Critique National Gundog Dogs 2021

Dogs: A huge thank you to National Gundog Association and the exhibitors who entered their beautiful dogs under me, which made this such a special day for me. Thank you for my super entry in these difficult times. I have loved this wonderful breed (my first love) for many years and now to award CCs in them is a huge honour. I was so pleased with my final line up and some decisions were close. Thank you also to my stewards, Sue and Keith, for their support and who helped keep things running smoothly. 

VD (5, 2) 1 Foster & Walsh’s Millcroft Chase The Moon To Shanoah. I have judged this quality boy before. I like his racy outline. His head is balanced with raised brows, his elegant neck leads into nicely angulated shoulders. He has a good depth of chest, a firm topline and loin, good bend of stifles that helped him move soundly today. 2 Drinkwater’s Brabrook Shazalazazoo. He has a lovely balanced head with such a kind expression. His forehand is nicely angulated, another with good depth. He is very balanced with a pleasing outline, and he moved happily around the ring. 3 Tuites’ Sh Ch Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet. Jw (Imp Bel). 

PD (3) Three promising babies in this class. 1 Stewart-Ritchie’s Nobleton Poblano Of Gwendariff. He is quite mature for his age. He has a racy clean outline, is very together for one so young and he showed like a pro. He is eyecatching with lovely bone and condition. He has an attractive head, elegant neck leading into gentle sloping topline which he held on the move. He has good angulation both fore and aft which made him move out so well for one so young. BPD. 2 Richardson’s Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows. Another promising boy, lovely dark coat shown in beautiful condition. His head is pleasing with a soft expression. Clean neck, sound forehand with good depth for age. His hindquarters are nicely angulated with a good width of thigh, and he moved well around the ring. 3 Danks-Kemish’s Wenflaen Lets Get Serious For Alolfrana. 

JD (6, 1) 1 Bott, Allan & Morgan’s Quensha Take A Bow. This handsome boy has an unexaggerated eyecatching outline and is beautifully presented. His head is attractive but still has maturing to do, he has kind expressive eyes. His neck is of good length, and he has a lovely layback of shoulders and return of upper arm. Good depth of brisket and spring of ribs which are of good length. Firm topline and loin which leads into strong rear quarters, and he stood on lovely tight feet. He moved so well, one to watch, I’m sure. 2 Hemmings’ Orlanset Mandoline. Straighter coated boy that seems a rarity these days. Another who is well presented but not so mature as one but of course has plenty of time. His head is very handsome his lovely eye shape gave him his soft expression. He scored for me in skull and depth of muzzle. His outline is unexaggerated and racy with no lumps or bumps, and he moved out well. 3 Beresford’s Jetsetter Wind Of Dreams (Imp Rus). 

Sp Beginners D (4) 1 Bently’s Astleyview Coming Home To Penclippin. Smaller framed boy who has a balanced outline. I would just like a bit more of him all over. He has clean shoulders and he is nicely put together. He moved well. 2 Beresford’s Jetsetter Wind Of Dreams (Imp Rus). A naughty boy that just wanted to have some fun and who could blame him. He stands over more ground than one and is longer coupled but is still balanced. He has good shoulders and rear quarters which are nicely shaped. He really did not want to cooperate today but the few paces I saw he move soundly. 3 Berry, Morris & Kitzmaurice’s Brinara Country Boy.

YD (7, 3) Two promising brothers headed this class. 1 Crocker & Lewis’ Riverbrue Wonderwall At Hernwood. I like this dark coated youngster. He has a lovely shaped and balanced head which is handsome and has a hint of naughtiness in his eyes. He has an eyecatching outline that you cannot overlook. Clean over the shoulders which are nicely angulated, good depth all through, strong in topline that gently slopes, good length of body, not too short. He has powerful rear quarters in lovely muscle tone and condition he moved really well with attitude. 2 Dufrat’s Riverbrue Cast No Shadow On Haverley. Today not so together as his brother but another quality boy. Lovely make and shape. Pleasing type with good bone who was presented well. He is strong in topline and has an attractive outline, he just needs to settle and enjoy himself. He has a sound forehand and is nicely angulated behind. Moved well. 3 Bently’s Astleyview Coming Home To Penclippin.

