Critique NEEISC 2021 Dogs

The North East of England Irish Setter Club                  23.10.21

I would first like to thank the club committee for the opportunity of judging their show and secondly to all the exhibitors for the courteous and sporting way they excepted my decisions. I was pleased with all my winners and also that along with my co-judge that we didn’t need to call on the services of the referee. All of the exhibits were in excellent condition but more training would be beneficial to some of the younger dogs.


M Puppy 1

1. Sturrock’s Forfarian Dusty Bottoms – 8 month old puppy, very raw as he should be at this stage, lean head with good eye shape and colour, well constructed quarters, correct tail set, good feet, moved ok for one so young.

Puppy 4 (1)

1. Sturrock’s Forfarian Dusty bottoms

2. Corless’ Swiftlark Invincible – Stylish young puppy with pleasing head & expression, rangier than 1, good quarters, tight feet, moved ok

3. Scott’s Sixoaks Rocket Man

Veteran 2 (1)

1. Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Elliott ShCm – 8yr old dog of good proportions  attractive head , good over the neck and shoulders, good spring of rib and short coupled, moved well.

Junior 2

1. Richardson’s Gwendariff Tullys Red Arrows – Attractive headed youngster, good eye shape & ear set, smooth over the neck & shoulders, good quarters  and well coupled, nice feet, good tail set, moved well.

2. Jones’ Gwendariff Its Just a Rumour –  Another attractive dog of similar type, masculine head, good quarters and lay back of shoulder, well bent stifles and hocks well let down, strode out well on the move, just preferred the head of 1 

Yearling 2

1. Hemmings’ Orlanset Mandolin – Smart young dog, good head and expression, overall clean in outline, well muscled body  sloping gently to the rear, well angulated with good loin well bent stifles, short hocks and good feet moved ok. 

2. McCulloch’s Shenanagin Oh Oh Seven – A  young dog with a lovely head with Irish expression, good straight front with plenty of spring of rib, strong quarters with well bent stifles, good set of tail, moved ok, close decision.

Maiden 1

1. Corless’ Swiftlark Invincible

Novice 2

1. McCulloch’s Shenanagin Oh Oh Seven

2. Corless’ Swiftlark Invincible

Undergraduate 3 (1)

1. Gilks’ Suteresett Mr Mistoffelees at Gochmawr – Well balanced young dog with a nicely chiselled head & dark eye, clean neck and shoulders, good spring of rib, strong loin, well angulated stifles, moved ok.

2. Hemmings’ Orlanset Mandolin

Graduate 6 (1)

1. Richardson’s Gwendariff I’m Fool Proof – This eye-catching dog headed a good class, lovely head with kind eye and well set ear placement, good length to the neck fitting well into the shoulders, excellent in outline, good forehand and well angulated rear quarters, moved well.

2. Deighton’s Oakdene Schiehallion (Imp Bel) – Another quality young dog who owns a lovely balanced head, good straight front with plenty of spring of rib, strong quarters with well bent stifles, moved well.

3. Davison’s Bardonhill You Don’t Fool Me

Post Graduate 5

1. Haberfield’s Jonola Moonshine – Well balanced handsome young dog, well chiselled head with dark eye , good length of the neck, attractive outline, well sprung ribs and strong loin with a well muscled rear end giving good movement.

2. Holehan-Green’s Loganrish Let’s Go crazy – Attractive dog, masculine head with a dark eye, good length of neck and strong fore hand, sloping gently to the rear, well angulated with good loin well bent stifles, short hocks and good feet moved well. 

3. Jones’ Gwendariff Pink Floyd

Mid Limit 4 (1)

1. McNeil & Boyd-McNeil’s Gwendariff Gonna Go For Gold at Glennlokhen – Handsome dog with kind eye and pleasant expression, good neck & shoulders with well angulated forehand, pleasing overall shape and outline with strong rear quarters, moved well.

2. Northend’s Aoibheannes single Malt – A bigger dog of good type, good head shape with kind expression, well developed all through with good depth to the chest and well balanced rear quarters, moved ok

3. Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire

Limit  8

1. Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique – This excellent class was headed by a quality dog with a lovely masculine head, well angulated forequarters & good layback of shoulder, well bodied with good couplings, well bent stifles & hocks well let down, the best of feet, move well.

2. Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli JW – Handsome dog of excellent but different type to 1, good head shape with dark eye and good length of muzzle, good over the neck & shoulders, straight front with good pasterns, strong over the croup, well bent stifles and short hocks, moved well.

3. Muir’s Gwendariff I’m Comin Out JW

Open 6 (1)

 1. Stockton’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW – Handsome dog of excellent type, chiselled head so balanced with the correct amount of stop, masculine yet melting expression lovely eye colour, raised brows & low set ears, with a good finish to the muzzle, he is well-built and racy with no hint of coarseness clean through the neck and shoulders with good layback, straight in front with good pasterns, well bodied with spring of rib and short couplings, well bent stifles and short strong hocks with well set tail which he used to advantage, moved with purpose and drive. Well deserved CC & with the agreement of my co-judge Best in Show.

2. Lucas’ Sh Ch Bardonhill Eternal Among Amberlight JW – Another quality dog worthy of his title. In excellent coat and condition, he possesses a beautiful appealing head with the true Irish expression in his dark well shaped eye, plenty of work but not overdone, correct length of neck fitting into the shoulders, good forehand with a firm topline & well muscled loin, strong rear angulation with the correct tailset, moved out with a good rear extension of the hocks. RCC.

3. Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli

Beginners 0

Steve Mitchell  Judge