Canine ClubJune 2019


16th June 2019

I thank the club very much for this appointment. As it will be my last it is very fitting it should be here, as I have many happy memories of days spent with them over the last 40 years. Thank you to my very helpful stewards. Most of all thank you to you, the exhibitors, for bringing your lovely and very special dogs, all who were beautifully presented. Just one comment, I still find movement and fronts an issue. Thank you for a lovely day.

P. (1) 1. Randle’s ALOLFRANA LADY MILLION AT RIONOR A neat compact 7 month bitch. A sweet head with nice dark eyes, well proportioned body for a puppy. She has well bent stifles and neat feet . Moved steadily. B.P P.G.4.
J. (7) 1 Pym, Bott & Milligan Bott’s THENDARA MARSHMALLO. D. This one took my eye straight away. Handsome head with expressive dark eyes. Neck fits cleanly into good shoulders. Well bodied strong in hindquarters with powerful look at me movement. All topped by a gleaming coat.
2 Rutherford’s MAJESTYKA INDIAN SUMMER. B. Close up to 1st. Very pretty bitch, lovely head and expression. Good over the neck and shoulders, good depth and spring of ribs. A nicely balanced bitch. Today just couldn’t match the dog’s driving movement.
3 Kennedy-Sloane’s TWOACRES DESTINY. B.

Y. (4) 1 THENDARA MARSHMALLO. D. Repeat Junior.
2. Catling’s TELERI INDIAN SUMMER (AI) JW B. Pretty headed bitch with a rather wistful expression. Her front is good with neck fitting cleanly into good shoulders. Well bodied. With neat feet and hocks. I wish she had moved with a little more enthusiasm.

G. (6.1) 1 Macdonald’s REDCLYST MAXIMUS. D. Handsome head with correct eye shape and colour giving him a masculine but gentle expression.
His front is good with well laid back shoulders and pronounced sternum. Strong well ribbed backed body, clean topline. His hind angulation balanced his front perfectly and strong well bent stifles gave him his strong positive movement. A well balanced dog presented in beautiful full coat and excellent condition. B.O.B.
2. Pike’s REDCLYST BORIS. D. Litter brother to 1st and has many of the same attributes. He is a smaller built dog and is very well balanced, like his brother he has a very appealing head. Clean lines all through and strong quarters which gave him good movement. Presented in good colour gleaming coat. At the moment he appears not quite as mature as his brother. What a good pair of dogs, I am sure they will change places many times.

PG. (2.2)

OD. (4.1) 1 Andrew’s MILLCROFT MOON RIOT. He has a masculine head with no coarseness. I would prefer a little more lay back of shoulder to help his strong neck fit into his topline more smoothly. He has good depth of body, well angulated hindquarters, short neat hocks and his profuse coat was in good condition and well presented.
2. Macdonald’s REDCLYST KEARNY. Seven and a half years old. He has a refined head with just a few grey hairs coming giving him an appealing distinguished look. His body is deep and well ribbed back with good layback of shoulders. Although he lacked feathering his coat was in good condition

OB. (8.1) What a class !! So many quality bitches who deserved to win.
1 Hall’s GLENNARA CILLEIGNE DERVA (ICK) JW. Lovely feminine head with good colour and shaped eyes giving a pleasing expression. Well balanced front and rear quarters, well boned, good spring and depth to ribs. Good bend and sweep of stifle, straight short hocks, which gave her such
powerful movement. I wish she had a firmer topline, but forgave her this as it was her movement which won her this hot class. She flew round the ring with good front extension and strong drive from behind and made it all look so effortless. It was this picture that wouldn’t leave my head and won her the class. R.B.B. & B.O.S. Shown in lovely coat and condition.
2 Prangle’s HEATHCLARE QUE SERA SERA SH.CM. Very much the type I like with very feminine head with lovely eye shape and colour and such a gentle expression. Good front , well bent stifles and neat hocks, well ribbed body. In lovely coat and condition. These comments also apply to the lovely bitch in 3rd.

Jean Meekings