Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association

Date:  14/10/2018

Irish Setter

Puppy 3 (1)

1. Harris’ Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy Sings Konakakela (IMP NLD) NAF,TAF – 6 month old baby who behaved well for his age. Lovely head & expression, good reach of neck & low set ears of good length. Straight front, well laid back shoulders, correct topline and tail set. Moved well for one so young .BPIB and delighted to see him win AV Gundog Puppy and gundog puppy group 3.Well done.

2. Kennedy-Sloane’s Twoacres Destiny – Very sweet 8 month old girl. Preferred topline and tail set of winner but very pleasing head and expression, moved well.

Junior 3 (1)

1. Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settersoli – Very impressive and mature looking 17 month old dog. Beautiful rich dark coat in excellent condition. Masculine head with raised brows and a gentle soft expression. Well laid back shoulders, good topline which he held well on the move. Excellent bend of stifle and correct tail set .Moved well RBOB.

2. Lippett’s Clonageera Sage – 16 month old dog full of potential however does not show himself to advantage. Not as mature as the winner, pleasing head, good coat , unsettled on the move.

Post Graduate 7 (2)

1. Andrew’s Millcroft Scarlet – A favourite of mine, she is such a pretty feminine bitch, just the right size for me .Beautiful head & expression, dark eye. Elegant length of neck, correct topline and tailset . Good rear angulation and moved well around the ring. Pleased to award her BOB and was shortlisted in the gundog group.

2. Elkins’ Twoacres Promise of Spring With Avacet – Not so mature as winner but a very pretty, elegant girl. Beautiful head with a very feminine expression and dark eye of correct shape. Scored in topline which she held on the move.

3. Waterton’s Sandstream Summer Breeze–

Open 6

1. Hall’s Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (IKC) JW – Very feminine 23 month old bitch. Lovely shaped head, dark eye. Deep chest, correct topline and good overall balance. Moved well despite the pouring rain.

2. Lippett’s Clonageera Born to Run – 4 year old girl, more mature than the winner .Feminine head, deep chest , good rear angulation. Moved ok.

3. Andrew’s Milcroft Moon Riot

Patricia Pike