Firstly I must thank the committee for their invitation to judge and their generous and friendly hospitality which was much appreciated. Secondly I would like to thank my efficient stewards for their friendly support in the ring and thirdly thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries and sporting acceptance of my decisions.

I was surprised and upset to see many dogs which I felt had good conformation and pleasing heads then disappoint with their movement, many heads had hard or staring expressions and I was mostly upset to see very young dogs with scissor bites so tight that it moved lower teeth and in some cases bites verged on level bites. Puppies should have room for the lower jaw to grow and so will not necessarily be scissor bites in puppy classes. Despite these things I found some lovely dogs to go over and had difficult decisions in some of the higher classes.

We had an exciting moment when a squirrel decided to join us in the ring, I don’t know who was more surprised the squirrel or us. He obviously didn’t fit the breed standard so decided to leave, quite rapidly.


Minor Puppy Dog (7, 1 absent)

1st Edwards, Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme, what a lovely young puppy he is. Super body and coat, chiselled head with raised brows, good bone and angulation. A picture in profile. Best Puppy in breed. 

2nd Swainston, Glenvarna Monterey, promising puppy with well shaped head and dark eye, good bone, tight feet, good width of thigh and short rear pasterns.

3rd Fauvrelle, Oakdene Remy Martin.


Puppy Dog (2, 1 a)

1st Macdonald, Redclyst Head Full Of Dreams, alone in this class, I thought hard about giving him a first, he was immature (unplaced in MP) and with a novice handler, but had a pleasant head and balanced profile and decided he just needed time.


Junior Dog (8, 0a)

1st Anthony & Hopewell, Staratlantas Out A Time, can see why he has won so much. Dark eyes, handsome head, good shape with deep chest and good fore chest and moves well. Had be good to beat

2nd Rutherford, Judge & Crocker, Riverbrue Galliano Fizz To Clonageera, a smaller more compact boy with a lovely balanced head with soft expression just showing slight immaturity today.2 lovely boys.

3rd Russell, Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli


Yearling Dog (11, 0a)

1st Holley, Wynjill Snap Dragon JW, lovely in profile with dark gleaming coat. Handsome balanced head with dark soft eye and expression

2nd Randle, Forfarian’s Hidden Secret with Rionore, stronger in profile than 1, good conformation, stronger in the head but has raised brows and soft dark eyes.

3rd Russell, Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli.


Graduate Dog (8, 1a)

1st Muir & O’Connor, Gwendariff I’m Coming Out JW, just beat 2 with his balanced head and dark eye, has a gentle topline, deep chest and lovely profile

2nd Holley, Wynjill Winner Takes All JW, Another handsome boy with good conformation. Slightly lighter eyes. 2 nice boys.

3rd Northend,  Aoibheannes Single Malt,


Postgraduate Dog (10,)

1st Ciechonska, Riverbrue Altissimo At Aoibheanne JW, what a lovely boy, handsome balanced head with dark eyes and soft expression, strong neck, good bone. Deep chest, plenty of front angulation with gently sloping topline, his great conformation shows when he strides out around the ring. Could not be denied the CC and BOS. Congratulations!

2nd Condron, Gwendariff D’ya Fancy A Fling With Covarney, has a different type of head, also handsome with dark eyes and raised brows. He has strong bone and body, good in angulation, topline and tailset, another nice boy.

3rd Chorley-Newton, Chorley & Flinders, Pawsword Priceless To Kerryfair JW,


Limit Dog (13, 2a)

1st Macaulay, Caskeys Mischief Of Stylersetts JW, another lovely boy with a lovely balanced head with dark expressive eyes. He is a lovely shape, balanced with good angulation and now with mature body. He has taken time to mature and now deserves his Reserve CC today. Well done!

2nd Edwards, Gwedariff PS I Love You Bonhomie JW, lovely boy, looks a picture standing. Good head but eyes not as expressive or dark as 1. But he moved well and is a lovely dog, unlucky to meet 1 today on such good form.

3rd Hemmings, Orlanset The Rocker JW.


Open Dog (5,0a)

1st Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie, Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW, this boy stands out, with his regal head, dark expressive eyes and lowest ears. I am sure that further honours will come to him in the near future, he is lovely boy.

2nd Mitchell, Sh Ch Amblin’s Sweet William, such a sweet boy, with his soft classic head. So well balanced with good angulation and moves well.

3rd Stockton, Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW, sorry not in his best bib and tucker today.


