Woolwich, Bexley & DCA





SETTER IRISH: P (1) 1 & BP Harrison’s Bluesprings Summer Sun. Raw 8 month old bitch. Pretty head and a long neck. She is a little upright in shoulder but has a good return of upperarm. Good depth of chest for her age and correct topline. Well angulated rear. On the move, she is erratic at the moment but enjoying herself. She did enough for me to see that she is sound. PG (2) 1 & BOB Dufrat’s Lynwood Love Potion for Haverley. Pleasing head with a nice expression. Very upright in shoulder. Topline ok, a touch over angulated behind but a good width of second thigh. Moved fast but kept side winding and wasn’t really reaching in front. A dog that’s flashy, in lovely condition and well handled. He did enough to take BOB today. 2 Harrison’s Caskey’s Summer Breeze. I much preferred the type of this girl who had a really pretty head. She had a better lay of shoulder than my winner and initially, I thought she would take the class but she just wouldn’t move. Hanging her head over the lead and really toeing in as she came towards. Enough angulation behind and in lovely condition. O (1) 1st & RBOB Harrison’s Caskey’s Midsummer Madness. Another one of really good type. Pretty head. A little upright in shoulder and short in upperarm. Good depth of chest. Ribs well back and short loin. Correct topline. Enough angulation behind but as she moved, she was short stepping on her back left leg. Not lame, just not happy on it. Presented in good condition. 

Claire Sharp