Midland Irish Setter Society Open Show

30 June 2019

My thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge this very well-run show. My Stewards, Julie and Susan, were excellent and kept me on track. It was lovely to have so many classy dogs to go over so I really must thank the exhibitors who not only gave me a challenging entry but supported this enjoyable show. It is a pleasure to see an Open Show so well supported. Thank you all.

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Corless’s Bardonhill Swift Eagle (BVD)
A handsome boy shown in lovely condition on his 10th birthday. A balanced outline, he possesses enough front and rear angulation. Lovely head with parallel planes and melting expression. Good length of neck leading into well laid back shoulders. He moved freely with drive, would have preferred a slightly stronger topline but forgave this with his age. Happy to award him best veteran dog

2nd Axon’s Brinara Back in the Running
Slightly older boy with lovely deep chest and gently sloping top line. Slightly shorter overall in outline but had less forechest than the winner. Again moved well with drive. So lovely to see these boys still enjoying their day in the ring.

Veteran Bitch (5,3)

1st Parsons’ Sh Ch Suteresett Miss Splendid at Bransett (BVB & BVIS)
An elegant 8 and a half year old with nice angles throughout. Lovely expression with correctly shaped eyes. Good reach of neck flowing into nice layback of shoulder. Deep chested with well laid back ribs and enough length of loin. Correct tail set. Shown in lovely coat and moved as one with her handler striding out with drive.

2nd Swainston’s Glenvarna Dora the Explorer
Very nicely put together 7 year old. Good front and forechest. Pretty head with correct ear set and enough stop. Nice angles throughout. Slightly shorter in length of ribs but moved very well with drive. Just preferred the overall picture of the winner on the day.

Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Bell & Barker-Bell’s Balintyne Let it be Me
Very sweet 6 months and one week baby. What a pretty little girl. She possesses enough bone and angulation for her age. On the move was quite settled and held her topline well. Very pretty head with correct unshelled almond shape. Her handler was very sympathetic and kind and got the best out of her on the day. Will watch her future development.

Puppy Dog (1)

1st Williamson’s Bluesprings Picture This
A lovely young man at the top limit of puppy. Presented a very balanced picture. Classic head with a very kind eye, enough stop and depth of muzzle. Adequate front angles and forechest. Lovely length of neck into nice layback of shoulder, flowing into gently sloping topline which he held well on the move, with a good tailset. Deep chested with nice spring of rib. He has good bone throughout and when he moved it was with reach and drive. Just felt the bitch puppy was steadier on the move in the puppy challenge.

Puppy Bitch (6,1)

1st Ciechonska’s Gwendariff Smart Move Back to Aoibheanne
I like this young lady. Pretty head with correct ear set and wickedly gentle Irish expression. Enough neck flowing into well laid-back shoulders. Good forechest and front angulation. Deep chested with good spring of rib and strong loin with lovely topline and correct tailset. Lovely width of thigh and good sweep of stifle which she used to advantage on the move with excellent reach and drive. Very pleased to award her BPIS.

2nd Williamson’s Bluesprings Sunday Girl
An elegant puppy and like her litter brother earlier possesses a nice overall balanced outline. A different type to the winner, but nothing is exaggerated. She has a lovely head and expression, good length of neck, nice topline into good tailset. Moved well. Just preferred the balance of the winner today.

3rd Bott’s Bardonhill River of Stars

Junior Dog (5,1)

1st Davis’ Grayrigge Mystral Wind with Alanasett
Having not been around the rings in the early part of the year I had not seen this boy before and he took my eye when he came into the ring. Lovely head with good chiselling for his age. Adequate length of neck leading into a fabulous front with good forechest and front angles. Lovely deep chest with good spring of rib leading into muscular loin. He is well muscled and his handler really got the best out of him on the move. True forward and back, drive and reach. Certainly did enough for me today to award him Reserve Best In Show.

2nd Swainston’s Glenvarna Monterey
Overall a slightly heavier dog but saying that another one that has everything in the right place and great appeal. Balanced outline with good depth of chest. Has sufficient bone and shown in lovely muscular condition. He moved well. Just preferred the front angles of the winner on the day.

3rd Richardson’s Gwendariff I’m Fool Proof

Junior Bitch (8,3)

1st Bott’s Bardonhill Sombody to Love
Presented in lovely coat and condition, this bitch was delightful in her overall balance and pretty feminine head. Good in stop and ear set with a melting expression. Enough neck with good shoulders and gently flowing topline into correct tailset. Like her straight front and width of thigh which was evident in the way she moved around the ring.

2nd Kennedy-Sloane’s Twoacres Destiny
A different type but a lot of the above comments apply. She has good angulation throughout and moved very well. Would just prefer a little less roundness over the croup which would give her a slightly stronger topline.

3rd Blackshaw’s Lanstara Ruby Slippers

Yearling Dog (4)

Repeat of Junior Dog

Yearling Bitch (4,1)

1st Roberts’ Jetsetter Cristalle to Polmennor JW (IMP RUS) (RBB)
Have watched her from the ringside and enjoyed the experience of going over her. Feminine and nicely balanced, she has a pretty head with kind expression. I like her front and rear angles, nice length of neck with good topline and tailset. Presented in good condition and moved very well to win the class. Did enough today to gain Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Heather’s Sixoaks Leading Lady
A nicely put together girl with good depth of rib and adequate forechest and angles. Moved well but preferred the slightly more feminine head of the winner.

3rd Blackshaw’s Lanstara Ruby Slippers

Novice Dog (3,1)

1st Corless’s Swiftlark Second to None with Magembay
Nicely shaped dog. Typical Irish male head with kind eye and classic shape of skull. Good length of neck. Has good bone and sufficient angulation. Would have preferred him slightly longer in the loin when it came to the challenge.

