Critique SKC Oct 2021

SUNDAY 3rd October 2021

 A big thank you to the committee of SKC for inviting me. They took on a huge task to

run two consecutive Championship shows, were extremely organised & the shows ran

very smoothly & I am sure the exhibitors appreciated all the hard work that had been put

into the Double Show. A big thank you to the exhibitors, some having travelled so

incredibly far to give myself & Eva a lovely entry & for the wonderful sporting atmosphere

& generous applause around the ring. Special thanks to Laura Kolbach who stewarded

for me on her own, completing all her tasks so efficiently & also taking photos of all my



1. Sturrocks Forfarian Dusty Bottoms. Stood alone, but a worthy winner with a

super overall shape. Masculine head developing nicely with kind, dark eye.

Good body & bone with a lovely outline & well angulated hindquarters. Moved

steadily, promising young man. Just lost out in challenge for best puppy at the

end of a long & tiring day for one so young. BEST PUPPY DOG


1. Allen, Bott & Morgan’s Quensha Take A Bow. A beautifully balanced mature

youngster, so well built with an eye catching outline. Handsome head with dark

eye, strong muscular neck leading into well laid shoulders, loved his

pronounced sternum. Great depth & super angulation. Moved with drive &


2. Stewart & Cummings’ Gwendariff Mr President, another well built dog with a

good outline, balanced & proportionate head, kind expresssion, moved well.


1. Crocker & Lewis’ Riverbrue Wonderwall at Hernwood. Striking outline, good

body proportions, strong arched neck & deep chested with well sprung ribs.

Gently flowing topline, beautifully coated with firm loin, super front & rear

angulation. Beautifully chiselled gorgeous head, kind expression & raised brow.

Moved well with a lengthy stride, expertly handled.

2. Stewart’s Gwendariff Absolutely Marve’llus. Balanced & proportionate, pleasing

in outline, delightful masculine head with kind dark eye. Good coat &

presentation. Straight front & good angles, moved well keeping his topline.


1. Deighton’s Oakdene Schiehallion. Well balanced overall, strongly built with good

bone & substance. Masculine head. Moved soundly, but personally I would prefer a

little less weight on him.


1. Murchison’s Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin. Loved the overall shape of

him, well put together with a good front assembly. Arched neck leading into

clean shoulders, good depth to chest with well sprung ribs. A flowing topline

with firm short loin & good rear angulation. Loved his head, beautifully

proportioned, plenty of work & soft expression. He has the most beautiful feet &

wonderful profile movement.

2. Walker’s Gwendariff’s Flags Are Flyin. Good body shape overall, straight front,

pleasing masculine head in super coat & condition.

3. Deighton’s Oakdene Schiehallion


1. Tapper, Leyland & Tapper’s Lynwood Heypresto Kedalita. An impressive dog

with a clean, gently flowing topline, good depth of chest, well ribbed with firm

loin & well angulated muscular hindquarters. Beautifully balanced refined head

with a melting expression from his lovely dark eyes. Super tight feet, moved well

with purpose & drive.

2. Gardner’s Quensha Walk Me Home To Danwish. Not quite as together as 1 but

pleasing in outline with good body proportions. Super head with plenty of work

& a kind dark eye. Moved well.

3. Boyce’s Forfarian’s Secret Admirer


1. Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Wont He. A lovely class of super dogs. Unfortunately

only one red card & this had to go to a dog I have previously given a RCC to.

So pleased to see that he has matured into such a fabulous dog, so well

constructed, combining quality, substance & raciness. A fantastic outline,

flowing topline, so balanced throughout. I just love his totally gorgeous head

with the most expressive eyes that melt your heart. In superb condition, he was

presented to perfection & moved fluently with power & drive. I am sure his 3rd

CC is just around the corner. RCC

2. Muir’s Gwendariff I’m Coming Out. Another beautifully constructed dog,

stunning outline, superb front assembly & rear angulation, deep, well sprung

ribs with short firm loin. His head is perfectly balanced, handsome with dark

almond shaped eyes & soft expression. He moved beautifully around the ring

with power & drive.

3. Russell’s Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli


1. Edwards Gwendariff Ucan’tmissme Bonhomie. Found him to be quite

outstanding in body & confirmation. Everything fitted & flowed to perfection with

such a clean & elegant appearance. He oozes quality & raciness combined with

the exuberance & personality that an Irish Setter should hold. His head is so

beautifully balanced with affectionate expressive eyes. He powered around the

ring with a lengthy stride, lashing tail & head held high, carrying himself with

such confidence. On this perfomance I could not deny him the CC, although it

was so very close with my outstanding Limit dog.

2. Danks-Kemish’s Alolfrana Hotter Than U’know. Superb outline, excellent body

proportions, strong & muscular throughout, so well built. He has a beautiful

masculine head with so much work & drop dead gorgeous eyes. He excells in

his strong powerful movement, covering the ground with ease.

3. Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli

Veteran Dog (2)

1. Rowbottom’s SH. CH. Lanstara Spring Moon. A well put together dog with

good body proportions throughout, good length of neck leading into well laid

shoulders, lovely depth to chest & a gently flowing topline. Pleasing balanced

head with kind dark eye. Moved with such style , keeping his topline as he

flowed aroung the ring.

2. Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Elliot. Pleasing in outline, strong throughout his

body. Pleasing head with dark eye.


1. Charlish’s Harelferg Traces. At just 7 months she was well put together with

good bone, body & substance. Straight front & appealing head, developing

nicely with kind dark eye & quizzacle expression. Moved well, with such

confidence for one so young. Best Puppy in Breed.

2. Henderson’s Sametsuz Pillowtalk. Another promising youngster, balanced &

well proportioned body. Sweet head with dark eye. Moved beautifully.

3. Galea’s Southlarch Guinevere


1. Galea’s Southlarch Guinevere. Such a baby, a little anxious & not as co

operative as her handler would have liked. A sweet head with dark eye, good

coat texture, just needs time to body up & gain confidence.


1. Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight. She was a delight! A beautiful refined head, she

is so elegant with such a beautifully clean outline. Well balanced & proportionate

with a gently flowing topline. Strong slightly arched neck, of moderate length,

leading into well laid shoulders, strong rear quarters enabling her to power

around the ring with drive & propulsion. One for the future.

2. Armitage Phantastic Phanney. Another lovely young lady with great balance &

body proportions. Super head with so much work & kind dark expressive eyes.

3. Adamson-Watt & Watt’s Alolfrana Scandalous


1. Humphreys Riverbrue Flashbax at Henaleas. Striking in outline, her neck flows

smoothly into her shoulders & she has super front assembly. Good depth to

brisket, firm loin & super rear angulation. A gorgeous feminine head, beautifully

balanced with a melting expression. She moved with power & drive with a

lengthy stride.

2. Watt’s Shenanagin Half A Sixpence. A very feminine bitch with a clean & elegant

appearance, not exaggerated in any way. Strong throughout her body with a

pleasing outline. Plenty of work in her beautifully balanced head. Moved Well.

3. Williamson’s Bluesprings A Kind Of Magic At Keljaru


1. Watt’s Shenanagin Half A Sixpence.


1. Humphreys’ Alolfrana Miss Daisy At Henaleas. She is looking much more

mature since I last judged her & now owns a beautiful coat with feathering! She

is well bodied, a super front assembly, strong in pastern, moderate length of

neck leading into a good layback of shoulder with a gently sloping topline. She

has a good width of thigh & moved with ease. A lovely feminine head, chiselled,

with raised brow & a melting expression just finished the picture.

2. Catling’s Quensha Family Portrait For Teleri, Another lovely girl who is coming

along nicely, owns a fabulous rich dark chestnut coat, so well built throughout

with good depth of chest. Her head is gorgeous with so much work & a melting


3. Robinson’s Lanstara Red Dress


1. Sturrock’s Forfarian Soo Lush. My notes read naughty but nice! She caught my

eye in the class & I was not disappointed when I went over her. She is just what

I look for in an Irish Setter, everything fitted & flowed with no exaggerations &

that true Irish character. Stunning outline, firm loin & good finish to croup. She

also has the most exquisite head, raised brow & chiselling to foreface with

beautiful dark eyes. Stylish movement with a lashing tail. Delighted to award her

the RCC

2. Muir’s Gwendariff’s Up to Somethin. A quality, classy bitch, beautifully built

throughout with a stunning outline. Another really beautiful head with a melting

expression. She moved beautifully with ease & precision.

3. Lochfrae Nina Simone


1. Catling’s Teleri Indian Summer. 22 months ago I awarded her a RCC, her first.

She had so much potential & was delighted to see that she had matured into a

stunning example of the Breed. Beautifully constructed throughout, combining

substance with style, with such a clean & elegant appearance. She flows

impecably from the top of her head to the tip of her tail with a strong body, deep

chest with well sprung ribs, super finish to her croup, excellent tail set & well

developed quarters. Loved her beautifully chiselled feminine head with raised

brow & affectionate expression. She moved effortlessly with such power &

precision, driving from the rear. No hesitation in awarding her the CC, her 3rd &

Best of Breed.

2. Sloane’s Ferasheen Jindea. Well built throughout with good bone & substance,

striking in outline, gently sloping topline & good front & rear angulations.

Appealing feminine head, well put together with kind dark eye, lovely rich dark

chestnut jacket. Covered the ground with ease when moving.

3. Edwards Gwendariff Its Numero Uno At Bonhomie

Veteran Bitch (1)

1. Sturrock’s Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady. Still looking stunning at 9 years old,

totally balanced throughout with a moderate length of neck, super shoulder

placement, well sprung ribs, full of substance. Beautifully balanced feminine

head, kind dark eyes. Moved with such animation, free flowing, showing great

character & loving every moment. Best Veteran in Breed.

Special Beginners (2)

1. Robinson’s Lanstara Red Dress. Pleasing outline with good balance overall.

slightly arched muscular neck fitting cleanly into her shoulders. Well bodied with

good bone. Pretty head with kind expressive dark eye. In super coat &

condition. Best Special Beginner.

2. Galea’s Southlarch Guinevere


Karen Richardson