NEEISC Open Show 2019

Many thanks to the exhibitors who showed under me although I had been called in as a
substitute judge and to my stewards who had the difficult job of watching for exhibitors as
several classes clashed with those of the championship show .
My young winners had the shape ,confirmation and moved correctly .

Minor Puppy 4 (1)
1 Bott Bardonhill Its Oh So Quiet
. 8mth strongly made boy . Ample bone v sturdy . Correct head planes and earset ,
Great rib,well bent stifle,dark lush coat .
2 Jarvis LowdonToo Darn Hot
7mth lighter build, finer in head elegant in outline when he eventually relaxed
3 Gisby Suttersett RumTum Tugger

Repeat of minor puppy
Veteran 3

1 Vallance Lynwood His Grace of Corcencone
7 yr old balanced boy.Correct top line just the gentle slope flowing to well
set on tail,strong quarters which gave him drive.Best Veteran
2 Cohen Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW
8 yr old. Longer cast than one, in good coat and moved ok
3 Mohan Anlory Keltic Legend

Junior 6
1 Davis Grayrigge Mystral Wind with Alanasett JW
No exaggerations v good shape, low set ears,clean neck,flowing from top of
head to tip of tail. He is a strong sound boy with the beginnings of a good coat . I
will watch with interest how he finishes . I made him Best Dog for his overall
balance and steady sound movement .
2 Gratton Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now
Settled down for his next class but was a fidget in this so didn’t show himself off
lost out to first in outline .
3 Sturrock Forfarian Bang Tidy

Yearling 4(1)
1 Gratton Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now
Much more together in this class .Ample rib,depth and coat .
2 Lees Leesett Orchard Romance
A heavier boy all through but with a pleasing head and moved ok
3 Hughes Gwendariff U R Going Places

Maiden 1
1 Bott Bardonhill Its Oh So quiet

Novice 2 (1)
1 Bott Bardonhill Its Oh So Quiet

Undergraduate No Entries

Graduate 2 (1)
1 Collins Lotushill Lionheart
V pleasing expression, correct depth of chest,coat is in good condition but could
be improved with more trimming

Post Graduate 9 (5)
1 Murchinson Pawsword Paperback Writer
Ive always liked this boy, rugged looking with a good outline,ample depth,
and spring of rib, he is well angulated, moved correctly but without the animation
I’ve seen of him in the past .
2 Russell Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Setersoll
Correct head planes with well set on ears, another outline that fits the standard, good
angulation and moved ok
3 Boyce Forfarian Secret Admirer

Limit 5
1 Greenan Anlory Aidan JW
A v sound boy,muscular arched neck,well placed shoulder,straight front,strong
legs with ample bone,deep chest,well ribbed back,good colour and coat .
2 Russell Strathmead Huckleberry at Setersoll
Typical Irish,fits the bill in most departments, moved ok
3. Cohen Aoibheannes Rough Diamond with Shushana JW

Open 2
1 Tupper Staratlanta Elliott
Dark rich coat and lots of it ,low set ears,good front ,ample depth and rib ,
Defined stifles, moved ok
2 Glasper Eusnit Action Master at Denetop
Soft wistful expression but carried too much weight which was detrimental to his
shape .

Minor puppy 8(1)
1 Box Fernstart Angels Kiss
8mth correct coat,balanced and elegant with a well angulated
front and sloping topline which she held on the move,just right for her age
2 Bott Bardonhill Barbie girl
8mth with a v appealing expression, oval skull with low set ears,well off for
bone,correct angulation just rolled a bit on the move
3 Bridgewater Bridgellas Don’t Push It

Puppy 5
1 Humphrey Alofrana Miss Daisy at Heneleas
11 mths loved her outline which flowed as she moved around the ring covering the
ground with ease for one so young,attractive head of correct proportions ,
had a naughty glint in her eye,clean neck,straight front ,well ribbed back ,
sturdy quarters. Best Puppy
2 Bott Bardonhill Barbie Girl
3 Borthwick Lotushill Scotch and Wry

Veteran 3(1)
1 Borthwick Northamber Runs Riot to Lotushill
2 Stevenson Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley
Two lovely girls who seemed to be enjoying their day. Both had appealing heads ,
Sound throughout couldn’t divide on movement but just preferred slightly the
topline of the first

Junior 3(1)
1 Sturrock Forfarian Soo Lush Best of Breed
2 Chorley Newton Kerryfair Foxy Forever
I just loved them both and wish they were mine. There was nothing exaggerated
about them, everything just fit . If you read the breed standard these two
are reflected in it in so many ways. This showed as they moved around the ring
with the drive that several older dogs did not have.On the day I just couldn’t go past
soft eye and expression of first . Both handled to perfection . Well done girls

Yearling 3(1)
1 Kassube Twoacres Fantasy
A balanced racy bitch,dark rich coat, clean in skull with parallel planes, ears held
low, ample depth of body with elbows free and well let down . Moved well
2 Robinson Lanstara Red Dress
Well put together and moved covering the ground .
Maiden 3(1)

1 Botts Bardonhill Barbie Girl
2 Borthwick Lotushill Scotch Wry
Novice 3(2)
1 Botts Bardonhill Barbie Girl

Undergraduate 1
1 Kassube Twoacres Fantasy
Graduate 4(3)
1 Borthwick Lotushill Katsura
In good coat and condition,had depth and kept her top line on the move which
showed off her well bent stifle and straight hock so gave her drive . Super finish
to foreface oval head shape with low held ear .

Post Graduate 6(3)
1 Davie Lochfrae Nina Simone
A pleasure to go over this girl,flowing topline which she held,nothing about her is
exaggerated,she has a v sweet wistful expression which I find is lacking in so
so many,well defined head correct finish to flew,clean in neck ,good straight
front, well developed rear quarters, now needs the coat to finish .
2 Whitehead Gwendariff Gona Win Some
Not as together as my winner but well handled
3 Jarvis Lowdon Sleepy Time

Limit 5(1)
1 Hall Harreds Hetty
The more I went over her the more I found I admired her body properties,
I felt she needed to be kept on her toes as occasionally
relaxed too much into her front, deep in chest with spring of rib, another flowing
topline to correct tailset, beautifull sweep of stifle and short from hock to floor
moved away with drive,coat was dark and thick and wasnt in so much
abundance that it could detract from her outline
2 Hinslea Gwendariff Guess Whos Coming to Northamber
Has elegance and shows nothing in exaggeration and moved well
3 Naylor Anlory Corbieres

Open 3
1 Sturrock SH Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady
One I always admired. A very refined racy girl,long lean head,low set ears with
raised brow, muscular neck, good rib,strong quarters,just didn’t hold her topline
and move as I know she can
2 Stevensons Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley
Unfortunate to meet 1 . Nothing out of place I just preferred the overall elegance of
the winner
3 Kassube Twoacres Fantasy

Joan Northend