8th Sep 2019


Thank you to the friendly Richmond committee, my two lovely stewards and most of all, to the
exhibitors for allowing me the privilege of going over their dogs and making my first time giving C
C s in Irish Setters such an enjoyable experience. I was very pleased with my main winners and
particularly with puppy and veteran being shortlisted in their groups.
I found dogs better overall than bitches as some bitches seemed quite large and with heads that were
not very feminine. Temperaments and mouths were generally good in both sexes but quite a few
dogs and bitches I felt were long in body and neck, rather upright in shoulder and overangulated at
the rear. I know we don’t expect our show Irish to be field champions but they should still have the
stamina, construction and keenness to run through heather to find birds or as the standard says, to
range and hunt under any conditions.
Having said that, I was particularly pleased with the puppy classes for both sexes which augur well
for the breed and the puppies were delightful to judge, especially the naughty ones!
VD (6) Lovely class of golden oldies. 1 Foster and Walsh’s Millcroft Chase the Moon to Shanoah.
7-year-old dog, moved like a youngster smoothly with drive from his hindquarters.Refined head
and expression, a credit to his owner. Best Veteran. 2 Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW
Sh.CM. A favourite of mine, 7-year-old who moves with style, lashing his tail and carrying his head
well, so well balanced, keeping his topline. But today, he lost out on coat and hind angulation to 1. 3
Tuite’s Sh Ch Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet (Imp) JW.
SBD (2) 1 Childs’ Tredura Val Verdi. Well-presented 4-year-old dog, moved soundly with nice tail
carriage, kind eye and well-proportioned head. Pleasing outline and he is a sound, honest dog. 2.
Corless’ Swiftlark First Knight. Preferred movement of 1 but this dog is also a handsome boy
although slightly nervous initially when being gone over. Otherwise, in good fettle.
MPD (3) 1 Smith’s Sametzus You’re My Hero. Loved this puppy who took time to settle on the
stack but moved stylishly round the ring, cheeky and alert as a puppy should be. Just a baby but all
the essentials are there and he should have a bright future. BPD. 2 Rorke’s Zakhan’s The Red Le
Baron. Another baby with it all to come. Not as sound on the move as 1 but pleasing head and good
front. 3 Pine’s Seowns Snoops.
PD (2) Smith’s S You’re My Hero. 2 Glastonbury’s Brabrook Nutcracker. 11-month-old pup at
betwixt and between stage and still to grow into himself but lovely head and expression. Just
preferred darker coat and construction of 1.
JD (5) 1a 1 Edwards’ Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie. Have admired this dog as a puppy and
at 17 months, he is maturing well and should continue to top honours. He is racy on the move,
immaculately prepared and presented and balanced all through, with dark eye, attractive expression
and gently sloping topline. 2 Gratton and Bott’s Bardonhill Don’t Stop Me Now. Unfortunate to
meet 1 as this 15-month-old dog shares many of the same attributes though not quite as pleasing in
topline. Liked his rich, rugged coat and he moved with confidence and pace. 3 Williamson’s
Bluesprings Picture This.
YD (4) 1 Lucas’ Kerryfair Love on the Rocks Amberlight JW. Substantial boy with plenty of
movement in his coat, strong topline which he kept on the move, classic head with kind expression.
Impressive male maturing well. 2 Gratton and Bott’s B Don’t Stop Me Now. 3 Williamson’s
Bluesprings Picture This.
GD (8) 1 Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight with Gilligrae JW. This 2-year-old dog is a tidy and
stylish mover with clean lines. Pleasing size and proportions and elegant, well-chiselled head. Good
front and well let down hocks at rear, quality dog. 2. Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli
JW. Another handsome 2-year-old who moved with panache and verve, driving from his
hindquarters. Slightly heavier all through than 1 but a sound dog and liked his type. 3Hunnybun’s
Riverbrue Imperial Spritz.