ND (12, 3) There was quite a variation of ages in the class and movement was disappointing. 1 Webb & Danks-Kemish’s Alolfrana Azzaro Beside Redeshka (ai). Racy boy who has a pleasing expression but would like a bit more depth of flew to complete the picture. He has an elegant neck, good shoulders, depth of chest and sternum. His outline is clean, he is longer coupled but balanced with nicely shaped rear quarters which enabled him to move away soundly but today was not so positive in front. However, a pleasing type with good bone. 2 Hemmings’ Orlanset Mandoline. 3 Cove-Print’s Umbala Hobsons Choice. 

GD (12, 4) Good class headed by two immaculately presented dogs, different in type but both so appealing, they made it a tough decision for me. 1 Willis’ Gwendariff The Grand Master At Jacwilins. And grand he is. So promising. He has a balanced head with plenty of work in it. Elegant neck leading into a lovely forehand which has a good length of shoulder and return of upper arm. He is deep chested sound front with a good spring and length of ribs. Firm sloping topline, good loin and length of croup that leads into strong shapely hindquarters that allowed him to move so freely around the ring. 2 Boyd-McNeill & Edwards’ Gwendariff Beam Me Up Scotty. This boy is full of quality in great condition and immaculately presented. He is shorter coupled than one but another who is so well balanced with a good head and length of neck. Well angulated shoulders and pronounced sternum with deep brisket and plenty of heart room. Pleasing outline with strong rear quarters, he moved with soundness and style. 3 Gardiner’s Quensha Walk Me Home To Danwish. 

PGD (11, 2) Good class headed by three quality boys. 1 Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli (jw). I gave this boy BIS at a club show a couple of years ago, he is now 4 years old and has matured into an even lovelier boy. He has a beautiful head and expression with kind dark eyes. It is balanced with good skull shape and finish to foreface. Moderate neck leading into well angulated shoulders. He is deep chested with good spring of ribs. He has a lovely racy clean outline and not exaggerated in any way. His hindquarters are well bent and balanced. He moved soundly in the class but didn’t give it his all in the challenge which was such a shame, as he was considered for top honours. 2 Bott, Allan & Morgan’s Quensha Just Like Fire. Only 2 years old so still has some maturing to do but I was so impressed by him today. He is slightly smaller built than one but again he has a lovely outline. Everything fits cleanly together. I loved his forehand construction and front with a good depth of chest. Scored in topline which was gently sloping, width of thigh and good bend of stifles. He moved really well keeping his clean outline. 3 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket. 

MLD (8, 2) 1 Greenan Anlory Aiden (JW). Dark coated, stronger headed male with a good ear set and length of neck which runs smoothly into a sound forehand. His chest is deep with good rib shape. He is shorter coupled and soundly constructed. His topline gently slopes. His stifles are well bent but I would prefer more width of thigh. In good coat condition. He moved well. 2 Hall’s Harred Trevor. He is a good old-fashioned type of Irish. He is not a big boy and not eyecatching, but you need to go over him to appreciate his virtues. He has a lovely head with raised brows and such a sweet expression. Clean neck and nicely angulated shoulders, again I liked his length of shoulder and upper arm. Good depth of chest, top line and loin, but just falls away a little steeply over the croup for me. He has sound hindquarters and moved well. 3 Gardner’s Danwish On High (ai) JW. 

