May 5th 2019

The South of England Irish Setter Club held a well organised and supported open show at the excellent venue of Worplesdon Memorial Hall, near Guildford. The weather enabled me to judge outside in an ideally sized ring with a good atmosphere maintained throughout the day. Thank to the Club, committee and exhibitors for making it a day to remember with some lovely dogs and even nicer people.

Best in show was the dog, Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie; RBIS, Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts; BOS, Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara; BPIS, Bardonhill Dont Stop Me Now & BVIS was the dog, Sh Ch Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet.

MPD (1) 1 Glastonbury’s Brabrook Nutcracker, lovely youngster of just 7 months but with potential, good body proportions, head needs to break but he has good shaped & coloured eyes, well set ears, front angulation still needs to finish but he kept a good topline & a well set tail. When he settled he moved well, good bone & feet, showed well & tried very hard. PD (2) 1 Gratton & Bott’s Bardonhill Dont Stop Me Now, mature 11 months old boy with good balance & quality, good depth of chest for age with good width to his hindquarters, he is well coated & this was well presented, masculine head & expression, moved well with good head carriage, he is a lovely type & his maturity & general demeanour took him to take not only this class but BPD and then BPIS overall; 2 B Nutcracker. JD (2) 1 Edwards’ Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie, & you certainly can’t, he is quality & so very mature for his age, this beautiful boy has such a beautiful masculine head & expression with well set ears, good neck & correct shoulder placement & good forechest, correct topline & well set & carried tail, had the correct Setter swagger & freeness in movement with no wasted effort in foreleg & driving from his strong hocks, to top off the picture, his coat was immaculate & put down in excellent condition, good ribcage & of course he was well muscled. Won the class & try as I might, I couldn’t walk passed him in the line-up for BD, eventually going on to BIS; 2 Fauvrelle’s Oakdene Remy Martin, different type, preferred the strength in hindquarters of 1. This youngster has good bone & feet, not quite so balanced but put down in lovely coat & condition, heavier in head & thicker in neck but strong loin & good depth of chest. Showed & moved well here. YD (1) 1 Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli, well coated youngster who is progressing well, masculine head & expression with the correct eye & ear placement, good neck & front fill, good strong topline, well set tail which he used well on the move, coat well presented & looked good in profile movement. Alone but could win in competition. MD (2) & ND (2) 1 B Dont Stop Me Now; 2 B Nutcracker. DB (1) B Dont Stop Me Now. UGD (1) 1 Pullen & Atkin’s Covarney Lil’Tipple at Jacingail. Balanced dog with a free, easy movement, not an overlarge dog but he has good body proportions, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders OK, correct topline, in excellent coat & condition, strong hindquarters with strong hocks used to give a good profile movement. GD (1) 1 Lewis & Levene’s Bardonhill Ginger Nut at Valasarch, mature dog who is only lacking coat at present but this only goes to show his good construction, masculine head & expression, well placed eyes of the correct shape, well set ears, excellent neck & good shoulders, correct topline & well set tail, moved with style & purpose, enough hindquarters which were well muscled, this quality dog was in excellent condition, alone but was a worthy winner. PGD (7,1a,1 w/d) 1 Hoskins’ Sandstream Just A Breeze with Ralphski, well coated quality dog with an excellent neck & shoulder, good width of hindquarters & strong hocks, he is well muscled, masculine outlook & good body proportions, kind eye & strong topline with a well set tail, good depth & width of chest well boned legs & feet, moved well particularly in profile with good head carriage, won a good class; 2 Hogarth’s Twoacres Bubbling Spring at Halingswood, heavier type who took time to settle, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset, he is balanced & put down in excellent coat & condition, showed & moved well to win his place; 3 Lewis & Levene’s Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn at Valasarech. LD (3,1) 1 Macaulay’s Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts, not an overlarge dog but so balanced, masculine head & expression from a kind eye, correct bone & tight feet, when he settled he moved so well, with enough front extension but a strong, wide hindquarter which really gave him the propulsion to cover the ring with ease & swagger, he is well muscled & with a good depth & width of ribcage, strong loin, he impressed for his body proportions & type & he showed his socks off to take RBD & RBIS; 2 Hogarth’s Redclyst Flash at Halingswood, slightly heavier but very masculine in outlook, he is balanced with a masculine head & expression, good ear placement, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & loin, good width to hindquarters, moved well covering the ground, just carrying his tail slightly high today but he was in good coat & condition & well muscled. OD (2) 1 Tuite’s Sh Ch Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet, mature dog with a good head & expression, correct neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail, good coat & condition, he is balanced & moved well, correct bone & feet, didn’t look or act his age, he went on to take BVIS; 2 Drinkwater’s Brabrook Shazalazazo, taller dog but still balanced, he has a masculine head with well set eyes & ears, good proportions to his head, good neck & shoulder placement OK, well coated with enough hindquarters, good depth of chest, moved OK when he settled but needed more drive behind to complete the picture. VD (1) 1 Hogarth’s Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift, excellent example of a lovely boy who is 10 ½ years young but moved like a real youngster! He is balanced & so sound, well made & a credit to his owner as he was put down in excellent coat & condition, masculine head & expression, alone but I appreciated a chance to see him.

