Critique Worcester & Malvern Dogs Jan 2019

Irish Setter Dogs

Puppy 1

1. Harris’ Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy Sings Konakakela (IMP NLD):- 9 month old puppy who is maturing nicely. Masculine head with a soft expression. Excellent reach of neck, well laid back shoulders .Deep chest and straight front, correct topline which he held well on the move and correct tailset. Coat in excellent condition and a nice rich dark colour. Moved well across the ring with drive and purpose using his tail well. Stood alone but certainly deserved his 1st place and with the agreement of my co judge Mr Michael Masters, was Best Puppy In Breed and later on achieved 2nd in the gundog puppy group. Well done.

Junior 0

Yearling 1

1. Foster’s Goldavarm Endurance at Shanoah:-This young man has matured nicely since I last saw him as a puppy. Masculine head, dark eye and good reach of neck. Dark rich coat in good condition. Straight front and well laid back shoulders. Excellent tails set and good rear angulation. Moved well.

Post Graduate 2

1. Fitzmaurices Harreds Trooper: – 2 year old dog, just out of yearling. Classic head with a soft gentle expression and dark eye. Good length of neck and straight front. Excellent tail set and in good condition. Moved well.

2. Corless’ Swiftlark Second To None With Magembay:- Shorter coupled dog than 1 and lacking in feathering but moved with enthusiasm for his handler when asked. Beautiful head and soft expression.

Open 5

1. Foster & Walsh’s Millcroft Chase the Moon to Shanoah:-6 year old judge who I have judged before. I have not changed my opinion of him; he is a lovely honest dog, with a masculine head and a soft kind gentle expression. Elegant length of neck and well laid back shoulders. Deep chest and good straight front and correct slightly sloping topline. Well bent stifles .Moved well and Best Dog and in agreement with my co judge Reserve Best Of Breed..

2. Corless’Swiftlark First Knight:- 4 year old dog who I really like but unfortunately he was slightly unsure of himself on the day. Classic head with a wonderful soft gentle expression, dark eye and low set ears. Well laid back shoulders and good length of neck. Beautiful coat and feathering and in good condition. Excellent bend of stifle and moved well. He just needs to get his confidence back.

3. Drinkwaters’ Brabrook Shazalazazoo.

Judge Mrs Patricia Pike.