Critique Richmond 2021

Richmond Championship Show 11 September 2021

Judges Critique

Irish Setters

A lovely entry in size and quality, I have to say that heads are not what they were, I have never been a head freak, but I have always found heads that I could have gladly held in my hands and stared at all day, that was not at all the case today. Too many round and wide set eyes and some short ears, however, I was very pleased with all my winners.

Minor Puppy Dog (4)

  1.  Corless’ , Swiftlark Invincible, 8 months, shown in good condition, overall a quality boy , with straight front and tight feet, correct tailset and his tail was carried well as he moved soundly and steadily around the ring, dark coated, he needs to drop in quarters a little, puppies change from day to day, and the decisions one makes on one day could easily be very different on another day. Preferred his head to 2. BPD & BPIB
  2. Needs’ Covarney It Takes Time, almost 7 months and very aptly named, I much preferred the overall type of this one, straighter coat, excellent outline and moved OK when he steadied, a little narrower in front than I prefer, he was very naughty making him very difficult to fully assess and contrived to blow his chances clean away here. Thankfully time is on his side.
  3. Green & Hopewell Lochlorien No Offence Juleset  .

Puppy Dog (2)

  1. Corless’  Swiftlark Invincible.
  2. Grattons Glenlaine Moonstone, 11 months and mature for age, very pleasing outline with neck fitting very cleanly into shoulders, overall a nice young man and very close up, moved a little bit close behind and rather fine in head , I preferred the more masculine  type and finish of 1.

Junior Dog(8,1)

  1. Allen, Bott & Morgan’s Quensha Take A Bow, 16 months, all quality,  pleasing in head with good length and finish of muzzle, soft expression with dark eyes, presented a lovely raking outline, neck fitting cleanly in to shoulders and a correct topline gently sloping through to his excellent tailset, he has a strong and straight front with correct return of upper arm, allowing him excellent forward reach, this is complemented by wide and well muscled hindquarters and strong hocks which drive him forward, creating beautifully balanced and sound  movement. Luxurious dark glossy coat completes the picture. I was not prepared to penalise his youth, the more I looked the more I liked, delighted to award him his first CC and BOB, there will be many more to come I am sure, Congratulations.  I was later thrilled to see him gain a very well deserved Gundog Group 2.
  2. Hemmings  Orlanset Mandolin, same age but not as mature as 1, a nice type with pleasing conformation and excellent body properties, shown in good condition, he needs to strengthen in hocks as his hind movement is a little loose. Needs time.
  3. Milligan – Bott & Bott’s Thendara Tiger Dance.

Yearling Dog (4)

  1. Richardson’s Bluesprings Now I’m Here at Forestfire,  at 21 months he is quite  mature for his age, not the darkest of coats but it is shiny and flat and  fits the standard , shown to advantage and in very good condition, he has many excellent qualities, strong neck of good length fits cleanly into shoulders, his outline and topline are smooth and uninterrrupted, great depth to body and balanced all through with good angulation, moves steadily and soundly with drive, not a flashy one but the overall picture was extremely satisfying, Res CC.
  2. Dufrat’s Riverbrue Cast No Shadow on Haverley , very stylish with good length of neck, and clean outline, his tail is set on well but he tends to fly it a little when moving, his movement was sound , not quite my type of head.
  3. Tuite’s  Porschet Moonlight Shadow.

Novice Dog (7,3)

  1. Hunnybun’s Riverbrue Imperial Spritz, standing he isa very pleasing example of the breed  in most respects, very attractive head and expression, shown in good nick, he needs to strengthen in hock as his hind movement is rather weak.
  2. Tye’s Blazing Bronze Join The Chase, placed 4th in  Junior, pleasing outline with good depth of body and good angulation, unfortunately he flies his tail a little on the move and  I preferred the head of 1.
  3. Pike’s Redclyst The Celt.

Graduate Dog (11,2)

  1. Willis’ Gwendariff The Grand Master at Jacwillins, standing on sturdy limbs with strong well muscled quarters, he is a sound moving specimen with good length to neck and clean over shoulder with pleasing outline, flat shining coat with correct topline gently sloping through to excellent tailset, handled to advantage, he has an attractive head with soft expression  and square finish to muzzle, but I would like a more pronounced stop. Very Close up for RCC.
  2. Needs’ Covarney Paco Rabanne at Stourford, excels in neck, with clean racy outline , pleasing spring of rib and shown in very good condition, liked his head and expression, initially thought he could be my winner ,but his tail is set on a little high and he confirms that  by flying his tail on the move.
  3. Nicholls Strathmead Alexei.

Post Graduate Dog (9,1)

  1. Condron’s Gwendariff D’Ya Fancy a Fling with Covarney, very pleasing throughout he presents a balanced outline with a very attractive head and expression with good finish to muzzle, standing on strong limbs he has good body properties, an excellent tailset and his tail is carried correctly on the move, movement is sound, I just would like rather more of him all over.
  2. Bailey’s Danaway Desert Song,  lighter in  frame though a better size and more racy, pleasing outline and tailset, sound movement and neat feet, has a really decent head but I would like a slightly squarer finish to muzzle. Very close decision.
  3. Swainston’s Glenvarna Monterey.

Limit Dog (9)

  1. Hadfield’s  Staratlanta Get a Wiggle on to Marzanne, raking outline, with lovely head andeye, strong topline and wide  well muscled quarters propelling him around the ring with great drive. Good depth and angulation throughout, super tailset, liked him and note he is by my BOB winner from SKC 2017, this was a very nice class to win, but he seemed to go to pieces in the Challenge and didn’t look like the same dog.
  2. Dewars  Gwendariff Willy Won’t He, very ,very close up, slightly shorter in back and not the scope of 1, pleasing front angulation and strong hindquarters, presents a  striking outline and has a good tailset, movement sound , a very nice dog with a handsome head .Shown in very good condition.
  3. Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli.