LD (16, 3) Quality class where some dogs went home cardless. 1 Edwards’ Gwendariff Ucantmissme Bonhomie. Stunning boy who appealed so much to me. Such a pleasing outline, beautifully put together and so well balanced. I loved his front assembly, depth and spring of ribs. Just right height to length ratio, everything fits cleanly together. His hindquarters are so balanced with great length and width of first and second thigh. Clean strong hocks that he used on the move, he went around the ring so happily and with drive. Stunning boy. Res CC. 2 Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry Of Settesoli. Another quality boy who is longer coupled and has a rangier outline but still balanced. Good head, kind eyes and low ear set. Good length of neck scored in front assembly with his good lay of shoulders and length of upper arm. Deep chested and strong rear quarters. He moved out well retaining his handsome outline. 3 Roffey’s Gwendariff Lucy’s Legacy. 

OD (7, 2) Good class. 1 Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas (jw). I must admit he had never really taken my eye, but the more I looked at him today, the more I was drawn to him. What a handsome lad. He has the most delightful nature, his tail never stopped wagging, which was a joy to see. He is such a character and he never stopped showing. He has a very handsome head, so well balanced with raised brows and kind eyes that really look at you. His clean neck flows into beautiful shoulders. He has plenty of heart room with a super front. His body is shapely with wonderful depth and length. His topline is firm and sloping. He is in super condition and muscletone. His rear quarters are strong and well bent. He is lovely to go over and everything just flowed, he has such an impressive outline, but he came in to his own when he moved. So sound and true. He powered around the ring with perfect footfall to take the CC and on the referee’s decision BOB. I was absolutely thrilled to see him take Res. BIS later in the day. He looked fabulous and never stopped showing the best of himself. Congratulations!! 2 Lucas’ Sh Ch Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight (Jw). When you look at him everything fits right. He is so soundly made and full of quality. Nothing exaggerated about him. Lovely forehand, deep chested and good spring of ribs. He has a gentle sloping firm topline, so well balanced. He has strong balanced hind quarters. He is beautifully presented such a lovely shape and moved soundly today but could not match the enthusiasm of one. 3 Dewar’s Gwendariff Here I Come. 

GCD (2) 1 Poole’s Teleri Summer Nights (Ai). He has a nice outline but would like more depth of chest. Sound forehand, firm topline and nicely angulated rear quarters and he moved well. 2 Rorke’s Zakans The Red Le Baron. He really doesn’t make the most of himself which is a shame. He has a lovely dark coat and well off for bone. His head is balanced, and he has a soft expression. Good layback of shoulders but would like a bit more angulation behind.

Ruth Lewis

Bitches: Firstly, I would like to say how honoured I was to be given the chance of awarding my first CCs at The National Gundog Championship Show. A massive thank you to the Committee for putting on such a well organised show and to all the Exhibitors that kindly turned up in such dreadful weather and giving me the opportunity to go over their bitches from our most beautiful breed. 

VB (5, 3) 1 Begg’s Sh Ch Thendara Chasing Boys To Sumaric. Still a most elegant, refined bitch. Beautifully balanced both in profile and on movement. A real delight to start my Judging with. BVB & BVIB. 2 Gilbert’s Joanmas Perfect Lullaby. An attractive bitch with kind expression, good reach of neck and well balanced in profile and on movement. 

MPB (5, 4) 1 Henderson & Wojkowski’s Grenada Lofty Czerwony (Imp Pol) NAF NAF. Just 6 months! Still to break in head, good reach of neck into nicely laid shoulders. Currently leggy and wobbly on the move which I love to see at this age. 

PB (9, 6) 1 Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff The Happy Hooker NAF RAF. Quality youngster, with an elegant outline. Good angulations and rear quarters, showed herself to full advantage on the move. 2 Jones’ Gwendariff Dazzling Diva. Kind eye and gentle expression with amble depth of ribcage and a lovely deep coloured coat. Moved nicely with a balanced topline. 3 Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Hold The Front Page NAF RAF. 

