South Of England Irish Setter Club Open Show Jan 2019

Jan 13th 2019

Judge Gavin Robertson

I had a very enjoyable days judging in a good sized hall allowing the dogs to move freely. Whilst puppies take time to fully develop i did think that today there was some lovely youngsters which is encouraging for the future. Was very pleased with my winners and I felt my BIS was a super example of the breed and would not be surprised if she goes on to become a champion in this tough competitive breed.. many thanks to the committee for making me feel welcome and putting on a nice show.


1)Condron-COVARNEY MOSCHINO, Clean balanced steady baby with racy outline , oval skull, lean head with deep muzzle, legs nicely under body. Elegant neck, gentle topline, ribs extending well back, moderate angles, low hocks, needs to settle in front, nice type, BPD

2)NEEDS-COVARNEY PACO RABANNE, Lovely head and expression. Raised brows with prominent occiput, lean neck, just preferred shoulder on winner. Tight feet, deep chest for age. Also holds topline on move, winner just a little more collected on move. 2 nice puppies.


1) 2nd MPD

2)PYM, BOTT,MLLIGAN-BOTT, THENDARA MARSHMELLO, Long lean skull, low set ears. Clean outline with moderate angles. Feet a little flat. Deep chest. Holds backline with correct slightly lower tailset. Driving movement with style,. Just needs to settle in front,

1)FAUVRELLE- OAKDENE REMY MARTIN (IMP BEL), Happy outgoing youngster. Masculine head needs to break a little, strong bone. Nice fill in front. Prefer a leaner neck. Holds topline well. Moderate balanced angles, firm condition.

YD 1)RUSSELL-LYNWOOD HOCUS POCUS AT SETTESOLI, Nicely balanced unexaggerated dog,skull of good length, just prefer a little more strength in muzzle. Good neck and shoulders with deep chest, tight feet. Well sprung ribs with firm topline. Lovely moderate rear which he uses to his advantage on the move, nice type all through and pushed hard for top honours.

2) HADFIELD-STARATLANTA GET A WIGGLE ON TO MARZANNE, Super head and expression, raised brows. Prominent occiput. Lean neck and nice lay of shoulder. Ok ribs. Feet a little flat. Correct tail., for me he is a tad over done in rear, outgoing mover holding his topline and tailset at all times, nice condition.


1) 2nd in PD

2) BELDHAM CHARLIE BROWN AT BOWRINGLEE, Still a puppy, lean skull with low set ears. Defined occiput. Balanced front, a little fine in bone for ideal. Ribs extending well back. A bit steep in croup, steady mover, low set hocks. Silky coat


1) 2nd PD

2)2nd Maiden


1)POOLE-TELERI SUMMER NIGHTS (AI) Masculine nice headed dog, low set ears. Lovely dark almond eye. Prefer better lay of shoulder. Holds topline well. Just prefer better shoulder and feet, has a tendency to flip his pasterns. Nicely angled rear which he uses well on the move.


1)2nd in yearling

2)MACDONALD- REDCLYST MAXIMUS Long lean head piece, rounded skull with dark almond shaped eye. Moderate neck and shoulders, nicely proportioned. Correct length of rib and loin. A little steep in croup,Well angled rear, low set hocks.


1)CONDRON-COAVARNEY EVERYONE KNOWS, Nicely balanced dog with a clean racy outline. Lovely head and expression. Elegant neck with nice lay of shoulder. Deep chest with nice fill in front. Tight feet. Super topline with correct tailset. Angular rear. Hocks could be a little lower. Well proportioned all through. Steady mover with good foot placement.RBD

2)PULLEN & ATKIN-COVARNEY LIL’TIPPLE AT JACINGAIL Smaller dog to 1 but still in balance and proportion. Nicely rounded skull, dark expressive eyes. Racy outline. Preferred shoulder on winner. Angular rear. Nice tailset. Positive mover


1)CONDRON-GWENDARIFF D’YA FANCY A FLING WITH COVARNEY, Challenging class to sort out, all had good virtues. Winner is a nicely balanced dog, low set ears. Dark eye, a little too much stop. Deep muzzle. Lean elegant neck. Deep chest Super bone and feet. Good proportions Firm slightly sloping topline with well angled rear. Once he settles he is a nice unexaggerated mover.

2)RUSSELL- STARTHMEAD HUCKLEBERRY OF SETTESOLI Another nicely made dog. Lean head with rounded skull. Good neck and shoulders. Tight feet. Good ribbing with firm topline. Strong rear, positive mover, just preferred shape on winner.

LD 1)PARTRIDGE- KERRYDOWN ONE MAN Lovely masculine but not overdone balanced racy dog. Rounded skull. Deep muzzle with tight lips, Elegant lean neck with a lovely front assembly, deep chest with ribs extending well back. Holds topline at all times. Free purposeful mover with style. Nice type, BD

2)PYM- THENDRA THE WATCHMAKER Another nicely made dog, super head and expression, low set ears. Neck lean. Ribs well sprung. Ok feet. Moderate angles, low set strong hocks , steady mover, not much between these 2. Winner slightly neater in elbow.


1)CONDRON & NEEDS- COVARNEY MACAROON Sh CM, Handsome upstanding dog. Lovely chiselled head with dark almond shaped eye. Ears low with deep but not overdone muzzle.Racy outline with good front and supper tight feet. Holds back at all times, deep chest, nice fill in front. Moderate rear, correct tail set, take a while to settle for handler but when he does he covers the ground.

2)GARDINER- HARREDS HARLIE OF BLAYSDELL. Nicely headed dog with lean skull and low set ears. Good neck. Tight feet. Prefer a bit more spring of rib. Ok topline, balanced angles front and back. Good tail set. Steady mover but prefer a little more all through for a male.