Veteran Dog (4, 2a)

1st Milligan-Bott & Bott, Thendara Pot Noodle JW, lovely lean head with kind expressive eyes. Lovely boy with good topline and angulation. Not looking on top form today. Sorry.

2nd Cohen, Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW Sh CM, dark coated boy with well balanced head and kind dark eyes, and good angulation.


Minor Puppy Bitch (12, 0a)

1st Rutherford, Majestyka Indian Summer At Clonageera, a very showy bitch, small and well bodied with a pretty balanced head. Best Bitch Puppy.

2nd Berry & Morris, Quensha What A Girl Wants Via Brinara NAF, pretty lean headed Puppy  with dark expressive eye. Good neck and shoulders. 2 Very promising puppies

3rd Swainston, Glenvarna Santa Barbara,


Puppy Bitch (5, 1a)

1sr Berry & Morris, Quensha What A Girl Wants Via Brinara NAF

2nd Milligan-Bott & Bott, Thendara Crystal Ice, very nice dark coated rangy Puppy with good body, just preferred the expression of 1.

3rd Blackshaw, Lanstara Ruby Slippers.


Junior Bitch  (11,2a)

1st Bougen, Gwendariff Hot Ticket, pretty well balanced head, well muscled with good body. Stood out in the class..

2nd Sharman & Jennings-Sharman, Kerrimere Red Ribbon, pretty head with soft dark eye. Straight front with good angulation. Balance and well bodied.

3rd Heather, Sixoaks Leading Lady.


Yearling Bitch (9, 1a)

1st Hall, Glennara Cilleigne Dervla(IKC) JW, pretty, feminine Bitch with dark expressive eye. Well balanced with straight front and well laid shoulders.

2nd Bayne, Corranroo One More Kiss, larger Bitch, has a sweet lean head with dark eye. Gentle sloping topline and moved well. Just preferred the overall balance and head of 1.

3rd Mutch, Romance Galway Girl At Astleyview JW.


Graduate Bitch (8, 2a)

1st Bell & Barker-Bell, Balintyne Freda Payne, pretty lean headed bitch, substantial chest and very nice finish to her hindquarters 

2nd McDonald, Delsanto Miss Freya, dark coated bitch with straight front, good depth of chest and good width of thigh. Well shaped head but preferred the head of 1

3rd Evans, Crocker & Siddle, Riverbrue Keepsake,


Postgraduate Bitch (7, 0a)

1st Elkins, Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet, lovely feminine bitch with a pretty head, well balanced and well muscled, a complete picture.

2nd Jones, Alolfrana In A Hot Storm Over Wenflaen, another really nice bitch, feminine, well shaped head, well balanced with deep chest and good angulation. Just preferred the overall balance and head of 1. 2 lovely girls.

3rd Corless, Swiftlark First Lady.


Limit Bitch (14, 2a)

1st Hall, Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara JW, my notes say stunning head, so well balanced with beautiful conformation. So close up to my CC and Reserve CC winners, one to watch in the future.

2nd Waterton, Welcome Breeze JW Sh CM, one I liked as a youngster, fulfilling her promise. Pretty head with dark eyes, good angulation and gently sloping topline.

3rd Dale & Wyer, Aubanjon Royal Symphony. Best mover of the day!


Open Bitch ( 6, 1a)

1st Crocker, Sh Ch Riverbrue Gloriana, what a star, from her beautiful well balanced head and softest expressive eyes right through her compact well balanced body. She stormed around the ring with her accurate movement. Loved her, but then so I should having given her gorgeous sire and beautiful dam CCs in the past, what a dynasty they’ve produced. CC and BOB. Congratulations.

2nd Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott, Thendara Chasing Boys To Sumaric, another favourite of mine, so different from 1 larger but so well balanced with pretty lean head, dark eyes, deep chest, lovely neck and shoulders. Moved really well. Pleased to award her the Reserve CC. Well done. So pleased she completed her title at NEEISC.

3rd Walters, Dreamerlis Regal Jodie From Deneil.


Veteran Bitch (2)

1st Gardner, Sh Ch Thendara Jocasta JW, another favourite of mine, so well balanced from her pretty lean head  with dark expressive eyes through her beautiful angulation and body to the tip of her tail. Pleased to award her best veteran bitch and best veteran in breed. Well done.

2nd Stevenson, Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley Sh CM. another lovely girl with a pretty head, slightly longer cast than 1 


Penny Pallister