JB (14, 2) 1 Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Strictly Samba. Rangy elegant bitch with kind expression. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Nicely balanced in profile and covered the ground with drive on movement – one to watch! 2 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff We’ll Be Phame Us. Pretty bitch, deep chested and nicely balanced. Also moved well covering the ground. 3 Turner’s Blazing Bronze Jitterbug. 

Sp Beg B (4, 2) 1 Bentley’s Tredura Roselyn At Penclippin. An attractive bitch with kind expression. Well laid back shoulders, deep brisket and with strong sloping topline. Nicely balanced in profile. 2 Gomez’s Gwendariff Picknmix. Finer than the first and very similar attributes. Well angulated quarters. 

YB (5, 2) 1 Heppell’s Riverbrue Be Here Now. Well boned and solid, sound bitch. Well laid back shoulders, deep in chest and nicely angulated quarters. Moved well. 2 Greenwood’s Carnbargus Happy Returns. An attractive bitch and more rangy and finer than the first. Strong sloping topline with good quarter angulation. 3 Gilbert’s Thendara Electra With Joanmas. 

NB (12) 1 Turner’s Gwendariff A Gee An Tee For Me. An attractive, elegant bitch in plenty of coat. Well laid back shoulders into sloping topline and well angulated quarters. Surprised to see she was still in Novice! Moved really well. 2 Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Strictly Samba. 3 Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff We’ll Be Phame Us. 

GB (11, 3) 1 Danks-Kemish’s Glimmer Noblesse Diamond Is Forever Lofty With Alolfrana (Imp Pol). Good sized elegant bitch. Lovely reach of neck into sloping balanced topline. Plenty of sternum and well angulated quarters with good second thigh. Covered the ground well on movement. 2 Muir’s Gwendariffs Up To Somethin. Another attractive bitch with kind expression. Very close between first and second! Very balanced with well laid shoulders and deep brisket. Moved well and in great coat. 3 Stewart & Jones’ Gwendariff Gooseberry Fool. 

PGB (13, 3) 1 Drinkwater’s Brabrook Fancy Girl. Medium sized refined elegant bitch. She took my eye amongst a strong class! With a delightful expression and with a great racy balanced profile. Well laid back shoulder and plenty of sternum. Owned the ring on movement. Res CC. 2 Nicolson’s Gwendariff Just The Ticket For Lochindorb. Another lovely elegant bitch in profile and well balanced. Well angulated quarters and moved well. 3 Edwards’ Gwendariff Its Numero Uno At Bonhimie. 

MLB (3, 2) 1 Roberts’ Jetsetter Cristalle To Polmennor JW (Imp Rus). Although the only bitch in this class she was a worthy winner. Very attractive bitch, had substance yet remained elegant. Well balanced in profile, good reach of neck and sloping topline. Moved well and a lot to like about this lady. LB (8, 2) 1 Mugford’s Lynwood Abracadabra JW. Very impressive bitch, graceful, elegant, racy and beautifully balanced. I really can’t wax lyrical enough about this lady! Angulated well and in all the right places and in plenty of coat. Drove well and true on movement. It was an honour to hand out my first ever CC Certificate to this worthy girl. 2 Nicolson’s Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess At Lockindorb. Another lovely bitch with similar attributes as the first. 3 Drinkwater’s Brabrook Rosealee. 

OB (5, 2) 1 Danks-Kemish’s Rappatty Star Light Over Alolfrana JW ShCh. Kind expression, refined and well balanced on profile. Well laid shoulders and deep in forechest. A pleasure to watch on movement as she covered the ground with drive. 2 Rorke’s Cataluna May Queen At Zakan. Very attractive girl with great expression. Very well balanced with reach of neck into strong topline. Well angulated and also moved really well. 3 Jones’ Gwendariff Nutmeg ShCh. 

GCB (2) 1 Rorke’s Zakan’s Dream Believer. Well balanced bitch with kind expression. Very nicely put together with plenty of angulation in quarters. Drove well and true on movement. 2 Heppell’s Riverbrue Be Here Now.

Diana Wilder