PGD (14) What a class – I was spoilt for choice! 1 Drinkwater’s Brabrook Whispered. Sound,
honest setter, excelling in construction and balance. Nothing exaggerated, dark gleaming coat
presenting a stunning picture on the stack in the sunshine. Moved with excellent head carriage,
taking the air and challenging his handler to keep up with him! I hope his owner will take this as a
compliment as for me he has the virtues of an Irish setter from years gone by and I was happy to
award him the RCC. 2 Holley’s Wynjill Winner Takes All JW. Different type and not quite the
balance of 1 but worthy of his place in this strong class. Stylish and racy on the move, looking as if
he could have run all day. Liked his sloping topline and strong front and hindquarters combined
with elegant head and gentle expression. 3 Northend’s Aoibheannes Single Malt.
MdLD (3) 1a 1 Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli. Loved this dog’s outline and balance
and his clean cut lines, refined head and expression and dark coat which had plenty of movement in
it. Very well presented. 2 Childs’ T Val Verdi.
LD (5) 1 Condron and Needs’ Covarney Macaroon Sh CM. Lovely moving boy, nothing
exaggerated, short-coupled and strong in body and over the loin but still elegant and racy on the
move. Liked his dark eye and alert expression. 2 MacAuley’s Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts JW.
Preferred tail carriage and hindquarters of 1 today but this is a sound dog who moved firm and true
and who has a good front and length of neck and pleasing head and expression. 3. Lucas’ Bardonhill
Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW.
OD (5) 1a 1 Sh Ch Crocker’s Copper’s War of Roses (Swed Imp). Have admired this dog from the
ringside and he did not disappoint so I was glad to award him the CC. He is a beautiful dog, with
plenty of coat, perfectly proportioned and of moderate size with handsome head. In the run-off for
BOB, I felt he flagged a little bit on the move so he had to give way to the bitch but in his class he
went round the ring like the champion he is, head up, tail lashing, reaching out at front and driving
from behind. He was spectacular to watch with his dark, perfectly presented coat , gleaming in the
sunshine. A great ambassador for the breed. 2 Hill-De Coster’s Vicary’s Part Time Lover Njch &
Bjch. When I saw his breeding in the catalogue afterwards, I realised why I liked his type. Maybe
not the showmanship of 1 but a beautifully constructed dog, who came to life on the move. His coat
is dark and rich, well laid back shoulders, strong topline, well-muscled and tight feet. Close up for
RCC. 3 Willis’ Gwendariff Thyme Bomb at Jacwilins JW.
SBB (7) 1a 1 Corless’ Swiftlark Second Nature. 2-year-old bitch, same sire as 2 in open dog and
similar stamp. Not flashy but lovely shape with well-sprung ribs, short coupled in body and moved
soundly. Best special beginner. 2 Bougen’s Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW. Very feminine 2-year-old
girl, elegant outline, pretty head and moved well. Just preferred body shape of 1. 3 Barnes’
Gwendariff Let’s Look at Me.
MPB (7) Super class of babies! 1 Bell and Barker-Bell’s Balintyne Let it Be Me. And so it was,
though 2 pushed hard for red card. This adorable puppy has the sweetest head and expression,
beautiful length of neck and sleek lines and trotted round the ring, thoroughly enjoying herself. Very
promising. 2 Bott’s Bardonhill Barbie Girl. Another little sweetheart, aged only 6 months, different
type and heavier all through with thicker, dark coat, all the essentials there . These two will change
places many times but today, I preferred the movement of 1. 3 Box’s Fernstart Angel’s Kiss.
PB (4) 1 Humphrey’s Alolfrana Miss Daisy at Henaleas (AI). BP and gave a confident performance
in the group ring. Beautiful outline when stacked and moved sound and steady for her nine months.
Well-proportioned head with cheeky expression and enough coat for a baby. One to watch for the
future. 2 Randle’s Alolfrana Lady Million at Rionore (AI). Litter sister to 1 who shares many of
her attributes and also moved well, using her tail. Sweet expression, good spring of rib and balanced
all through. Just preferred maturity and length of body of 1. 3 Bell and Barker-Bell’s B Let It Be
JB (10) 2a 1 Holley’s Gwendariff Look This Way to Wynjill. 15-month-old sound girl, of good size
and outline. Well let down hocks and moved with style and enthusiasm. Happy girl, well-presented.
