Southern Counties Canine Association 2018

Irish Setters

Thank you to SCCA for the appointment, everything was well organised although we could have done with an earlier start time. Grateful thanks to the exhibitors who gave me a lovely entry and also to Maureen and Eddie my wonderful stewards who looked after me all day.

I was looking for dogs that for me were balanced through from nose to tail, I found quite a few that were short in the neck spoiling their outline and some weren’t as well ribbed back as I’d have liked, lacking that depth of chest for heart room. Movement was disappointing in some with weakness through stifle, hock to heel leaving the dog lacking in drive. However, I was delighted with my line ups and was totally spoilt for choice, but could not deny my top winners as for me on the day they just had that extra something. On the whole I found more depth of quality in the dogs than the bitches but across the day I had some lovely classes with difficult decisions to be made.


MPD (1,0) 1 Crossman Braidmount One Day More  7 months, looked a real baby today and he needs time to come together and develop his body and for his head to break, movement was a little erratic but so typical of some babies, good forechest and dark coat, practise and time will be useful to help the whole package come together.

PD (6,1) 1 Bailey Danaway Desert Song  Lovely head, good eye and low set ears, loved the shape of this 10 month old boy, good length of neck set cleanly into shoulders, good depth of chest and well ribbed, enough substance through rear assembly to look balanced and moved out steadily with confidence for a youngster BPD & BPIB

2 Rowbottom Alchriset Here Comes The Son  Racier and taller, soft, masculine head with a look that melted you, deep chest, not as well ribbed as 1 but held topline on the move and moved out soundly

3 Anthony & Hopewell Staralantas Out Of Time

JD (11,2) 1 Hill-Decoster Vicary’s Part Time Lover  This young man flowed under my hands, lovely expressive head using his naturally raised eyebrows to ‘talk’ to me, dark rich coat, good depth of chest, good angulation front and back and used his well muscled rear assembly to drive around the ring, I will watch his future with interest.

2 Rutherford, Judge, Crocker & Siddle Riverbrue Galliano Fizz To Clonageera  Just out of puppy, low set ears, head didn’t have the expression of 1, good depth of chest, longer cast, this young man was handled well but needs more strength though his topline when standing, he held it better on the move and moved soundly,

3 Pike Redclyst Boris

YD (11,1) 1 Muir & O’Connor Gwendariff I’m Coming Out  Lovely dark profuse coat, handsome head, dark expressive eyes, low set ears, strong neck into well laid back shoulders, well off for bone, in nice muscular condition, moved out well.

2 Lewis & Levene Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkin  Well made dog, good forechest, enough neck to present a balanced profile, muzzle and skull of equal length, naturally raised brows showing ex- pression, confident mover.

3 Prangle Heathclare American Dollar JW

MD (6,1) 1 Pike Redclyst Boris  Moved well to win this class, well presented, needs to mature in his body as still quite lean but ours is a slow maturing breed so time yet, masculine head.

2 Tapper Lynwood Heypresto Kedalita  Happy mover, another that needs time to mature into him- self, good shaped eye with a mischievous glint.

3 Anthony & Hopewell Staralantas Out Of Time

GD (11,2) 1 Chorley-Newton, Chorley & Flinders Pawsword Priceless To Kerryfair JW  This young man headed a very strong class, I loved his profile standing, not over done, mature looking for his age with handsome head and enough work in it for good expression, good topline held on the move, powerful rear quarters moving fluidly around the ring on tight feet. My eye was drawn to him in the challenge and could not deny him the RCC.

 2 Davis Pawsword Praire Wind JW  Only realised on looking at my catalogue after that these were litter brothers which explains why my notes say close up to 1st, had better depth of muzzle than his brother, a curlier coat but rich in colour, same well balanced shape and good angulation be- hind, just preferred the movement of 1.