MPB (2,1) 1 Tuite’s Porschet Christmas Cracker, absolute babay of 6 months, all legs & wings at present but she is quality, has potential, such a pretty head & expression, good body proportions when she stood still long enough to be looked at, when she learns her trade, I am sure she will have a future, for she has all the makings needed, just needs time to grow up. PB (3,1) 1 Deans’ Tagamago’s Niamh & 2 Deans’ Tagamago’s Nessa, litter sisters who both display quality, 2 moved better on the day but 1 is more advanced. 1 is in good coat with a feminine head & expression, correct eye & ear placement, well boned & just right for age, moved just as a baby should, but considering that they are sisters who live together & it was theirs & their owners first show, they did well, I hope they continue to progress & that their owners decide that they enjoyed their day too. 2 is again a nice girl with a good head, needs to finish in hindquarters but she too moved as a baby but also has potential. Both have lovely temperaments – welcome to the showing world, I hope you continue to enjoy the hobby. JB (2) 1 Kennedy-Sloane’s Twoacres Desinity, again lacking coat at present but she is quality, would prefer a slightly better forequarter to match her good strong hindquarters, good body proportions, pretty head & expression, very feminine in outlook, well boned legs & feet & good depth & width of ribcage, good topline & well set tail, moved steadily & with good head carriage in profile; 2 Fox’s Kerryfair Special Diamond, very close up to 1 for she has lots to like too. Very feminine head & expression, good topline & well set tail, good depth of chest with strong loin & good width to hindquarters, moved well with a good head carriage, in good coat & condition. YB (4) 1 Edwards’ Gwendariff Its Numero Uno at Bonhomie, yet another quality bitch from this kennel, no lumps or bumps on her, she just flows from her feminine head & expression, through her lovely neck, strong topline & well set tail, in excellent coat & condition, lovely type of bitch who was well muscled & moved so true up & back & excellent profile movement with lovely head carriage, she just flowed round the ring, so true with good footfall, with maturity I am sure will go to the top; 2 Catling’s Teleri Indian Summer, not quite the balance of 1 at present but a pretty head with good length & expression from correctly placed eyes & well set ears, very feminine in outlook, in excellent coat & condition, moved so well to match 1 going round, she is a good type with good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail; 3 Drinkwater & Venning’s Brabrook Fancy Girl. MB (1) 1 B Fancy Girl, not a bad bitch & she moved well when she settled, in good coat & condition, good topline & tailset, nice hindquarters. Would prefer a more feminine expression, still needs to finish in head, but she was third in a good YB class. NB (1) 1 Repeat. DB (0).UGB (4) 1 Catling’s Teleri Here Comes Summer, well coated balanced bitch who is slightly longer in muzzle for taste but overall has a lovely make & shape, strong hindquarters, lovely topline & tailset, in excellent coat & condition, moved well cover the ground with ease, very feminine in outlook & won a good class; 2 Walters’ Bardonhill Poetry In Motion with Deneil, slightly shorter bitch but still balanced with a feminine head & expression, very feminine in outlook, moved OK but not so strong in hindquarters but a nice type, in good coat & condition, she is well muscled with some good breed points; 3 Taylor’s Alchriset A Taste Of Honey. GB (3) 1 Hall’s Glennara Cilleigne Dervla, balanced feminine bitch with a pretty head & expression, excellent neck with good forequarters & infill, good topline & tailset, she is well coated & when she settled she moved well, well boned legs & feet & correct ribcage; 2 Evans’ Twoacres Spring Blossom, Res in UGB but deserved her place here, she is a pretty girl who moved nicely on well boned legs & feet, pretty head & expression, good eyes of correct colour & well set & carried ears, feminine in outlook, she is slightly heavier built but still correct; 3 Drinkwater & Venning’s Brabrook Sassy Pants. PGB (3) 1 Evans & Crocker’s Riverbrue Keepsake, balanced bitch, very feminine in outlook, loved her head & expression, excellent neck & topline, well set tail, well coated with good depth & width of chest, moved so well in profile, really covering the ground with ease, put down in excellent condition; 2 Waterton’s Sandstream Summer Breeze, another quality bitch with a pretty head, not moving as well as her construction suggests, put down in excellent coat & condition, lovely type with a pretty head & expression, good neck, strong topline & well set tail; 3 Tuite’s Porschet Stuck On You. LB (2) 1 Hall’s Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara, I see she is litter sister to the previous winner & the same applies, how lucky to have two such quality bitches in a litter. This beautiful bitch is full of quality, in fabulous coat which is presented so well, excellent hindquarters, topline & tailset, so very feminine in head with a beautiful expression from well set eyes & ear carriage, excellent neck & shoulders, moved a dream in profile & her breed type took her to the top. BB & BOS in Show; 2 Elkins’ Twoacres Promise Of Spring with Avacet, lacking coat at present but this only showed her good points, so pretty in head & expression, lovely neck & forequarters, good strong topline & well set tail, enough hindquarters, moved well particularly in profile. OB (4) 1 Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze, mature bitch of a lovely type in excellent coat & condition, feminine bitch with a beautiful head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail, strong hindquarters, moved so well particularly in profile with good head carriage & slashing setter tail, loved her ribcage & strong loin & hocks; 2 Tuite’s Porschet Primose, nice type who didn’t moved quite so well up & back, pretty head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, she is balanced & feminine in outlook, well coat & a good breed type; 3 Fauvrelle’s Clonageera Walk In The Sun. VB (1) 1 Waterton’s Sh Ch Lynwood Kissed By An Angel at Sandstream, at 11 ½ years of age she is just fabulous, a credit to the owner & the breed, in lovely condition & despite her white face, you can still see how lovely & true her head is still, beautiful eyes of a lovely shape, excellent neck & shoulders, so very feminine & balanced, moved so well even though her back end is now slightly weaker, she was really enjoying her day & I thank you for bringing this beauty along for me to see. BVB. Brace (1) 1 Edwards’ well matched pair, how lucky is this owner to have two such lovely examples of the breed, they had never been moved together yet they did so with ease. A lovely way to finish the day.