Critique Poole Canine Club 2021

Premier Open Show 26th September 2021

Thank you to the Club for the invitation to judge Irish Setters at their show, and also to the stewards who kept the ring running smoothly.

Irish Setters

Puppy (3,0abs)

1.      Hadfield’s Covarney Time After Time for Marzanne – she is very balanced and has a lovely topline and correct tail set. Good angulation. She has a good straight front, deep chest and a good spring of ribs. Her head is long and lean with correct shape eyes and raised brows. Nice tight feet. She moved very well. BPIB & Puppy G2.

2.      Needs Covarney It Takes Time – litter brother to the winner. He has a beautiful head with good finish to stop and raised brows, defined occiput. He is refined in skull and his neck flows cleanly into a good topline. He has good angulation and a straight front. A deep chest and good spring of ribs. Just not as positive on the move as the winner.

3.      Henderson’s Grenada Lofty Czerwony (Imp Pol) TAF NAF – Pretty head. Good topline. She wasn’t so steady on the move today.

Junior (8,1abs)

1.      Murray’s Bluebyeyou Love Affair At Derrydore – He has a beautiful head with good finish to stop and raised brows. Deep chest and a good spring of ribs.  Moved okay.

2.      Condron’s Bluebyeyou Baby Love By Covarney – she has a good front and angulation back and front. Topline and tailset are correct. Pretty feminine expression and good earset. Today she was very unsettled on the move.

3.      Pike’s Redclyst The Celt

Yearling (3,0abs)

1.      Prangle’s Heathclare Just Fizz – She has a beautiful head, correct eye shape and refined in skull. Very Pretty. Balanced outline, good topline and good angulation. She moved very well with drive.

2.      Murray’s Bluebyeyou Love Affair At Derrydore – winner of Junior class. Winner was more positive on the move.

3.      Bye’s Bluebyeyou Love In A Mist

Graduate (5,1abs)

1.      McCabe’s Clongageera Thrift – She is beautiful to go over when stood correctly.  Good angulation. Straight front. Topline is correct and her tailset is well set on. She moved very well.

2.      Harris, Bridgwater & Hoeksema’s Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy Sings Konakakela (Imp NLD) JW – Masculine head with good planes and expression. Well turned out in full coat. Good angulation back and front. Lost out on movement to the winner.

3.      Pike’s Redclyst Ola

Post Graduate (6,0abs)

1.      Kennedy-Sloane’s Twoacres Destiny – Correct head planes, with good finish to stop and refined in skull. Good topline which she held on the move.  Good muscle tone. She is balanced in outline and has good angulation. A straight front and well sprung ribs. She moved well.

2.      Needs Covarney Paco Rabanne At Stourford – he has a balanced outline, with a good topline. He is refined in head with good finish to stop and muzzle. Expressive, correctly shaped eyes.  Good depth to chest. Well angulated without exaggeration. Not fully co-operating with his handler today when standing. Moved well.

3.      MacDonald’s Redclyst Head Full of Dreams

Open Dog (7,1abs)

1.      Pym, Bott & Milligan-Bott’s Thendara Marshmello – A handsome dog with correct head planes, he is refined in skull with good finish to stop and expressive eyes. He is balanced in outline with good angulation front and rear. He has a deep chest and good spring of ribs.  Immaculately presented. Tight feet. Stood like a rock and moved with drive. RBOB & BOS

2.      Pike’s Redclyst Boris – A finer dog than the winner but still masculine and had to be gone over to appreciate fully. Correct head planes with good finish to stop and muzzle. Correct ear set and good expression. Straight front and good angulation. Good topline. Moved okay.

3.      MacDonald’s Redclyst Maximus

Open B itch (7,2abs)

1.      Elkins Twoacres Promise of Spring With Avacet – Balanced in outline, her angulation both front and back is excellent. She has a deep chest and good spring of ribs. Her head is refined and her brows raised, she has good finish to stop. Eyes are the correct shape. Clean lines flowing from her well arched neck into a correct topline. Shown in gleaming condition. She moved very well with a lashing tail. BOB

2.      Rutherford’s Majestyka Indian Summer At Clonageera JW – Another pretty girl with correct head planes and beautiful expression. Straight front and correct angulation front and back. Topline is correct. Moved well.

3.      Andrew’s Millcroft Scarlet Moon

Judge Christine Borthwick