3 Jones Gwendariff Pink Floyd

PGD (18,2) 1 Greenan Anlory Aidan JW  Another super class. I really liked this boys clean outline that flowed down and along a gently sloping topline, masculine head, dark eye with super expression, rich dark coat and although he’d left some feathering at home it only accented his depth of chest and muscular loin. His movement got better the more he moved and he covered the ground with easy strides on tight feet.

2 Hoskins Sanstream Just A Breeze With Ralphski  Leaner than 1st but another good profile stand- ing married with sound movement, good head with the brick on brick shape that was lacking in some, kind expression, well let down chest, strong through the loin, good second thigh.

3 Edwards Gwendariff PS I Love You Bonhomie JW

LD (12,0) 1 Hemmings Orlanset The Rocker JW  More tough decisions faced me in this class but this was my star of the day, he oozed quality from nose to end of his tail, handsomest of heads with that wonderful melting expression that speaks to your soul as only an Irish can, rich dark coat beautifully presented, my hands just flowed over him with lovely well laid back shoulders, deep chest, elbows well let down, well sprung ribs, strong through the loin and the correct topline which was also held on the move, strong and balanced rear assembly created a very pleasing profile, his movement was a joy to watch with the perfect balance of reach and drive as he pow- ered around the ring. Delighted to award DCC and BOB

2 Rowbottom Lanstara Spring Moon  Another lovely balanced dog, slightly larger in frame throughout than 1, well coated with handsome refined head, low set ears, clean through the neck, well off for bone and carrying enough weight, powerful hindquarters with short hock to heel allowed him to stride out with his handler getting the best of him, considered him strongly for the RCC.

3 Wilkins Margaretwoods Gobstopper JW

OD (4,1wd) 1Mclarnon Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW  My notes say that these first two could easily have changed places but just preferred the head of 1, handsome head with kind eye, lovely arch to neck, good deep chest and front angulation, tight feet, happy fluid movement, beautifully presented.

2 Mitchell Sh Ch Amblin’s Sweet William  Another handsome well turned out boy, balanced head of equal proportions, good over shoulder and gently sloping topline, good feet, short hock to heel and drove away from muscular thigh.

3 Hoeksema Dutch Ch Blazing Bronze Dutch Design BW’17

VD (3,1) 1 Gilks Sutersett Mr Uppity  Lovely to see the ‘oldies’ enjoying their day out but at just over 7 this boy had the edge today. Pleasing head with soft expression, presented in good condition, good depth of forechest and well ribbed back, preferred his movement today to 2nd.

2 Axon Briniara Back In The Running  9 year belaying his age, narrower through the muzzle, nice low ear set, held his topline well, moved out steadily.

GCD (4,0) 1 Hoskins Sandstream Just A Breeze With Ralphski  2nd in PGD

2 Jones Hunniicote Handyman Res in PGD  Alert expression, low set ears, shoulders well sloped back, good topline through to set on of tail and not over angulated behind, moved out well.

3 Childs Anlory Tamil


MPB (2,0) 1 Bougen Gwendariff Hot Ticket  Nice head, rich in colour, good through shoulder and topline, enough bone to grow into, liked the rear assembly, moved out confidently for one so young BPB

2 Schellings Marlland Change Of Heart  Preferred her head, lovely expression ,dark eye, clean through neck, but not so together on the move as 1 today, I’m sure her day will come as she matures.

 PB (1,0) 1 White Paduan Sunny Dispostion  This young lady had the prettiest head and good forechest, still needs time to come together behind and on the move and handler might benefit from some ringcraft to make the best of her.

JB (15,2) 1 Edwards Gwendariff It’s Numero Uno At Bonhomie  Lovely class with some tough decisions, this young lady won on her fluid movement holding a lovely balanced outline, pretty feminine head, racier in stature, nice over neck, shoulders and enough rib, strong behind and moved out confidently.

2 Rorke Zakhan’s Demelza  Had left her coat at home but deserved her place as she powered around the ring on strong muscled rear quarters, good depth of chest, elbows tight, narrower in muzzle than 1 but that wicked Irish glint was there.