1)PARTRIDGE- KERRYDOWN MY GUY 11yrs and a credit to owner, super condition as well as being a nice example of the breed. Masculine head, nicely chiselled under eye, rounded skull. Low set ears. Still has a clean racy outline with a deep chest. Excellent feet. Front nicely under himself, holds back at all times. A tad loose in hock but in profile moves so well, lots to like

2) MACDONALD- REDCLYST KEARNEY, just 7yrs, nicely headed. With good length of skull. Moderate angles, ok feet. Preferred topline and tailset on winner. Strong vertical hocks. Good ribbing. Steady mover. Lovely condition.


1)HADFIELD- COVARNEY ESTEE AVEC MARZANNE, Feminine head with a lovely expression, dark eye, lean and long skull. Elegant neck with nice lay of shoulder. Nice bone with tight feet, needs to develop in chest but that will come. Well proportioned, moderate angles with a lovely steady side gait. Lots of potential. Lovely type.. BPIS


1)winner MPB

2)RUTHERFORD- MAJESTYKA INDIAN SUMMER, Well collected baby. Liked her head and skull, low set ears. Good depth of muzzle with tight lips. Good neck, front nicely under body with good bone and feet. Ribs extending well back, lovely temperament. Racy outline. Close between 1 and 2, just preferred carriage in profile of winner. 2 nice puppies


1) BERRY, MORRIS- QUENSHA WHAT A GIRL WANTS VIA BRINARA,raw baby who needs to develop all through, feminine expression, prominent occiput. Elegant neck with a balanced front assembly, tight feet. Ribs of good length, holds back line, well proportioned . A little steep in croup. Steady profile mover once settled, needs to strengthen in rear,


1)CATLING-TELERI INDIAN SUMMER, Beautiful bitch, full of quality all through, racy outline with elegance, long lean skull. Rounded skull with expressive dark eyes, super neck and shoulders with tight neat feet. Holds backline at all times with a correct tailset and carriage, excellent steady mover, lovely type all through, BB AND BIS

2) PHILLIPS,CONDRON- COVARNEY SUMMER BREEZE, Another nicely headed bitch. Lean neck, good proportions, also holds her backline with moderate angles, correct tailset. Nice bitch, just beaten by a quality bitch..


1)winner MPB

2)2nd YB


1)winner MPB

2)CATLING-TELERI HERE COMES SUMMER, Well proportioned bitch, low set ears, lean rounded skull. Prefer a little more fill in front. Super feet, ribs extending well back with gentle topline, angular rear, has good breed points just needs to develop. Preferred reach and front on winner


1)winner MPB

2)winner of JB


1)EVANS- TWOACRES SPRING BLOSSOM, Dark almond shape eye, defined occiput, deep muzzle. Moderate neck and front angles, tight feet, good fill in front, gentle topline, a little out of coat, low set hocks. Steady mover, a little steep in croup.

2)MCCABE-CLONAGEERA THRIFT, Low set ears, nicely chiselled under eye, moderate front angles, a little flat in topline, ok rear with low set hocks, just prefer better carriage and animation on the move.


1)HALL- GLENARA CILLEIGNE DERVLA Very nice balanced bitch, feminine head, raised brows, defined occiput. Well constructed throughout with good proportions. Tight feet. Covers the ground with ease, holding her shape. Nice type, easy winner.

2)BYE- COVARNEY EVERLASTING LOVE AT BLUEBYEYOU, A little finer in muzzle to winner. Rounded skull with low set ears. Lean elegant neck. Good feet, ribs extending well back, once she relaxes and opens up she has a nice carriage to her. Strong hocks.


1)BRIDGEWATER- BLAZING BRONZE EYE CANDY (IMP) Lovely class of 3 nice bitches. Winner won on her lovely easy driving movement but on top of that she has a feminine head and expression. Lovely low set ears. Lean neck, front nicely under body. Feet could be better.good spring of rib, super condition, lots to like

2) WATERTON- SANDSTREAM SUMMER BREEZE Another nicely made balanced and unexaggerated bitch. Long lean skull. Chiselled under eye. Good angles, free mover from angles. Just preferred strength of rear in winner. Well proportioned like winner.


1)ELKINS- TWOACRES PRMISE OF SPRING WITH AVACET, Typey bitch all through, clean racy balanced outline. Lovely head and expression, low set ears, defined occiput. Lean neck with good shoulder placement. Deep chest with ribs extending well back, strong loin, angular but not overdone rear, really opens up on the move. Full of quality, RBB.

2) WATERTON- SANDSTREAM WELCOME BREEZE Another another with good proportions. Long muzzle, ears well set. Holds her shape at all times, has a real carriage and air of arrogance other on the move. Nice rear, close between these 2. Just preferred shoulder and chest on winner.


1)HALL-RIVERBLUE OPHELIA AT GLENNARA, Happy outgoing honest and unexaggerated bitch, skull nicely rounded, raised brow with a kind expression. Long lean neck, feet could be better, front assembly is good. Holds her topline at all times with a correct set on of tail. Moderate angles. Has good drive on the move. Nice type and close for top honours.

2)HADFIELD- MARZANNE CHINA IN YOUR HAND, Stronger bitch than 1. Still has good length of head, deep chest with well sprung rubs. Good feet. A little heavy in body for me. Good rear angles. Steady mover but not as elegant as winner


1)WATERTON-SH CH LYNWOOD KISSED BY AN AGEL AT SANDSTREAM, 11yrs old and still has energy and enthusiasm on the move. Feminine head, albeit a little grey. Well proportioned body with a good backline and tailset.In lovely coat., not as strong in hock but still uses them in profile. Still lots to like and in her prime i am sure she was a lovely bitch..

Gavin Robertson