Critique Okehampton & District Sept 2018

Okehampton and District Canine Society I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at the well organised show, my ring steward for keeping things running smoothly, and also to the exhibitors who entered under me, and made my journey worthwhile.

Irish Setter Puppy (4,0) 1st Mrs A Roberts’ JETSETTER CRISTALLE TO POLMENNOR (IMP RUS). A beautiful 9 month old puppy bitch in fabulous condition, and just right for her age. A beautiful head with low set ears and unshelled almond shaped eyes. Lovely shoulder placement, gently sloping top line, nice neat feet. Moved well . BPIB, and PG2 2nd D & P Pike REDCLYST PRINCESS IN CHINA. A 7 month old bitch that is also in fantastic condition. Similar comments apply, not as mature as first but this will come with age. Great true movement both coming and going and on the go around. 3rd Mrs S, Mrs D & Mr J Pym, Milligan Bott & Bott’s THENDARA MARSHMELLO

Junior (3,0) 1st D & P Pike’s REDCLYST BORIS. Super Stylish 17 month old male who really looked the part. Beautiful expressive eyes, low ear set and good bite. Clean in outline with great overall body proportions , balanced with well laid shoulders and good return of arm, plenty of spring to rib and depth of chest, moved with drive. 2ND Mrs M A Hadfield Starlanta Get a Wiggle On To Marzanne Not quite as mature as 1, but never the less, this boy still has some good attributes. He possesses a clean outline and good angulation fore and after, allowing him to move soundly. 3rd J MacDonald’s REDCLYST MAXIMUS

Graduate (8,1) 1st Mr & Mrs Ho & Aj Hutchings’ COVARARNEY EVERYONE KNOWS. 2year old male in full bloom. Seemed a little slow to move off to start with, but his movement got better as the class went on. Lovely head and good shoulder placement , gentle sloping top line and good angulations fore and after, must admit one I haven’t seen from ring side and will look forwards to seeing again in a bigger outdoor ring. 2nd D & P Pike’s REDCLYST BORIS. 1st in junior class 3rd MRS A Roberts’ POLMENNOR SPINNING MOONS

Limit (7,1) 1st Mrs K Hall’s GLENNARA CILLEIGNE DERVLA JW. This bitch is just beautiful, and in fantastic condition. Lovely shaped head with just enough work, retaining femininity. Deep chest, well sprung ribs, beautiful strong topline, and well set on tail. Good angulation for and after. Moved with A REAL ‘LOOK’ AT ME, grabbed my attention which gave her BOB, and a good G3 2nd Ms S J Randle FORFARIAN’S HIDDEN SECRET WITH RHIONRE. Substantial male of good quality. Lovely head planes, with kind expressive eyes, with a hint of character that’s a must have in an Irish! Beautiful outline, with lovely coat texture and colour, nice neat feet and well set on tail. Moved well but again one I cant wait to see in a bigger more natural ring. 3rd Mrs G Partridge KERRYDOWN ODDS ON.

Open dog (8,1) 1st Mr &Mrs & Dg & Hc & Condron & Needs COVARNEY MACAROON. This dog just oozes quality throughout. He has the most exquisite head piece leading to a gently sloping topline and well set on tail. He has brilliant angulation and enough return of stifle. He has a real character about him, pushed hard for top honours and on another day could well take it, today it was RBOB. 2nd Miss CJ Prangle’s HEATHCLARE AMERICAN DOLLAR JW ShCM Another quality exhibit, he just lacked the verve of the winner today,a little disappointed because I have seen him go so much better from the ringside, and this is ‘dogs’ for you never to be predicted , as always shown in a fantastic condition and a quality coat in full bloom, enough angulation in fore and behind without being overdone, with the neatest feet, ’ I love’ nice feet , once again will wait to see him in a bigger more encouraging ring to see him at his full potential. 3rs Mrs G Partridge’s KERRYDOWN ONE MAN

Open Bitch (6,3a) 1st Mrs A Roberts Polmennor For Fun A beautiful 8 yr old bitch in the best condition, a ‘real’ girlie headpiece with enough work in and keeping that feminine look, tightest feet ,good angulation fore and behind, was giving her handler a little bit of a hard time , but credit where credit is due , the strong gentle sloping topline on this bitch at the age of 8 is a credit to her owner for keeping her so well, really liked her, moved well ,pushed hard in the challenge. 2nd MR &Mrs G and K Condron Summertime Blues For Covarney Well, this girl really made her handler work for it, bit of a fidget , applaud her handler for keeping it together ,patience and determination, my notes say ’shows great promise for the future ’really liked her ,well put together great angulation before and behind, when stood still a good topline , neatest of feet, beautiful headpiece , moved well, just had to give way to maturity today . 

Rebecca Danks-Kemish