3 Frampton Strathmead Noella

YB (8,0) 1 Hall Glennara Cilleigne Dervia (IKC) JW  Another that showed herself at her best on the move, a little heavy over the shoulder at the moment but overall a refined look, pretty head, good front angulation, nice over croup.

2 Rorke Zakhan’s Demelza 2nd in JB

3 Bridgwater Blazing Bronze Eye Candy (Imp NL)

MB (3,2) 1 Frampton Strathmead Noella  3rd in JB, a finer bitch but everything in the right place, confident mover with a lovely steady stride, balanced head, low set ears, well presented.

GB (12,5) 1 Elkins Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet  Really liked this pretty girl who headed a tough class, had that racy look and moved out with panache, lovely feminine head, arched neck, into good shoulders and correct topline, well ribbed with good depth of forechest, strong rear quarters and short hock to heel to help her drive on the move, nothing overdone about her I couldn’t deny her the RCC

2 Hall Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara JW  Not as good in forechest as 1 and steeper over croup, in good coat and well presented, head still needs time to finish, good strong topline and deep through the chest, couldn’t deny her her place as she moved around the ring as if she owned it. 

3 Chorley-Newton, Chorley & Flinders Pawsword Peppermint For Kerryfair JW

PGB (10,2) 1 Hall Harreds Hettie  Slightly smaller in stature lady but in lovely proportions, deep rich colour, pretty in the head, she used her raised brows to advantage, nice gentle arch to neck, balanced through from front to back, good feet, enthusiastic on the move driving well keeping her topline, considered her for the RCC.

2 Carter Bardonhill Uptown Girl  Racier all through than 1, not as rich in colour but well made with enough substance to be able to do a days work, clean outline, good front, well laid back shoulder placement, not over angulated behind, moved out with confidence and good stride.

3 Bott, Allen & Morgan Quensha Tumble And Twirl JW

LB (17,4) 1 Bouttell & Burbridge Ixia Ever Hopeful  My other star of the day, one I’ve judged before but today was her day, she caught my eye with a beautiful balanced outline and her enthusiastic, sure footed movement was a joy to see with that lashing tail, prettiest of heads so full of Irish mis- chief, low set ears, strong neck, well placed shoulders and lovely gently sloping topline, well muscled behind standing on good bone and good feet, dark rich coat, beautifully presented I was de- lighted to award her the BCC.

2 Partridge Kerrydown Octavia  A slightly heavier bitch but everything in the right place and so light on her feet on the move, well coated, lovely head full of character, good forechest and depth, good rear angulation and strong through stifle down to good tight feet, moved out with confidence and drive.

3 Lesierse-Raats Blazing Bronze Brace Yourself

OB (3,1) 1 Davie Lochfrae Nina Simone  A young bitch who still needs maturity but ours is a slow maturing breed so she has plenty of time on her side, lovely pretty head, dark coat, good coordi- nated movement, she deserved her place.

2 Hill-Decoster Vicary’s Pearl’s A Singer  I just preferred the movement of 1 today, lovely low set ears, good front, needs to strengthen a little behind but there’s still plenty of time for this young lady to come into her own, good profile standing when not overstretched.

 VB (2,0) 1 Humphreys Suteresett Miss Curious About Henaleas JW  Well these two sisters could show some of the youngsters how it is done! Lovely to see such enthusiastic movement at the end of a long hot day, feminine head with lots of Irish mischief in her eyes, well let down chest, strong topline shown in very good condition, balanced throughout moving off strong hocks with her handler nearly struggling to keep up with her at times. BVIB

2 Parsons Sh Ch Suteresett Miss Splendid At Bransett  Slightly taller than her sister but all the same attributes apply, just preferred the front assembly on 1, lovely ground covering stride, shown in good coat.

GCB (2,0) 1 Rorke Zakhan’s Demelza 2nd JB & YB

2 Hadfield Marzanne China In Your Hand  Stronger in head than 1, heavier in muzzle, low set ear, well off for bone, strong through croup and rear angulation moved out steadily, well handled.

Ro Cox