purposefully.
3. Riverman Dior Jadore (Wilder)

JB (6,0)
1. Crimpington Flirtini To Henaleas (Humphreys) Very nice bitch with a glossy outline, rich chestnut and full of herself. Another one with the most beautiful eyes, dark and almond shape. Well put together in all departments. Good angulations and rear quarters, happy on the move and showed herself to full advantage. Loved the look of her, she has got that typical Irish expression.
2. Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (Imp) JW (Hall, K) Loved the look of this girl too, nice to go over, very well presented and handled, would have liked a tad more animation on the move. Otherwise everything is picture perfect.
3. Swiftlark Second Nature (Corless)

YB (16,4)
1. Delsanto Miss Freya (McDonald, D) What a beauty, such a feminine and elegant little girl. Stacked she presented the most balanced picture. She excels in outline with ample rib cage and excellent forequarters and hindquarters. Moved ever so well holding her outline with correct footfall and covering the ground. One I will be watching with interest. A real sweetie.
2. Pawsword Play With Fire Joins Amberlight (Brady) Pretty young lady with a lovely profile, well presented and handled. Nicely balanced and proportionate in good coat and condition. Just needs to show a bit more animation on the move.
3. Quensha Tumble And Twirl (Bott, Allen & Morgan)

GB (12,1)
1. Shenanagin Sweet Sixteen JW (Watt) Liked this girl for her overall outline, size and femininity. Not in her best condition at this moment however she possesses good rear angulation, neat feet, correct length of body. Good reach of neck and shoulder placement. Well presented and handled. Moved soundly to top the class from some quality exhibits.
2. Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara JW (Hall, K) Lots to admire about this sweet little girl, developing well with pleasing head and eyes, good construction with good front and rear angulations. Moved soundly holding her head and topline. Just preferred no.1 for her overall profile and maturity.
3. D Miss Freya

PGB (13,4)
1. Rappatty Star Light Over Alolfrana JW (Danks-Kemish, O) This young lady caught my eyes as soon as she entered the ring, so pleasing to look at from all angles she combines elegance with substance. Well balanced, head feminine and refined with a lovely rich chestnut coat and feathering. Correct construction with good depth, topline and in tip top condition. In harmony with her confident young handler she effortlessly powered her way round ring and took this class with ease. She possesses all the attributes to make it to the top. Considered her at least for the RCC.
2. Braidmount Lady In Waiting JW (Hunter & Brown) Nice lass with a lovely outline and size. In good condition, well muscled tone, good rear angulations, neat feet, correct length and depth of body. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement, moved soundly. Unfortunate to meet winner today who is very much in top form.
3. Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley (Stevenson)

LB (17,5)
1. Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW (Waterton) A classy lass with the best outline and profile on the day, stacked up she oozes quality in all departments. Beautiful eyes and expression that draw you to her. A joy to go over, no lumps or bumps, you can feel all the points as you run your hands over her. She is so well put together, straight front with good shoulder placement. Shame when moving her in the challenge she was reluctant to make full use of the ring. RCC
2. Shenanagin Scrumptious (Watt) Liked this girl for her overall outline and size. Well presented and handled, but like her kennel mate Sweet Sixteen not in best the condition at this moment. Well constructed with good front and rear assembly. A balanced happy mover she showed herself to full advantage.
3. Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley (Stevenson)

OB (5,0)
1. Sh Ch Shandwick Love In A Mist For Teleri JW (Catling) My star of the day, not a striking one and perhaps not quite in top condition due to her recent litter, however so pleasing to look at from all angles, picture perfect. Not disappointed when I went over her. Totally balanced with no exaggerations, she possesses a good reach of neck and length of shoulder and upper arm and good body proportions. Correct sound free flowing movement. Pleased to award her the CC and BOB. Found out after judging she is the dam of my Best Puppy in Breed winner.
2. Thendara Chasing Boys To Sumaric (Morriss-Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott) Lots to admire about this lady and drool over, appealing head with expressive eye and an outline that flows from nose to tail. She possesses a rich dark coat in lovely condition. As always, superbly handled and well presented. Moved well.
3. Cataluna Betcha By Golly Wow (Broadgate)

VB (6,3)
First I must pass on my thanks to the owners for bringing their beloved veterans along. These silversurfers brought back some wonderful memories, who I have watched, admired, judged or even competed against over the past years. All three deserved a pat on the head.
1. Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW ShCM (Stevenson) This ten-year’s young girl is a credit to her owners, looking extremely good for her age. Standing, this girl presented true elegance with substance. Well balanced from nose to tail, lovely head, nice length of neck and shoulder with clean dentition given her age. On the move she excels covering the ground effortlessly and in harmony. Disappointed for the exhibit that there is no veteran challenge for BVIB, both veteran winners should be allowed to challenge each other.
2. Settaside Jelly Bean (Fox) Very well handled and presented, lovely outline, excellent type nice soft expression. Moved soundly and happily
3. Riverman Beat The Boys (Broadgate)

On a final note I hope you all had a safe journey home; once again thank you.

Judge Bruno Fauvrelle