2nd Davison’s Bardonhill You Don’t Fool Me
Was giving his owner a bit of a hard time today but stood and moved well enough for me to assess him. Similar comments to the winner with but preferred tailset and topline of the 1st.

Novice Bitch (5,1)

1st Bott’s Bardonhill Somebody to Love (repeat 1st in Junior Bitch)

2nd Taylor’s Alchriset A Taste of Honey
A pretty elegant young lady, different in style to the 1st. A pretty feminine head with gentle expression and correct ear set. Nice length of neck leading to good topline and tailset. Moved well holding her topline. Just preferred front angulation and forechest of the winner.

3rd Berry & Morris’ Quensha What A Girl Wants via Brinara

Graduate Dog (5)

Really nit-picking in this lovely strong class. Loved all of my top three for different reasons.

1st Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settersoli JW (BIS)
A quite classically shaped young dog presented in good condition and coat. Loved his head with the ‘two brick’ shape. Nice stop and kind eye and not too deep in the muzzle. Enough length of neck with slight arch leading into well laid-back shoulders. Good forechest with nice front angulation. Deep chested with a good spring of rib. Strong on the loin. Gently sloping topline with nice tailset. Like his width of thigh and his overall muscular condition. Today he moved well with his owner with good reach and drive. Happy to award him Best Dog and Best in Show overall.

2nd Bott’s Bardonhill Pearly Spencer
Again what a lovely boy from this kennel presented in good condition with lovely dark coat. A different style to the winner but with much to commend him. Masculine head with kind expression. Good angulation throughout with adequate forechest. Nice topline and tailset held on the move. Just preferred the overall shape of the 1st today.

3rd Naylor’s Anlory Duncan JW

Graduate Bitch (6)

1st Catling’s Teleri Indian Summer (AI) JW
My notes say lovely honest bitch not overdone in any department. She has a pretty feminine head with kind expression. Enough neck leads into good shoulders and sloping topline to correct tailset. Deep chest with nice spring of rib. Moved very well.

2nd Taylor’s Alchrist A Taste of Honey
2nd in Novice Bitch

3rd Coleman’s Devacott Rose Creek

Post Graduate Dog (5, 1 abs)

1st Corless’s Swiftlark First Knight
Lovely type. Elegant shape with masculine head. Arched neck into good layback of shoulders. Enough forechest and good front angulation. Good depth of chest laid well back to strong loin. Ribs well sprung. Liked his topline and tailset. Very good width of thigh and moved well enough to win the class.

2nd Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli
Slightly shorter overall to the winner but another dog with class. Most of the comments on the winner apply to this lovely dog. Presented in lovely condition and coat. Although he moved very well he was flying his tail a little too high for my personal taste.

3rd Parsons, Parsons, Gisby & Gisby’s Suteresett Tom Collins at Bransett

Post Graduate Bitch (10, 2 abs)

1st Taylor’s Danaway Goody Two Shoes
Pretty balanced bitch shown in nice coat and muscle condition. She has a feminine head with kind expression. Nice eye shape, correct ear set and enough stop. Slightly arched neck into well laid back shoulders flowing through her topline to correct tail set. Standing on neat feet, she has good angulation front and rear. Moved very nicely to win the class.

2nd Parson’s Braidmount Lady of the Lake at Bransett
Slightly more mature but lovely shape. Another pretty feminine bitch of a different type to winner. Again nit-picking in this class as the comments of the winner could be repeated for this lady. I preferred the elegance of the 1st on the day.

3rd Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carignan JW

Limit Dog (1)

1st Axon’s Brinara Private Eye
Stood alone but nicely put together masculine boy. A gentle expression with nice balance to his head planes. I did however find him slightly broader in skull than I prefer. He has good angulation throughout. Nice depth of chest and spring of rib. Liked his topline and tail set and moved well.

Limit Bitch (6, 1 w/d)

1st Stevenson’s Lochlorien True Detective is Andley
Pretty bitch I’ve done well when she was a junior and lovely to go over her again now she’s matured. Presented in lovely condition and coat. Nothing exaggerated but very good in angulation throughout. Feminine head with melting expression. Elegant length of neck flowing through topline to tailset to give a balanced picture. Moved well with drive and reach.

2nd Elkin’s Twoacres Promise of Spring with Avacet
A finer bitch than the winner but a very nice girl overall. Nicely ribbed and has good flow from arched neck to correct tailset. Pretty feminine head with typical soft expression. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Beaten on movement today.

3rd Taylor’s Danaway Good Two Shoes

Open Dog (1)

1st Weir’s Deevonville El Condor Passa
Handsome all male dog. Standing alone did not detract from this handsome dog. Masculine head with mischievous expression. He has enough neck arching into good shoulders through his sloping topline to correct tailset. He had good forechest and reasonable front angulation. Would have preferred him slightly longer in the body for balance.

Open Bitch (4)

Hard decision between my 1st two. Thank you for the headache.

1st Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW ShCM
I’ve judged this girl before and still found plenty to like. Pretty head with gentle expression. Like her topline and angulation. Adequate spring of ribs of good length and strong loin. Good width of thigh and sweeping bend of stifle. Nothing exaggerated and lovely overall shape. Personally I would have preferred just a bit more forechest which was why she missed out in the RBiS challenge.

2nd Stevenson’s Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley ShCM
Feminine bitch with good balanced outline. Well angulated front and rear. Strong hindquarters which she used to her benefit on the move. Very close decision.

3rd Fox’s Millcroft Bubbling Moon

Sue J. Randle (Rionore)