Okehampton & DCS


Irish Setters

 P (6) 1. Rutherfords Majestyka Indian Summer at Clonageera. This young lady is extremely eye catching. She has a very feminine pretty head, a good oval skull, dark eye, ears set low & neat close to the head. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, super straight front, deep chest, ribs well sprung, firm straight topline sloping downwards from withers, strong nicely angulated hind quarters. A very sound & steady mover. Turned out in top door condition, a rich dark coat with depth & texture. BP & Group 2. 2. Condrons Covarney Moschino. Well balanced head & kind eye of correct shape, strong neck flowing cleanly into good lay of shoulders, nice straight front & good shaped feet. Good front & rear angulation, sloping topline, a well-balanced picture. Moved with purpose. 3. Needs Covarney Paco Rabanne. (3) 1 Roberts Jetsetter Cristalle To Polmennor JW (Imp). Feminine bitch who possess a lovely head, a good shape with raised eyebrows, dark eye & gentle expression. She has a good length of neck, good depth of chest, well bodied with firm topline, well angulated fore & aft, good stifle & short hocks, moved soundly. 2. Beldhams Redclyst Charlie Brown at Bowringlee. Masculine head, dark eye & good eye shape. Melting expression. Good reach of neck, straight front, good shoulder placement, well sprung ribs & good length of loin, gently sloping topline, moved out well. 3. Macdonalds Redclyst Head Full of Dreams.

G (6, 1) 1. Pikes Redclyst Boris. A very smart young man. A beautiful mischievous expression, a good dark eye, ears low set. Clean in outline with great body proportions with substance through rear assembly. Moved well in profile & presented in good coat & condition. 2. MacDonalds Redclyst Maximus. Good head long & lean oval skull, raised eye brows, dark almond shaped eyes, ears low set. Long clean neck, well laid back shoulders, deep chest with good spring of rib, good rear angulation. Moved well in profile & presented in good coat & condition. Moved with purpose. 3. Pettifers Heathclare Liberty at Crosswest.

L (2) 1. Roberts & Cormacks Sangarah Shared Romance with Polmennor (IMP). A very well presented dog, a credit to his handler. Oval shaped skull, intelligent expression, unshelled almond shaped eye, good strong neck leading to sloping shoulders, good depth of chest, ribs well sprung. Carried well back to muscular loin, firm topline gently sloping. Powerful hindquarters, short & strong hock, well bent stifle. Covered the ground with ease. Res BOB. 2. Jarvis & Drinkwaters Brabrook Jagerbomb. A lovely young man, all male head, good reach of neck, good shoulders, plenty of fore chest, well bodied, another in good coat. Moved well. OD (7,2) 1. Need & Condrons Covarney Macaroon. I have always admired this very stylish young man. Always turned out in excellent condition & today was no exception. He possess the most attractive of heads, balanced & handsome. A dog nicely made with good bone & super straight front. Good construction all through. Excellent topline gently sloping from well laid back shoulders, well sprung ribs, strong muscular loin, well angulated powerful hindquarters. He moved effortlessly covering the ground with ease. An absolute pleasure to award him BOB & to see him take Group 3. 2. Pikes Redclyst The Piper. Good head planes, gentle expression, low set ears, straight front, clean through neck and shoulders, excellent depth with adequate width & depth of chest and spring of rib. In good coat, good tailset. Moved out well. 3. Macdonalds Redclyst Kearney. OB (1) 1. Hadfields Marzanne China in Your Hand. A feminine bitch, good shaped head with an intelligent expression, well arched neck flowing into good laid back shoulders, good topline with gentle unexaggerated slope, well developed quarters. Another turned out in good coat and condition. Presented a balanced outline both standing and on the move. Cocker Spaniels G (6, 1) 1. Smiths Meakwood East ‘N’ Rose. So much to like about this Blue Roan young lady. Well chiselled feminine head with intelligent expression. Excellent substance, shown in super coat & condition. Lovely reach of neck, flowing into excellent lay of shoulders, super level topline, well angulated fore & aft, moved with great animation, never stopped wagging her tail. Res BOB 2. Millers Eddeswarren Spicy Nutmeg. Very nice black & tan bitch with bright intelligent expression. Good spring of rib and depth of brisket, loin short, wide & firm, level topline gently sloping downwards to tail. She was a very happy girl on the move, covering the ground well. 3. Couchs Caenriver Busy Bee. O (4,1) 1. Parkhouses Sandlauga Magic Spell for Shivani. Sturdy well balanced young man. Merry nature, exuberant temperament. Square muzzle, well developed skull, ears set low, moderate length of neck flowing into sloping shoulders. Compact body, ribs well sprung, short loin, level topline sloping to tail. Good bend of stifle, covered the ground with reach & drive. BOB. 2. Pearns Fonesse Fingibson In Gwbert JW ShCM. A lovely black dog presenting a pleasing outline. Small neat feet, good bone, masculine head and lovely expression. Super straight front, good depth of chest. Free effortless movement covering the ground well with excellent reach and drive. 3. Ratcliffs Withiflor Blubeau.

Ruth Longbottom