2 Williamson’s Bluesprings Sunday Girl. Longer bodied than 1 and not as mature. But this girl has
a sweet, feminine head, good topline and moved well to win her place in this class. 3 Stewart and
Jones Gwendariff Gooseberry Fool.
YB (5) 1a 1 Schellings’ Marlland Change of Heart. Another I have not seen before but whose sire
has put his stamp on her too as I found out later. She has excellent depth of chest, strong
hindquarters with enough length of neck. Striking head and expression and sound mover, enjoying
her day out. 2 Bougen’s G Hot Ticket. 3 Kennedy-Sloane’s Twoacres Destiny.
GB (7) 1a 1 Catling’s Teleri Indian Summer. (AI) JW. Shorter coupled bitch, with clean lines and
smooth, gleaming coat, elegant all through. Enough angulation at the front, moved freely, well
presented. 2 Edwards’ Gwendariff Its Numero Uno at Bonhomie JW. Preferred length of body of 1
but this bitch is balanced, moved with style and has an attractive head and expression. 3 Hall’s
Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (Imp) JW.
PGB (12) 2a 1 Bott’s Bardonhill Ice Ice Icicle JW. Typey, quality bitch and unlike some in this
class, had well angulated shoulders giving her reach at front on the move. Deep, rich coat and
pleasing head with raised eyebrows, dark eye, good depths of muzzle and gentle but alert
expression. 2 Tuite’s Porschet Stuck on You. Racy on the move, lighter than 1 and not the
hindquarters but a lovely bitch nevertheless with a good front, pretty head and keen, alert
expression. 3 Corless’ S Second Nature.
MdLB (4) 1 Hall’s Harreds Hettie. Shorter coupled, honest and sound bitch, of good size , gently
sloping topline and well let down hocks. Lovely on the move. Preferred head of 2 but this bitch
excelled in body shape and type. 2 Nevitt’s Aoibheanne’s Stay With Me. Nice-sized bitch, moved
well with head high and tail lashing, elegant and well made all through with good front and length
of neck. Very pretty. 3 Bell and Barker-Bell’s Balintyne Freda Payne.
LB (6) 1a 1 Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW Sh.CM. Liked this bitch’s size, shape and
balance so forgave her lack of animation on the move in the warm sunshine. Sweet head with low
set ears, attractive, gentle expression, a lovely bitch. 2 Elkins’ Two Acres Promise of Spring with
Avacet. Honest bitch who moved well with head up and using tail, good front and hindquarters,
pretty head and expression. 3 Hall’s Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara JW.
OB (9) 1a Strong class. 1 Bott, Allen and Morgan’s Sh Ch Quensha Tumble and Twirl JW. CC and
BoB.When I went over this bitch, I realised why she is a show champion. Everything is in the right
place and she just flows, from the end of her pretty little nose to the tip of her neat tail. She has
plenty of heart room with just enough spring of rib, nothing exaggerated about her strong
hindquarters, her shoulders are angulated as they should be and her neck is balanced in length and
muscular but not thick. Her head is perfectly balanced with dark eye and gentle expression. Her coat
is rich and smooth, without excessive feathering and immaculately presented. On the move, she
powered round the ring with a free and easy gait. I could imagine this bitch on the moor, finding
birds – what a wonderful sight that would be! 2 Crocker’s Sh Ch Riverbrue Gloriana. Another
beautiful bitch and worthy show champion and I was happy to award her RCC. Just preferred the
overall shape and balance of 1 though this bitch too excels in construction and moved round the
ring as if she owned it. Beautiful head and expression and a credit to her owner. 3 Box’s Afternoon
D’lite at Fernstart.
FLO BARKER (judge)