Retford CS


P (8) 1 Mesdames Longbottom and Stewart- Ritchie. Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket.7 month old male, mature age. Good head with correct proportions, balanced body for one so young, straight front. Good rear angulation. Best puppy. 2  Richardson Gwendariff I’m Foolproof. Different type to 1 but maintained the same overall qualities of balanced outline with good reach of neck and well and related rear.3. Pallister Corranroo Nodic Kiss at Penwyn.. Res. Leach Loganrish Beautiful Girl. J (4) 1 Swainston Glenvarna Monterey. Just a year old young man took my eye. He is beautifully proportioned with good shoulder lay and deep chest. He used his rear angulation to full advantage on the move. Reserve Best of Breed. 2 Richardson Gwendariff I’m Foolproof. 3  Kassube and Womak Twoacres Fantasy Res Davison Bardonhill You Don’t Fool Me  PG (3,1) Richardson Orlanset  Ready For Love. Really pretty bitch with the sweetest of head and kind expression. Well angulated front and rear, short coupled and correct sloping top line. Moved with drive. Best of breed. 2 Corless Swiftlark First Lady. Balanced bitch with good length of neck and well-placed shoulders. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. OD (2) 1 Jarvis Lowdon Toby Larone. Mature dog in his prime. Plenty of angulation of front and rear with gentle sloping top line which he kept on the move. Moved with his tail slashing which was a pleasure to see, obviously enjoying his day out.  2 Corless Swiftlark First Knight. Handsome boy with appealing head and eye. Well balanced dog with ample depth of chest and well sprung ribs. He was very unsure of himself today. OB Swainston Glenvarna Dora The Explorer JW. Another pretty bitch with that kind “Irish” expression. Good reach of neck and shoulder placement. Strong well muscled rear end which she used to advantage on the move. 2 Corless Swiftlark First Edition. Strong bitch with deep chest and plenty of spring of rib. Strong loin and well angulated rear. Moved well.

Jenny Lowe