Open Dog(6,2)

  1. Dewars Gwendariff Here I Come , very pleasing head, neck fitting cleanly into shoulders, stands on good limbs. Straight in front with correct tailset, moves soundly with verve and shown in good condition, would prefer a more racy outline.
  2. Gratton & Wheeldon’s Bardonhill Snow Wolf with Glenlaine, at 6 years he is in good condition for his age, he has a lovely coat and a pleasing outline, very attractive head and expression, quality boy moving soundly , just not the drive of 1.
  3. Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,1)

  1.  O’Briens Bluesprings Christina at Caskeys, 6 months, sweet headed little girl, very pleasing outline and tailset ,straight front, wide hindquarters, moved steady and sound using strong hocks once settled, needs a bit more confidence and time , but what I saw was promising.BPB
  2. Hadfields Covarney Time After Time for Marzanne, almost 7 months, very attractive head and expression, excellent neck fitting cleanly into shoulders, longer cast than winner which will be to her detriment for some judges, excellent depth of body and prominent prosternum, a lighter colour coat and not the strength in hocks of 1.
  3. Stevensons Lochlorien Unforgotten.

Puppy Bitch (5,1)

  1.  Hadfields Covarney Time After Time at Marzanne
  2. Bells Balintyne Sing it back, 11 months, lighter built in frame and I would like more bone,  pretty head with pleasing outline , clean over shoulder, and moved steadily.
  3. Corless Swiftlark Illustrious.

Junior Bitch(7,1)

  1.  Halls Harreds Daisie, pretty head with attractive and soft expression, racy and balanced all through creating a pleasing outline, neck fitting cleanly into shoulders and topline slopes gently  through to correct tailset. Steady and sound mover.
  2. Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight, lacks the raciness and elegance of 1.  Attractive head and eye, stands on sturdy limbs, good angulation fore and aft, deep body, flat shining coat , sound mover.
  3. Condrons Bluebyeyou Baby Love by Covarney.   

Yearling Bitch (4,2)

  1.  Frampton & Piggins Riverbrue Cloudburst over Strathmead, 21 months, shown in excellent condition, very pretty head with soft and wistful expression, great depth of body, good angulation fore and aft, correct topline sloping gently through to excellent tailset, racy and full of quality , moved soundly and with drive ,one for the top drawer. She is exactly right for her age and could not compete with the much more mature bitches further up the line in the challenge, nevertheless close up for RCC.
  2. Gomez ‘s Gwendariff Pick’n’mix, her handler is doing nothing to enhance her in any way and  must gain some handling skills and confidence in order to impart more confidence to her,  he really needs some help and advice from those able to offer it , it was difficult to make a full assessment of  her but  she moved steadily , has pleasing body properties , a sweet head and a lovely temperament. 

Novice Bitch (8,1)

  1.  Halls Harreds Daisie
  2. Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight
  3. Pike & MacDonald’s Redclyst  Glenury Oiche Chiuin

Graduate Bitch (11,3)

  1.  Box’s Fernstart Angel’s Kiss, racy and elegant, clean outline, topline sloping gently to correct tailset, very attractive head and expression, good angulation fore and aft, great depth to body ,wide hindquarters, shown in good condition ,coat flat and shiny, moved with style.
  2. Mitchells Strathmead Tatiana with Amblin, similar in type and shape consequently most of the above remarks apply , also a stylish mover, and close up, just preferred the head of 1.
  3. Jones’ Gwendariff Gooseberry Fool.

Post Graduate Bitch(3,2)

  1.  Kennedy-Sloane’s Twoacres Destiny, clean in outline but her croup is a little steep for me,  moved with style and drive, flat coated and shown in very good condition, attractive head and expression, I would like a bit more of her all over.

Limit Bitch (8,2)

  1.  Mugford Sh Ch Lynwood Abracadabra, good size , racy and elegant outine, topline flowing smoothly from nose to tail, deep body, strong limbs, excellent angulation fore and aft , the fittest exhibit I encountered here,  she used her extremely well muscled and wide  hindquarters to  move fluently with drive and style, shown to perfection,  all quality, I would like a very slightly squarer finish to her muzzle and  a slightly flatter coat would better enhance her beautiful shape. An extremely close decision in the challenge… Res CC.
  2. Catlings Teleri Indian Summer, close up, similar in type and very pleasing throughout,  racy and quality though not as mature in body, here again I would like a slightly better finish to her muzzle and I did prefer the overall proportions of 1, but the first two here stood away from the rest.
  3. Bougens Gwendariff Lily The Pink.

 Open Bitch (7,3)

  1. Box’s Bardonhill Afternoon D’Lite at Fernstart, shown in excellent condition for her almost 8 years of age and hardly a grey hair, excellent flat coat the colour of a conker conforming exactly to the breed standard, strong well arched neck fitting cleanly into well laid shoulders with correct return of upper arm showing prosternum,  excellent and mature body properties , topline sloping gently and smoothly from nose to tail, attractive head and soft expression with good finish to muzzle, racy ,elegant and all quality, moved with style and drive, here again the more I looked, the more I liked, CC which I was delighted to discover was her third, Congratulations.
  2. Allen, Bott and Morgans Sh Ch Quensha Tumble and Twirl, very pretty head and eye, stands on sturdy limbs, slightly longer cast and not the topline of 1, moved soundly with style, won under me as a Junior and perhaps a little unlucky to meet 1 in such great form today, however she is the dam of my BOB and clearly multi talented…!  Congratulations to all involved.
  3. Tuite’s Porschet Christmas Cracker.

Linda King (Judge)